Our classes will be held online until further notice. Zoom links are sent out 3 days prior and then again 1 hour prior to class. Please note: our classes are LIVE. Some classes are recorded and available to watch online for one week, based on educator discretion. Interested in a private group class? Email us at education@sheboptheshop.com and let’s talk!

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The More, the Merrier: A Road Map to Ethical Non-Monogamy

The biggest roadblock to exploring ethical non-monogamy is FEAR. Whatever YOUR fear, Andre Shakti wants to help you acknowledge it, then eradicate it. This workshop is geared towards those who are in the initial stages of considering stepping outside of a monogamous framework. Bring your concerns, your compassion, and most importantly, your CURIOSITY!

$15 – $25

Sex Work: Everything You’re Scared to Ask!

Where does the average person turn to learn about sex work? Here! Andre Shakti is a veteran sex worker who has successfully operated within a multitude of industry genres, including — but not limited to — stripping, professional domination, webcam modeling, and porn performance. In this class, Andre will facilitate a forum that acts as a safe space for ALL of your burning questions, no matter how "stupid" or "silly"!

$15 – $25

The Art of Erotic Dance: Lapdancing 101

Do you wish you could gracefully navigate and elongate those moments between being fully dressed and completely nude? Has a partner suggested you "dance" for them, and you were confused by what they meant? Join Andre Shakti, stripper and professional slut, for this intro to erotic dance.

$15 – $25

Cruising for a Bruising: Intro to Impact Play

Pain, pleasure, and power dynamics, oh my! The practices of BDSM offer much more than fan fiction fodder, but only when practiced safely and consensually. "Impact play" describes one of the many facets of engaging in BDSM, and Andre Shakti has a decade of both recreational and professional experience to share to optimize your impact play creativity, connection and success!

$15 – $25

Blown Away: Killer Blowjobs for All Bodies

Contrary to popular belief, one type of blowjob does not fit all! That's why Andre Shakti is here to offer an inclusive, individually tailored approach to giving head. Wherever you're at, Andre will guide you on your journey to giving YOUR very best blowjob! Leave your inhibitions and assumptions at home, and get ready to be BLOWN AWAY!

$15 – $25

Knuckle Up: Vaginal & Anal Fisting

Attention all Size Kings and Queens! Fisting often reads as wildly inaccessible to folks who have only seen it on their computer screens, yet it's one of the most intimately connective, revolutionary sex acts you can engage in. Manual sex aficionado Andre Shakti is ready to knuckle up and show you how to experiment safely with the best sex toys we come equipped with: our fingers!

$15 – $25

Savvy Strap-On Seduction

People strap it on for a variety of reasons: because it feels good, because playing with power dynamics is sexy, for double penetration, for variety in gender expression, and more. Andre Shakti is the queen of cock confidence, and whether you're a strap-on novice or a longtime aficionado, she's ready to up your erotic ante!

$15 – $25