How to choose and enjoy a G-spot toy

Despite furious back-and-forth debates in the media, we know that the G-spot is not the elusive and impossible thing it is made out to be. Nor is it something that only a few lucky folks have. Everyone with clitoral complex has a G-spot, it’s just that the G-spot is a very individualized thing. People tend to have their own particular ways of stimulating it.

Located 1-3 inches inside the vagina on the upper vaginal wall, the G-spot is an area of spongy erectile tissue that surrounds the urethral opening. Its very technical name is the urethral sponge, but its street name (which we think is way cooler) comes from the German gynecologist who first wrote about it — Ernest Grafenberg.

The urethral sponge is not on the surface of the vaginal wall itself, but directly behind it; therefore, it must be coaxed out to play. When a person becomes aroused, the G-spot’s dense tissue swells, becoming thicker and more easily felt. Most G-spots respond best to pressure rather than a light touch, which is why G-spot toys are often curved at the tip.

Sex toys are especially awesome for G-spot stimulation because they are longer and firmer than fingers, plus they’re more ergonomic (read: no more tired wrists)! But how do you choose between the many options out there, and how can you get the most out of the toy you pick? Read on!

Selecting the right toy

Above all, you want to choose something that will be comfortable to use. If you are new to G-spot stimulation, you may want a thinner toy or something inexpensive. The Bswish BgeeCuddle Mini, and G Slim Satin Touch are all $59 and under, and no more than 1.5″ in diameter. For higher budgets, the Gigi 2Dame Arc, and Fuze Velvet are also excellent for beginners.

A firm, unyielding material — such as glass, metal, wood, stone, or plastic — is always a good choice for G-spot stimulation. This is due to the amount of pressure the G-spot requires. Glass and stone dildos like the Simply Blown G-Glass, Laid D.2, and Standard Glass Dildo provide a flawlessly smooth sensation along with some extra weightiness. Wooden dildos like the Fling and Seduction are lighter, but deliciously rigid, with a unique texture. The stainless steel njoy Pure Wand and Fun Wand are the heaviest choice, ensuring that their weight contributes to the intensity of the stimulation. Some silicone toys, like the We-Vibe Rave, are also quite firm.

Thrusting toys, such as Fun Factory’s Stronic G or Stronic Surf, often receive excellent reviews as G-spot toys. Their steady, rhythmic thrusting sometimes even help the toy’s user to squirt!

Shape and Texture

A lot of folks associate an extreme curve with ideal G-spot toys, but that isn’t necessarily true. Even toys with a gentle curve, or toys with just a pronounced head, can stimulate the G-spot. It all depends on the way the toy is manipulated during use, and how sensitive a person is to G-spot stimulation. Many of Vixen’s dildos are formidable G-spot toys, especially if you’re into realistic dildos.

If you’re a fan of textured toys, you may find that you love the feeling of undulations stroking your G-spot as you thrust. For that, consider the Fun Factory Tiger G5 or Good Vibes Rippler.

Do you prefer your G-spot stimulation with a side of clitoral stimulation? There are a few dual stimulation toys with curved shafts, like the LELO Ina, We-Vibe Nova and PicoBong Kaya. There’s also the We-Vibe Chorus. Chorus is C-shaped vibe for those who prefer a rubbing or rocking motion rather than an in-and-out one.

Experts agree that adding clitoral stimulation to the mix can enhance the G-spot sensations. That doesn’t mean you have to have one toy doing both. There are plenty of mini vibes small enough to use alongside a G-spotting insertable.

A few tips for G-spot exploration

G-spot stimulation may produce very intense and unique sensations, and it can sometimes feel like the urge to pee. This makes sense, because putting pressure on the G-spot stimulates the urethra, which is connected to the bladder. Although this is just a false alarm, you may want to go to the bathroom first for extra reassurance.

Begin by turning yourself on with some erotica, porn, foreplay, or clitoral stimulation. The more aroused you are, the more sensitive your G-spot will become, so don’t rush through this part! You may even prefer to have an orgasm first, to really get yourself revved up. Once you feel ready, drizzle some lube on your G-spot toy and insert it with the curve pointed toward your belly button. The G-spot is right behind the pubic bone, only 1-3 inches inside the vagina. So, you shouldn’t have to go very far.

Now it’s time to experiment! Everyone’s G-spot responds to stimulation differently. So, you should try all kinds of techniques: rocking, thrusting, general pressure, circles, a side-to-side windshield motion… or any combination thereof. Try your hand at a range of motions and different degrees of pressure. If your toy vibrates, play around with different modes, but also try the toy with vibrations turned off.

Of course, if something feels good, keep doing it! A G-spot orgasm could be in the cards, or you may experience ejaculation or squirting — a release of fluid from the urethra. This is totally normal, but you may want a towel or Fascinator Throe underneath you for added protection!

Don’t worry if you don’t experience great pleasure at first. G-spot stimulation involves a lot of trial and error. Most importantly, relax and take your time.

Taking it to the next level

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to exploring the G-spot. If you’re a G-spot connoisseur and able to handle some significant girth, there are some advanced G-spotting implements such as the Swan Wandnjoy Eleven, or Fun Factory Big Boss. If you like Hitachi-level vibrations, the Gee Whiz and Gee Whizzard attachments can give you that kind of power internally. There’s also a G-spotting, dual stimulation attachment for the Vibratex Mystic Wand.

For a super comprehensive G-spotting guide, we suggest Violet Blue’s The Smart Girl’s Guide to the G-Spot or Deborah Sundahl’s Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot.