Brown Hope

We Give Back Wednesdays: Brown Hope

Shop with us on any Wednesday in November and 10% of our sales will be donated to Brown Hope! Brown Hope leads community-grounded initiatives to make justice a lived experience for Black, Brown, and Indigenous people in Oregon.

Brown Hope was conceived in March 2018, born from a deep sense of urgency to address how the long history of racism has assailed Black, Brown, and Indigenous people in Portland. Acknowledging how racism plays a significant factor in societal outcomes, Brown Hope has adopted a trauma-informed care approach to working with communities of color. Their organizing model is centered around democratic decisionmaking, intersectional education, interpersonal accountability, and community healing.

Brown Hope’s programs include:

  • Black Resilience Fund: an emergency fund dedicated to healing and resilience by providing immediate resources to Black Portlanders.
  • Black Joy Weekend: a fundraising campaign supporting Black Portlanders in avoiding the danger of violent white supremacists and fostering relief, healing, and joy.
  • Power Hour: an intentional space for Black, Brown, and Indigenous people to build community and heal from the impacts of racism.
  • Blackstreet Bakery: a pop-up bakery that honors North and Northeast Portland as a historic home for Black Portlanders and expands economic opportunities for Black people in plant-based baking.
  • Equity & Beyond: a multi-week, dynamic learning experience that leverages a cohort model to address racial inequality.

Brown Hope envisions a future where the truth about this nation’s long history of injustice is self-evident. They envision the survivors of this injustice taking the lead on change. They envision love as a lived, and collective, experience.

Shop with us on any Wednesday in November to support Brown Hope.