• Kinky BIPOC Community Night at She Bop! (FREE in-person event)

    Kinky BIPOC Community Night

    Come celebrate Portland's kinky BIPOC community at She Bop! This is a FREE, private event by and for kinky Black, Indigenous, (and) People of Color! Guests will have the opportunity to mingle, ask questions, and enter to win some vibrators and kinky goodies in our free raffle. Come for the community, leave with…

  • Let’s Talk About Sex and Cancer

    Gretchen and Leslie

    A cancer diagnosis changes everything. Self-image, body image, intimacy, sex, and sexual function are often upended from diagnosis through treatment — and well into survivorship. Who am I now? What feels good now? What do I want? Join mother-daughter duo, Leslie (RN, ARNP) and Gretchen, for this informative workshop on cancer and sexuality.

  • Perimenopause, Menopause, and Pleasure

    Tristan Taormino

    Our bodies are changing in a myriad of ways, including irregular periods, hot flashes, libido shifts, mood swings, insomnia, vaginal dryness, pain during penetration, and orgasm changes. In this class, Tristan Taormino will talk about how these 'pauses' affect self-image, sex drive, desires, intimacy, and relationships.

  • Tied Up, Now What: Intro to Rope Bondage and Beyond

    Stella Harris

    Does the idea of restraint turn you on? Want to learn the building blocks of rope bondage? This comprehensive 3-hour class combines some of the most popular content in Stella Harris' bondage arsenal! You'll learn how to use rope to build intimacy and connection while you're tying, and tricks to help you build…

  • Polyamory: Moving Beyond Compulsory Monogamy

    Michelle Hy

    Where do your relationship expectations come from? In this class with Michelle Hy, we'll touch on different implicit norms and systems of oppression that affect how we approach and move through our interpersonal lives, then dismantle the ways compulsory monogamy affects your connections.

  • Talk Dirty To Me: The Art of Being Foul and Sexy

    Javay da BAE

    Finding the right words in life can be difficult, and finding the right words in the bedroom can be even harder. But there is no need to be tongue tied! This workshop with Javay da BAE will help you get out of your head about dirty talking, give you tips and pointers on…

  • Community

    We Give Back Wednesdays: Self Enhancement, Inc.

    We are pleased to announce our We Give Back Wednesdays organization for July: Self Enhancement, Inc.! For over 40 years, Self Enhancement, Inc. (SEI) has been a change agent in the City of Portland, striving to meet the complex needs of youth and their families by helping them to overcome cultural, educational and…

  • Femme for Femme Community Night (FREE in-person event)

    Femme for Femme Community Night

    Come celebrate Portland’s Femme for Femme community at She Bop! This is a FREE, private event by and for queer, lesbian, bi, and/or pansexual fem(me)s who love fem(me)s. Anyone who considers themselves fem of center is encouraged to join us. We will have refreshing drinks, games, and gifts to take home!

  • Diving Deep into Muffing

    Lucie Fielding

    Muffing is a sexual activity that involves fingerbanging the "pockets" above and behind the testicles and scrotum. The term "muffing" was coined by Mira Bellwether in her foundational zine Fucking Trans Women. Join Lucie Fielding for this intensive, hands-on exploration of muffing.

  • Adaptable Aftercare for All

    Evie Lupine

    Aftercare is a common buzzword in BDSM circles, and many myths surround the practice. Is aftercare only for really intense kink scenes? Does it always look like cuddles? In this class with Evie Lupine, we'll be breaking down these stereotypes, as well as talking about ways to make an effective aftercare plan.