Partners in Passion: Becoming More Than Soul Mates

Mark A. Michaels and Patricia JohnsonWednesday, March 12th — 7:30 p.m. — $20

Great sex and lasting relationships are mutual undertakings that are nurtured by selflessness, the deliberate cultivation of what we call profound interest in one’s partner, a determination to be as kind as possible, even during difficult times, and a recognition that, while openness and honesty are important, discernment about when and how to be open and honest is equally important. Verbal communication plays a major role in developing the capacity to relate in this way; however, nonverbal skills are even more important.

In this workshop, Mark A. Michaels and Patricia Johnson will explore an approach to love and sex that differs dramatically from beliefs that are current both in popular culture and in much of the therapeutic community and provide you with both a theoretical perspective and practical tools for inventing or reinventing your relationship as a collaboration, a joint venture.

Authors Mark A. Michaels and Patricia Johnson have devoted their lives to studying and teaching the art of creating intimacy and to showing couples how to maintain and sustain exciting relationships. “Partners in Passion” themselves, they are critically acclaimed collaborators as well as respected and highly sought after teachers who have traveled the world sharing their insights, knowledge, and secrets — helping thousands of people to create enduring and satisfying relationships.

This class has already taken place. Thanks for attending!