Tuck Malloy

Exploring Gender Identity: How Sex & Sensuality Affirms and Expands Gender Identity

Saturday, April 4th — 3:30 p.m. PST — $15-25

This class will be held online via Zoom — you will receive an email prior to class with a link.

Tuck Malloy

How does gender identity inform our sex lives? And how can we bring more pleasure into gender transitions? In this class, queer, non-binary sex educator Tuck Malloy invites you to ask some big questions and offers some potential pathways for how to explore gender as part of your sensual and sexual worlds. We will discuss how sexuality, sensuality, pleasure, and relationships can inform and support gender expression. We will also talk through the basics of gender identity and the challenges of exploring and affirming a non-cis gender identity. Wherever you are in your journey of exploring gender or supporting a loved one, you are welcome!

This class will focus on introductory concepts of gender, identity, pronouns, sexual orientation, sex v. gender as well as methods for affirming gender identity through pleasure, how to navigate relationships during changing gender identities, and how sex and sensuality can be utilized to reconnect with your body and mind during these transitions.

Tuck Malloy is a queer non-binary polyamorous sex educator. They have a background in global feminisms, intersectional feminism, sexual assault and domestic violence advocacy, and youth education. Their lifelong fascination and curiosity with sexuality informs their passion for ridding the world of sexual and body shame in all forms.

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