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She Bop’s Picks: Mother’s Day

What’s the best way to show your partner that you appreciate all that they do this Mother’s Day? Well, there’s always flowers and chocolate, but if you’re looking for something that nurtures mom’s sexuality, we have some ideas for you! Like the adorable Kandi Kisses, a sophisticated, USB-rechargeable vibe disguised as a tube of lipstick. It’s just begging to be tossed into a handbag!

Have you heard about Fifty Shades of Grey? This saucy tale of a dominant and his submissive has recently been lauded as the hottest thing in the bookbags of moms everywhere, and its boundary-breaking style is delightful and titillating.

If Fifty Shades of Grey isn’t quite mom’s style, no problem — we stock several great books about keeping your sex life alive while raising kids: Love in the Time of ColicSexy Mamas, and Great Sex for Moms. More general sex guides, such as Never Have the Same Sex Twice and The Whole Lesbian Sex Bookare good too.

Or here’s an idea: buy a book to improve your own skills in the bedroom — something from the oral sex guides section, perhaps? — then put your newfound knowledge into action.

Has the mom in your life ever owned a Hitachi Magic Wand? It’s a classic powertool of a vibrator that many folks swear by, sure to satisfy even the most power-hungry. Or check out the Mystic Wand (which comes in both black and pink), a smaller version that takes batteries but certainly doesn’t skimp on power, either.

Another vibe that might strike mom’s fancy is the Calla, a rechargeable and fully waterproof dual toy with a unique, rippled shape. Its small, tapered shaft makes it great for beginners and those who don’t like a lot of girth, while the clitoral piece provides the perfect amount of buzz right where it’s needed.

When it comes to non-vibrating toys, kegel exercisors are a wonderful gift for moms. Regularly exercising the PC muscles brings a whole bunch of sexual benefits — more sensitivity during sex, better orgasms, and an enhanced feeling of tightness — but it also helps with incontinence and postpartum healing. We like the Ami set because it makes kegels more fun, and gives the user several options that can be utilized at different stages.

If mom’s in need of a good all-purpose lube, look no further than Sliquid Satin. Infused with aloe and carragenean, this water-based lube is both slick and moisturizing. It’s also specially formulated to provide natural comfort to anyone experiencing vaginal dryness.

Was mom around during porn’s “golden age” (late ’60s through mid-’80s)? Then mom might enjoy seeing some of the most famous movies to come out of that era, such as Debbie Does Dallas, The Devil in Miss Jones, or Alice in Wonderland. The hairstyles will bring mom right back, and the amusing storylines can’t be beat!

Massages are always a hit, especially with stressed out moms. We have all the components you need to give a rockin’ massage: massage oils (Oil of LoveHathor Exotic Love Oil, and the Love Oil sampler), a porcelain massage stone, and even an instructional DVD.

Of course, if you can’t decide on something specific, everyone loves receiving a gift certificate! We offer gift certificates in any denomination. Take a field trip down to She Bop together and we can help mom find the perfect toy.