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    A productivity app for the poly community

    The Poly Life app

    The single biggest myth that polyamorous people have to dispel constantly: it’s not all about sex. Being in a non-monogamous relationship does not translate to “orgy.” In fact, most of the time it just translates to “tons of communication and inordinate use of Google Calendar.” That’s why the new phone app The Poly Life has two…

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    A remote-controlled vibrator for modern times

    OhMiBod blueMotion, photo from Nerve

    For years, the world has been waiting for a remote-controlled vibrator that works over long distances. Most remote-controlled toys have a range of 10-40 feet. The new OhMiBod blueMotion has a range of “wherever you get cell phone reception.” If this sounds implausible, early tests show that the vibe can even be controlled from…