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She Bop’s Picks: Holiday Gifts

The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer, but that doesn’t have to mean less time for fun! Help fill your loved ones’ long nights (or your own!) with holiday gifts that will make winter their new favorite time of year.

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Sabersmyth Leather Kink Products

Having a high quality set of leather gear is a valuable asset to any intimate collection. With a 100-year guarantee on all their products, Sabersmyth’s leather gear is designed to prioritize comfort and sensory needs. Looking for jaw-droppingly beautiful bondage accessories for you and your partner to share? The Posture Collar and Cuff Set are both lined with deerskin for a soft, luxurious feel while maintaining reliable durability for rough play. If you’ve been looking for the perfect gag but can’t decide on a size or style, Sabersmyth has you covered with their Interchangeable Five Gag Set for all your ever-changing gag preferences. Or perhaps you’d like to incorporate blind folds in some partner play – well Sabersmyth has got you covered for that too with their Flagship Leather Blindfold, which ensures total blackout, absolute comfort, and total secureness for any rough play.

Crystal Delights Gold Sparkle Plug

Show your partner that they are just as luxurious and center-piece worthy as the star on a tree with the stunning Crystal Delights Gold Sparkle Plug this year! This very affordable glass butt plug is small enough for beginners, but fancy enough to be favored by booty play veterans. Tiny, sparkly crystals fill the inside of this hollow plug for an all around stunning look, with a beautiful gold Swarovski sealing the base to make the wearer feel like true royalty.

Emerald Fun Factory Tiger G5 (Jewels Series)

Looking to gift yourself or your partner a high quality, reliable,  and well-loved vibrator? Now available in a beautiful emerald color just in time for the holidays, the Fun Factory Tiger is a great option to consider. With 6 interchangeable vibration intensities and patterns, this powerful internal vibrator provides a lot of versatility for both seasoned and beginner vibrator enthusiasts. Comfort and ease of use are also prioritized with its sleek, ergonomic loop handle and flexible silicone shaft. And with a 2-year warranty and upgraded motor, you can be confident you’ll be gifting the highest quality to your loved ones.

Foria Quickie CBD Kit

With the colder weather rolling in, muscles can get more tense and rigid. What better time is there to gift an intimacy product to help soothe and relax those muscles? The Foria Quickie CBD Kit consists of three oil-based products that are great for relaxation, easing discomfort with penetration, and increasing arousal. It includes Awaken Arousal Oil with CBD and organic botanicals to enhance blood flow and activate pleasure, Intimacy Sex Oil with 400mg of CBD to soothe the tissue and moisturize, and Intimacy Melts suppositories that deliver 50mg of broad-spectrum CBD to relieve tension and enhance arousal when used vaginally or rectally. Just be sure not to use any of these oil-based products with latex!

We-Vibe Date Night Kit

Watching others enjoy their holiday gifts can be rewarding, but what if you could enjoy those gifts too? Well We-Vibe makes that possible with their Date Night Kit! This set includes the ingenious Nova 2, a dual vibrator designed with an adjustable shaft to stimulate the G-spot at different intensities, as well a powerful external vibrator designed to curve inward and give the user complete control of its placement. Also included is the Pivot, a rechargeable cock ring with a powerful motor to provide clitoral or testicle stimulation while remaining hands free and super comfortable. And both toys are compatible to use with the We-Vibe phone app, making usage easier than ever!

Spartacus Vegan Flogger

If you’re looking to spice up this holiday season like your cider,  we have what you need. The Spartacus Vegan Flogger delivers a range of sensations from soft and silky strokes to thuddy, spine-tingling slaps. With an affordable price and sturdy, easy to control handle, this is a great first-time flogger to experiment with. Not only that, but their two color options of red or green make this time of year one of the best times to introduce such sensational fun.

Secret Handshake Gold Plug

Who says pretty things as gifts are overrated? For all gem and gold fans out there, Secret Handshake has the perfect plug that encompasses earthy and luxury vibes all in one. Their medium, gold-plated plug is made of stainless steel, which manifests self-healing and is known for its protective energy. This plug is also adorned with a beautiful amethyst gemstone on the base, which has meditative, healing properties to restore calm, patience, and peace. Needless to say, the beauty and elegance of this easy to clean, weighted plug ensures the gift receiver will feel well adored.


There aren’t nearly enough toys out there designed for grinding enthusiasts. But this holiday season, their wishes have been granted with one of She Bop’s newest arrivals — the VibePad. The VibePad is a large, flexible, and rechargeable vibrating pad with two motors, designed for ridable and grindable hands-free stimulation for all sorts of genitalia. Each motor has 7 powerful variations and can be adjusted independently of each other, and with a remote control, the toy is super easy for both you or your partner to control.

Jade Fun Factory Miss Bi (Jewels Series)

Maybe your partner is a fan of internal and external stimulation – never fear! Fun Factory has plenty of other vibrators with the same high quality as the Tiger, but with additional motors. The Miss Bi, now available in a beautiful jade color, has the same motorized power and intensity variability, but it has an additional stimulator that can be controlled independently from the internal motor. With a curved tip to also massage the G-spot, you can be sure you’re checking off multiple desires on your partner’s wishlist.