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    The internal condom gets new life

    ยฉ Giles Revell

    Despite having been on the market for over 20 years, an air of mystery continues to surround the internal condom. Worn internally during sex, this nitrile pouch with a flexible ring at each end can be 95% effective at preventing pregnancy and STIs, yet it remains difficult to find in stores and accounts for only 1.6% of condoms distributed…

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    Innovative condom prototypes given funding

    A condom with pull tabs

    The future of condoms is looking bright. Back in March, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation dangled a $1 million carrot in front of anyone who could invent a condom that “significantly preserves or enhances pleasure.” Now, after over 800 entries were submitted, the Foundation has chosen 11 to receive grants — and…

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    The amazing, snappy, one-handed condom

    It’s so simple, so ingenious, it’s surprising nobody has thought of it before: a condom that can be safely and easily opened with one hand. Designer Benjamin Pawle came up with the idea as part of his two-part “Preserving Human Dignity” project, which seeks to empower those with hemiplegia — a disorder that causes…

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    New product round-up for July

    Here are the products we added to our catalog in the month of July! First up: the Slimline G, an inexpensive plastic vibe designed for superb G-spot stimulation. This toy would make a great introduction to G-spot exploration. That snazzy box you see is a pack ofย Sir Richard’s condoms. Aside from having really…