Tune in to Sex Out Loud radio!

Have you listened to Tristan Taormino’s new radio show, Sex Out Loud, yet? If not, you’re missing out! The show, which debuted in June, has become the most popular show on the VoiceAmerica Talk Radio Network Variety Channel, and has surpassed one million downloads. And for good reason! This is the kind of show that never gets boring — each week there is a new and interesting guest with a specific area of expertise and knowledge to be explored on air. Plus, if you’ve ever seen Tristan speak, you’ll understand just how whip-smart and fun of a host she can be.

So far, Tristan’s guests have included Shine Louise Houston, Mollena Williams (co-author of Playing Well with Others), Kandi Burrus (designer of the Kandi Kisses vibe), April Flores, Courtney Trouble, Hanne Blank (author of Big Big Love), Buck Angel, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Kate Bornstein (author of Gender Outlaw), Susie Bright, and Dan Savage. There was even a special episode taped in Mexico City at the very first ever Latin American feminist porn film festival!

With discussion topics such as kink and BDSM, sex ed, feminist and queer porn, polyamory, body acceptance, sex worker activism, and tons more, there are a lot of exceptional past shows to enjoy — and upcoming shows to look forward to!  There is also a fabulous list of episode resources on Tristan’s site, so you can quickly and easily find links to all the stuff mentioned on the show.

Feminist sex toy shop the Smitten Kitten, a fellow Progressive Pleasure Club member, is a sponsor of the show. We love the peeps at the Smitten Kitten for always speaking out against toxic sex toys.

Listen to Sex Out Loud every Friday at 5 p.m. Pacific, or find past episodes here and on iTunes! Follow Sex Out Loud on Twitter as well — they livetweet during the shows!