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    What We Bop: Stainless Steel

    While most of the toys we carry at She Bop are made from silicone and ABS plastic, there are a number of other body-safe materials we have in the shop that pique the interest of our customers. One of those eye-catching materials is stainless steel — an ultra shiny, non-porous, and beautiful metal that has many benefits. In fact, stainless steel has a bit of a cult following among sex toy connoisseurs, in large part because of these advantages. We previously highlighted silicone and glass and why each one excels as a sex toy material, and now it’s time to discuss steel. Here are our top reasons for loving stainless steel sex toys! They’re artistic. Stainless steel sex toys are…

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    What We Bop: Silicone

    Silicone sex toys!

    The majority of sex toys we carry are made of pure silicone, so it’s no surprise we have a special place in our hearts for it. It’s an extremely versatile material, and because it can be soft, silicone is ideal for anal beads, double-ended dildos, packers, and any time a more yielding material is desired. Gotta love that! Solid silicone toys (like dildos) are made by pouring liquid silicone into a mold, letting it set, prying it out of the mold (beware the suction!), and trimming the excess silicone bits. Other toys, like vibrators, are coated in silicone. But the really important part comes before the production line, when a company decides to use…

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    What We Bop: Glass

    If you’ve been to She Bop, you’ve seen the lovely glass sex toys on our shelves and in our cases. They’re always shining and reflecting the light, naturally drawing the eye to them. But glass dildos and butt plugs are more than just beautifully-shaped hunks of glass — they are incredibly stimulating pleasure objects. These eye-catching toys are handcrafted in an intricate glassblowing process. It sometimes begins with a pool of hot, molten glass, which is gathered out by hand, on a steel rod; it can also begin with pre-made tubes of glass that are heated over a torch. The glass is then twisted and manipulated into its final shape, colored, and carefully cooled.…