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She Bop’s Picks: Holiday Gifts

The holidays are here! We know this year has been a never-ending whirlwind of changes and the unfamiliar, so we’re hoping our annual holiday gift guide can help bring a little familiarity and joy to your day. With our discreet shipping services and daily curbside pick-up, we want to make this year’s holiday shopping easier than ever. Though storefronts are closed and you’re locked indoors, there’s no shortage of sexy gifting to explore!

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Dame Kip

Having a small, discreet, and versatile vibe can always come in handy. Particularly, having the Dame Kip as a gift would be fantastic for a multitude of reasons. Not only is it a rechargeable, fully submersible, affordable vibrator under $100, but its shape and settings offer something for everyone. The wide range of vibration modes vary from low and rumbly to high and powerful for different levels of sensitivity. With an ergonomic design and petite size, it can be held comfortably from different angles, which can be ideal when used with a partner! Its unique shape also offers the choice of a flatter, cup-like surface area as well as a pinpoint tip — this is a great way to experiment and figure out which type of stimulation you prefer!

Crystal Delights Sparkle Plug & T-Plug

Crystal Delights is a well-loved brand, known for glass butt plugs with gems adorning the base, bound to make any wearer feel like true royalty. Their most recent creation, the Sparkle Plug, is more affordable and eye-catching than ever! Each plug’s glass bulb is filled with little crystals that match the base, for an all-encompassing sparkle. The red plug is perfect for a bit of spirited holiday fun — but the silver is a classic beauty just the same!

For a bit more comfort over sparkle, Crystal Delights also offers the T-Plug, a beautiful alternative design of the same small plug size, but with a functional T-shaped base for easy gripping, control, and comfort while resting between the cheeks.

Tenga Spinner (Tetra)

As always, we can rely on Tenga to bring us unique new designs of classic products we know well. The Tenga Spinner, like many other masturbation sleeves, features an abundance of unique internal textures to deliver incredible sensations — with one surprise! This elastomer sleeve is designed with an internal coil mechanism that causes it to twist during insertion, delivering complex and pleasurable sensations. Not only that, but it comes with a convenient case for ease of cleaning and drying so that it’s easily reusable for beyond the holiday months.

Womanizer Duo

Womanizer revolutionized the sex toy industry in 2013 with their unique pleasure air technology designed to mimic oral stimulation. With a G-spot stimulating vibrator now included, the Womanizer Duo provides air flow suction as well as internal vibration all in one toy! With 12 intensity levels to offer for both the internal and external motors, you have full freedom to personalize your pleasure preferences. The toy is also equipped with Smart Silence Technology, which turns the toy on when pressed directly to the body, and turns off when pulled away — so you can be sure there’ll be no accidental vibrating gift boxes under the tree.

AH! YES Oil-Based Lubricant

‘Tis the season of dry skin and cuddling close — not the ideal combo. Though using lube never goes out of season, oil-based lubricant can be super beneficial during the colder months. AH! YES Oil-Based Lubricant is formulated to moisturize and nourish delicate and intimate skin tissue with a variety of rich oils and butters. It can be a great option for combating vaginal dryness as well as serving as a sensual body massage oil. Its long-lasting formula makes it great for water play or use with silicone toys. Just be sure to avoid it with latex condoms!

b condoms

What better stocking stuffer is there than a classic set of high-quality latex condoms? b condoms were designed to be the most reliable, and safe condoms on the market. With each one tested electronically three times for safety, these lubricated, vegan condoms were designed to provide maximum performance and pleasure. The packs of 10 are available in Classic Ultra or XL

b condoms is the only Black-owned condom company in the US. They have been leading a movement and initiating conversations to promote sexual health and end health disparities since they were founded in 2010. By providing access to education and STI testing in underserved communities, they are truly a leading example in the importance of access to safe sex education and quality products.

Archer Soft Packer

Though holidays may be seasonal, gender affirmation is FOREVER. New York Toy Collective has always provided nothing short of the highest quality products and toys for gender affirmation and expression that She Bop has carried. And boy do we love the Archer! The Archer is a high-quality, silicone packer designed to be long-lasting, sterilizable, and comfortable to wear. Though we are very excited about the beautiful sparkly teal color, it also comes in four other skin tones! 

Quim Smooth Operator Intimate Serum with CBD

It’s hard to relax around the holidays, especially this year. With the colder temperatures and stressful worldly circumstances, having a serum around to help promote relaxation is a must-have. The Quim Smooth Operator Intimate Serum is a hemp CBD-infused intimate serum that can be used internally and externally. It’s designed to promote pelvic relaxation, increase blood flow, and moisturize delicate, sensitive skin. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound that is naturally soothing and can be used to reduce pain and inflammation in many ways, such as decreasing pain with penetration, or serving as menstrual pain relief.

Good Sexual Citizenship: How to Create a (Sexually) Safer World

Who doesn’t love a good book by the fireplace during the winter season? Books are the perfect gifts to occupy the extended indoor hours you may have accumulated — or to educate family members who need educational encouragement! Good Sexual Citizenship: How to Create a (Sexually) Safer World is more relevant than ever for both of those instances! Though we’ve come far in sex positivity and acceptance, we still have tons of work to do. Ideal for anyone who’s wondered what they can do to help when it comes to abolishing sexual injustice, Ellen Friedrichs guides readers through the history of sexual hostilities and societal messages that are still active today. With guided exercises and a goal of promoting understanding and empathy, readers are encouraged to examine their own potential for good sexual citizenship.

We-Vibe Nova 2

Looking for a luxury sex toy to spoil your sweetie or treat yourself? The Nova 2 is one of We-Vibe’s newest updated toys — and what an update they’ve added! Designed to stimulate the G-spot and simultaneously give adjustable external vibration, it’s been a heavily recommended product for folks who want to adjust where the external vibrator lands and how much pressure it gives. Alongside the unique adjustable external motor, the Nova 2 is now squishier for comfort and also offers a bendable shaft for more control of the curvature. It’s more adjustable than ever!

You may also be familiar with the We-Connect phone app, which allows customizable settings and control over both motors. The Nova 2 has been updated with We-Vibe’s 5G technology, making the app’s ability to connect and remain connected to the toy over long-distances much more reliable — perfect for long-distance relationships!

Sea Grape Massage Candle: Exotic Fields

Sensory relaxers can be very useful during these stressful, unpredictable times. Candles are great at serving that purpose — but massage candles are even BETTER at serving that purpose. The Sea Grape Exotic Fields Massage Candle is a locally-made candle and massage oil combo. Made of soy wax, shea butter, vitamin E, and various oils, this candle was designed to be burned, and to have the liquid poured on skin to produce a warm oil that can then be rubbed over the body for a relaxing, sensual massage. The Exotic Fields candle includes holiday-familiar scents, such as fresh peppermint, rosemary, lemon, and clove — a delightful combination of smells to reduce tension and stress.