Our classes will be held online until further notice. Zoom links are sent out 3 days prior and then again 1 hour prior to class. Please note: our classes are LIVE. Some classes are recorded and available to watch online for one week, based on educator discretion. Interested in a private group class? Email us at education@sheboptheshop.com and let’s talk!

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Class cancellation policy: refund in the form of store credit if cancellation is at least 24 hours prior to the event. No day-of cancellations.

Workshops and Community Nights can be ASL interpreted upon request. Please request interpretation at least 1 week in advance by emailing us at events@sheboptheshop.com.

Small Business Community Night at She Bop (in-person event)

We’re inviting Portland’s small business community to She Bop for a fun event to celebrate the uniqueness and diversity that makes Portland special. This is for small business owners, operators and entrepreneurs…whether you run a brick-and-mortar, are an independent start-up, or a self-employed artist, we want to invite you to come out for some fun.


It’s Not a Phase: Understanding and Exploring Bisexuality

What exactly is bisexuality? How can you know if you’re bisexual, and what’s next if you decide you are? In this class, Stella Harris will cover everything from assessing your desires, coming out (if you choose to do so) and even how to explore bisexuality within the context of a monogamous relationship.

$15 – $25

Booty Meats Basics

Interested in spanking or getting spanked but don’t know your booty meats from your thigh meats? Join award-winning sex educator Dirty Lola as she guides you through an exciting exploration into the art of spanking with a LIVE demonstration.

$15 – $25

The 7 Biggest Myths about Sex and Aging 

Our society believes destructive, limiting myths about sex and aging and, unfortunately, many seniors have internalized these myths. Joan shatters the myths and shares the most common questions that Boomers, seniors, and elders ask her. She’ll answer those questions, too—in the candid, upbeat manner that led the media to dub her “senior sexpert.”

$15 – $25

Core Erotic Theme: Discover Your Personal Erotic Makeup

Ever wonder why some sexual encounters or fantasies are so much hotter or more satisfying than others? According to Jack Morin, Ph.D. and author of "The Erotic Mind", we all have a Core Erotic Theme (CET) that is unique to our life experiences and preferences. The closer we get to experiencing feelings and emotions that underlie our CET during sexual encounters, the more fulfilling sex we can have.

$15 – $25

BJs with AJ: A Fellatio Workshop

HEADS UP! Are you a giver who wants to blow your lover’s mind with your incredible oral sex skills? Are you a receiver who wants to learn how to communicate your fantasies and help your partner have fun and be comfortable while going down? Then come one, come all! This is a blowjob class for everyone!

$15 – $25

Bang without Barriers: Tips and Tricks for Disabled Sex

Society is rife with myths around disability and sexuality, even going as far as saying disabled people can't be sexual. But this just isn't true! Disabled sexuality is creative, restorative, exploratory, and vast in how it looks from person to person. 
In this pleasure-focused workshop, we'll unpack some myths related to disabled sex, and learn tips and tricks for more accessible sex practices.

$15 – $25