Due to COVID-19, our classes will be held online until further notice. You'll receive an email with access information prior to the event. While classes are LIVE in nature and by default not recorded, some educators have chosen to offer recordings of their classes to pre-registered attendees; please inquire for specifics. Interested in a private group class? Email us at info@sheboptheshop.com and let's talk!

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Workshops can be ASL interpreted upon request. Please request interpretation at least 1 week in advance in the notes section of your order or email us at events@sheboptheshop.com.

QUICKIE: Get Your Libido Back!

Are you wondering what happened to that sexy, sultry part of yourself that seems to have vanished? Let's get this situation improved ASAP in this Sex Ed QUICKIE. This QUICKIE with Jessie Fresh is designed to reignite your sexual excitement and put you back in the pleasure groove.

How to Eat Pussy Like a Champ with Luna Matatas!

It's time to upgrade your cunnilingus skills! Do you want to learn techniques to give better oral sex to your partners? Are you curious about how to give more pleasure through squirting, fingering and multiple orgasms? Want to learn communication, sensuality and erotic creativity in going down on someone?

Finding Your Inner Goddess

Whether you want to awaken your sexuality or be more in tune with the confident feminine energy within, this class is for you. Miss Mackenzee will help you to feel more comfortable in your skin and love who you are. Be the unapologetic goddess you were born to be. All genders are welcome, as well as folks wanting to build up their partners and support them in their journeys.

Anal Pleasure 201

So, you've got the basics of the butt down. Are you ready to take the next step in anal pleasure? In this next-level class, ass expert Tristan Taormino will discuss many advanced topics, including: the ins and outs of anal penetration; pros and cons of different positions; orgasms through anal penetration; extended butt plug wearing; pegging/strap-on anal sex; advanced anal toys; and anal fisting. Plus, there will be an extensive Q&A!

BJs with AJ: A Fellatio Workshop

Are you a giver who wants to blow your lover's mind with your incredible oral sex skills? Are you a receiver who wants to learn how to communicate your fantasies and help your partner have fun and be comfortable while going down? Then come one, come all! This is a blowjob class for everyone!

DIY Porn: Naked Selfies to Naughty Sex Tapes

Nowadays, everyone has a porn-making machine in their pockets. Join Tina Horn, queer pornographer and author, for a deep dive into the possibilities of DIY porn-making. We'll cover techniques for everything from Skype sex to selfie flirting to making money as an amateur porn star, as well as essential tips for protecting your privacy. This fun class will help you to reinvent yourself as a sexy superstar!

$15 – $25

Modern Dating: A Safe, Practical, and Fun Approach

Maybe you're getting back into the dating game after a long break, or maybe dating has always seemed tricky — this class will give you the knowledge and tools to dive in! Stella Harris will talk about how to write a compelling profile and present yourself in a flattering (and honest!) way, as well as ways to stay safe when meeting someone and how to assess your risk tolerance in regards to COVID-19.

$15 – $25

Sex Ed QUICKIE: Getting Out of Your Head & Into Ecstasy!

Too many people miss out on the full pleasure of sex because they're in their head, not in the sensations of their body. Getting stuck in your head can become the invisible barrier that keeps you from being fully enraptured and in the moment. It doesn't need to be that way! In this 45-minute QUICKIE, Jessie Fresh will share some simple techniques to bring you back to the sexual ecstasy that's possible for you. 


Fulfilling Foreplay!

Are you a little confused when it comes to foreplay? Out of creative ideas on how to extend your sexual experiences? This workshop from Marla Renee Stewart takes you from flirting and seduction to acknowledging all the erogenous zones and how to master them with touch. This class will teach you how to broaden your foreplay horizons.

$15 – $25