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    We Give Back Wednesdays: Q Center

    Q Center

    On each Wednesday in June, 10% of our sales will go to the Q Center, the wonderful LGBTQ community center just around the corner from our North Portland location. The Q Center is an absolute gem of an organization; here’s their description of what they do: Q Center serves as Portland’s LGBTQ2SIA+ (Lesbian,…

  • Penis to Prostate: A Guide to Internal and External Pleasure

    Stella Harris

    In this class, Stella Harris will discuss communication techniques and ways to create intimacy that don't require an erection, as well as how to relax, slow down, and enjoy a range of sensations without being goal-oriented or rushing to a finish line. This class is for anyone with a penis or prostate, or…

  • Gender Rebels Community Night (FREE in-person event)

    Gender Rebels Community Night

    Come celebrate Portland's non-binary, trans, gender fluid, and genderqueer communities at She Bop! This is a FREE, private event by and for Portland's gender rebels! We will have refreshing drinks, games, and gifts to take home! Guests will have the opportunity to mingle, ask questions, and enter to win some vibrators and goodies…

  • Knuckle Up: Vaginal & Anal Fisting

    Andre Shakti

    Attention all Size Kings and Queens! Fisting often reads as wildly inaccessible to folks who have only seen it on their computer screens, yet it's one of the most intimately connective, revolutionary sex acts you can engage in. Manual sex aficionado Andre Shakti is ready to knuckle up and show you how to…

  • Pleasure is More Than PIV: Exploring Non-Penetrative Sex

    Javay da BAE

    The common narrative is that sex is penetrative (generally penis in vagina), but what if we told you there was a whole world of pleasure that didn't involve penetration? Well, there is! Join Javay da BAE for a deep dive into non-penetrative sex and how truly amazing it can be.

  • How to Eat Pussy Like a Champ with Luna Matatas!

    Luna Matatas

    It's time to upgrade your cunnilingus skills! Do you want to learn techniques to give better oral sex to your partners? Are you curious about how to give more pleasure through squirting, fingering and multiple orgasms? Luna Matatas is here to help!

  • Slow Burn Burlesque

    Eva D'Luscious

    Feel your sensual power and mesmerize your audience of one or many, with tantalizing Slow Burn Burlesque. High Priestess of Tease Eva D'Luscious will guide you through exercises to find joy in your body, slinky moves to express yourself, and the 4Ps of Striptease — so you can take it off with ease.

  • Five Ways To Say No

    Leah Carey

    In the sex-positive community, we say "if it isn't a hell yes, it's a hell no!" That's great in theory, but what happens when someone is looking at you expectantly and waiting for an answer to their proposition? In this class with Leah Carey, we'll practice saying a confident "no."

  • Discovering Your Dominance

    Ms. Eve

    Are you new to kink? Has a partner asked you to take control but you're not sure how? Do you see Cat Woman and think, I wish that was me? Do whips give you a special tingle? This class is for you! Join Ms. Eve for a workshop designed to guide new players into…