Help Courtney Trouble deck out their new studio!

Awesome news from queer porn filmmaker Courtney Trouble:

For the first time in all the twelve years I’ve been producing porn and making art my business with QueerPorn.TV and, I will FINALLY have my very own art studio and place of business!! A REAL STUDIO!!! A place for screenings, performances, workshops, meetings, salons, play parties, readings, photo shoots, and art receptions. A place where new pornographers can come and shoot, a place where queer porn can be made every day, a place where my DVDs can be stored, my sets built, my paperwork kept safe. A place where people can learn and play and be safe and have fun and be serious and make money and build projects and keep this queer porn movement going strong in Oakland!

To furnish the studio with all the necessary accouterments of queer porn (such as the extremely important espresso machine — oh, and beds…), Trouble is running their own indie crowdfunding campaign. Chip in, and you can get rewards such as membership to their sites, digital downloads/DVDs, and banner advertising. The big ticket rewards include spending a night in the studio, a Skype date with Courtney Trouble, and having your name painted on the wall of the studio.

Here are the ways you can contribute:

Once you’ve made your purchase, email courtneytrouble at gmail dot com with the receipt and which reward tier you’d like.

We can’t wait to see the porn that is yet to be made in this exciting new space!