Tuck Malloy

Am I Doing This Right?: Navigating Communication and Relational Trauma in Ethical Non-Monogamy

Wednesday, May 6th — 5:30 p.m. PST — $15-25

This class will be held online via Zoom — you will receive an email prior to class with a link.

Are you intellectually on board with non-monogamy but struggling to get your body and heart on the same page? Does the phrase “I want this but I feel like I’m going to die” (from Clementine Morrigan’s zine Love Without Emergency) resonate with you? This is a class for the folks who really want to practice ethical non-monogamy, but are struggling with the practical application of it.

Jealousy, fear, panic, anxiety, and past relationship traumas can sneak into our present-day relationships and make us feel like the world is crumbling. But there’s hope! Tuck Malloy, a queer non-binary sex educator who has been practicing non-monogamy for the entirety of their adult life, will guide you through practical tools, resources, and insights for strengthening communication, calming the nervous system, and cultivating a relationship that fits best for your unique situation, in a compassionate, open-hearted manner.

This class is founded on the principle that there is hope for those of us who struggle in non-monogamy, even if the road ahead is rocky, and purposefully pushes against narratives that some of us just aren’t good enough at non-monogamy to do it right. Non-monogamy may not be the right fit for you, but this class is for those of us that (for now) want to keep trying!

Limited space available — sign up online!

We’re offering 2 free class spots to folks with financial need; please fill out this form if you are interested. Two people will be chosen randomly and contacted at least 2 weeks prior to class to confirm.