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    Traveling with sex toys — your stories!

    We received some wonderful — and hilarious — stories about your travels with sex toys on our recent guide to traveling with sex toys! It was really hard to choose just one favorite, but we decided the winner of the Appetite travel bag was Megan, with her amusing story about a large dildo…

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    Guide to traveling with sex toys

    Guide to traveling with sex toys

    Hustling sex toys through airport security, onto a plane, and eventually to your destination can be a tricky and worrisome process. The good news is, sex toys are becoming more expected at the airport. We previously wrote about a news story in which the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) admitted that sex toys did…

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    TSA a-okay with sex toys

    Two emotions I felt while reading this article: relief and amusement. Finally, acknowledgement from the Transportation Safety Administation (TSA) that, for them, sex toys are no big deal! Even BDSM toys — whips, floggers, chains, leashes, cuffs, and restraints — are fine to pack in a carry-on bag. Sex toys are not only…