• Kink Tests: What Are You Into?

    Miss Mackenzee

    We've all seen people with their BDSM test results on their profiles, and some of us have taken tests ourselves. Whether you're just starting in the lifestyle and trying to find your role or have been in for a while, this workshop with Miss Mackenzee is a fun way to explore yourself and…

  • Discovering Your Dominance with Mx. Justine

    Mx. Justine

    Are you new to kink? Has a partner asked you to take control but you're not sure how? Do whips give you a special tingle? This class is for you! Join Mx. Justine for a workshop designed to guide new players into the murky waters of kink — and pop you out the…

  • Cruising for a Bruising: Intro to Impact Play

    Andre Shakti

    Pain, pleasure, and power dynamics, oh my! The practices of BDSM offer much more than fan fiction fodder, but only when practiced safely and consensually. "Impact play" describes one of the many facets of engaging in BDSM, and Andre Shakti has a decade of both recreational and professional experience to share to optimize your impact…

  • Taking the Breath Away: Erotic Asphyxiation

    Miss Mackenzee

    Our breath is our life and when we give someone control of that, it's an ultimate surrender. This can make some people nervous, but it doesn't have to be so scary. This workshop with Miss Mackenzee is designed to help you feel more confident when you take your partner's breath away. Whether you're…

  • Introduction to Rope Bondage

    Stella Harris

    Does the idea of restraint turn you on? In this class with Stella Harris, you'll learn basic safety and bondage-focused negotiation along with the single column tie and double column tie. You'll walk away with ways to use rope to build intimacy and connection while you're tying, and tricks to help you build…

  • Kinky Cannabis: Exploring Altered States

    Amory Jane

    Join Amory Jane to explore your Higher Self through kink and cannabis! Cannabis and kink may both be used to transport us to altered states, and combining the two can intensify the effects. Experiences may include: extended / more powerful orgasms, dropping more easily into subspace and flow states, roleplaying with more confidence,…

  • BDSM Basics: A Beginner’s Guide to Aftercare


    Aftercare is an absolute must for being a kink connoisseur. In this workshop with Violet, you will learn the ins and outs of what happens in one's brain when a kink scene is occurring, and why that makes aftercare so necessary. You'll learn how to complete the response cycle and create positive and…

  • Kinky Kick-Off

    Flo Oliveira

    Get the ball rolling with this beginner's guide to kink focused on safety, introduction to tools, play, and negotiations. Taught by queer, polyam, Afro-Brasilian sex educator Flo Oliveira, this class will be framed by an intersectional approach that considers access, ability to play, settings, and monetary investments.

  • Blurring the Lines: Consensual Non-Consent

    Miss Mackenzee

    An exciting taboo workshop that will take you down a rabbit hole like no other. If you've ever found yourself thinking about this type of play and don't know where to start or want to take your experiences to the next level, you won't want to miss this edgy class with Miss Mackenzee.

  • Sex Ed QUICKIE: Warm Up with Wax Play!

    Wax play is a type of sensation play that explores the body's reaction to suspense, extreme heat, short bursts of stimulation, and sensory deprivation. This QUICKIE will include information about specific tools, safety tips, and explorative exercises for self or partnered wax play, all in under an hour.