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Carnal Creativity!

They say your biggest and best sex organ lives right between your ears; it's time to put that beautiful brain to use and start having the sex of your dreams! Join sex educators and HUMP! Film Fest winners, Amory Jane and Gretchen Leigh, for a fun and interactive evening of sexploration.

$15 – $25

Keeping the Spark Alive for Long-Lasting Relationships

Learn techniques and strategies that help keep the “spark'' alive in long-term relationships. While bringing your partner flowers or cooking them a special dinner from time to time can be a wonderful treat or surprise, there is much more we can learn to do to truly fan the flames of our relationship!

$15 – $25

BOOK RELEASE PARTY: The Ultimate Guide to Threesomes!

From sexuality and relationships expert Stella Harris comes her second contribution to Cleis Press, The Ultimate Guide to Threesomes! Join She Bop in virtually celebrating the release of The Ultimate Guide to Threesomes with a book reading, threesome Q&A, and meet and greet with the author!

Free – $19

Give ‘Em A Hand: Fisting, Fingering, & Sensual Touch

Hands can offer diverse and unique sensations unlike any other sex toy or body part, yet we often hear about manual stimulation being rushed through or skipped over completely to get to other sex acts. In this class, sex educators and hand sex pros Stella Harris and Gretchen Leigh invite you to slow down and discover the many wonders of your hands!

$15 – $25

Sex Ed QUICKIE: Building Your Love List

Whether you are having trouble in your relationships, you're ready to take on another partner, or your ideal person hasn't come to you yet, this QUICKIE from Marla Renee Stewart is designed to help you figure out what's most important in developing a lasting long-term relationship. Get ready to work emotionally and logically to manifest the love you desire by creating a love list that works!


Erotica Writing 101

In this virtual workshop, Rachel Kramer Bussel, professional erotica author and editor of over 70 anthologies, will take you through the ins and outs of modern erotic writing. Learn how to get started, develop your voice, easily find story ideas, pen sex scenes, and write from a wide range of perspectives. This workshop was designed for beginners to erotic writing, although those at any level may participate.

$15 – $25

All About Daddy Roleplay with Luna Matatas!

Daddy roleplay can be misunderstood, and some people who are into it can feel shame because they think it's wrong or they'll be judged. The reality is kinky play is usually about roleplay, erotic creativity and sometimes costumes, power, sensuality and connection. Join Luna Matatas and learn to build these skills with knowledge, practice and communication.

$15 – $25

Sex & Sensuality for the Super-Sensitive

Everyone has a unique route to pleasure... and that route can feel even more unique for highly sensitive people and empaths. This class with Jessie Fresh will help you understand your needs and desires while having a highly sensitive nervous system — so your pleasure and turn-on is more easily accessed, shared, and enjoyed.

$15 – $25

Burlesque Basics for the Bedroom & Beyond with Eva D’Luscious

Life sucking your sexy? Leave your inhibitions and self-doubt at the door and let your inner showgirl shine in this body-positive burlesque class guaranteed to put a smile on your face and a wiggle in your walk! Eva utilizes her lifelong dance and fitness training to connect you with your body and provide a solid foundation to move safely with confidence.

$15 – $25

Wet & Wild: G-Spot and Squirting Orgasms

Ancient societies called it Amrita, the nectar of the gods. Pop culture regularly debates whether it's urine. Whichever camp you fall in, squirting is a hot topic. In this class, Stella Harris will cover internal and external anatomy with special emphasis on what is commonly known as the G-spot — but is becoming better understood as the clitourethrovaginal (CUV) complex.

$15 – $25

The More, the Merrier: A Road Map to Ethical Non-Monogamy

The biggest roadblock to exploring ethical non-monogamy is FEAR. Whatever YOUR fear, Andre Shakti wants to help you acknowledge it, then eradicate it. This workshop is geared towards those who are in the initial stages of considering stepping outside of a monogamous framework. Bring your concerns, your compassion, and most importantly, your CURIOSITY!

$15 – $25

Doing It Differently: How Sex and Disability Really Feels with Drew Gurza

Usually if we talk about sex and disability, we tend to focus on the mechanics of sex and disability. In this class, we will instead ask "How does sex and disability feel?" In doing so, we will uncover the emotional aspects of sex and disability that often go overlooked. Drew will give tips and tricks on how to ask the question, how to confront sexual ableism, and how to have hot, disabled sex.

$15 – $25

Sex Work: Everything You’re Scared to Ask!

Where does the average person turn to learn about sex work? Here! Andre Shakti is a veteran sex worker who has successfully operated within a multitude of industry genres, including — but not limited to — stripping, professional domination, webcam modeling, and porn performance. In this class, Andre will facilitate a forum that acts as a safe space for ALL of your burning questions, no matter how "stupid" or "silly"!

$15 – $25