• Love Hurts… but Sex Doesn’t Have To!

    Essie Neeway

    Any form of unwanted pain during or after sex can be challenging and impact our enjoyment and pleasure. Pain can run the spectrum from acute to chronic, localized to referred, and everything in between.Β Come join pelvic health specialist Essie Neeway as she talks all things 'sex pain relief.'

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    Reclaiming the Pelvic Floor: Tools for Total-Body Health

    Wednesday, March 14th — 7:30 p.m. — $20 When you’re sick you take cold meds, when you tweak your back you rest and stretch β€” but what do you do when it’s your pelvic floor that needs a little TLC? If you’ve ever wondered if you’re kegeling correctly, if you’ve noticed a little…

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    Living With Pelvic Pain

    Thursday, July 13th — 7:30 p.m. — $15 Many people suffer from chronic pain in the vulvar/vaginal area and may be diagnosed with Vulvodynia and/or Vulvar Vestibulitis. This discomfort, whether during sex or simply while going about your day, may feel extremely frustrating and isolating if you don’t have a community with whom…