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Let’s Talk About Sex and Cancer

A cancer diagnosis changes everything. Self-image, body image, intimacy, sex, and sexual function are often upended from diagnosis through treatment — and well into survivorship. Who am I now? What feels good now? What do I want? Join mother-daughter duo, Leslie (RN, ARNP) and Gretchen, for this informative workshop on cancer and sexuality.

$15 – $25

Tied Up, Now What: Intro to Rope Bondage and Beyond

Does the idea of restraint turn you on? Want to learn the building blocks of rope bondage? This comprehensive 3-hour class combines some of the most popular content in Stella Harris' bondage arsenal! You'll learn how to use rope to build intimacy and connection while you're tying, and tricks to help you build confidence as a beginner and beyond.

$30 – $50

Sex & Psychedelics: Erotic Empowerment, Expansion, and Connection

Sex, BDSM, and psychedelics may all be used to help us tap into our erotic power and expand our sense of self and relationship with others. Combining altered states may accelerate or intensify effects and sensations. Join sex educators and legal psilocybin facilitators Amory Jane and James Belle for this exciting new workshop!

$15 – $25

Sex & Psychedelics Community Night & Magazine Launch Party (FREE in-person event)

Are you sex-positive and part of Oregon's psychedelic community, or simply curious about the conversations at the intersection of these two taboo topics? Then come to She Bop for October's Community Night, which will serve as the official Portland launch party for Sex & Psychedelics Magazine!


Perimenopause, Menopause, and Pleasure

Our bodies are changing in a myriad of ways, including irregular periods, hot flashes, libido shifts, mood swings, insomnia, vaginal dryness, pain during penetration, and orgasm changes. In this class, Tristan Taormino will talk about how these 'pauses' affect self-image, sex drive, desires, intimacy, and relationships.

$15 – $25

Polyamory: Moving Beyond Compulsory Monogamy

Where do your relationship expectations come from? In this class with Michelle Hy, we'll touch on different implicit norms and systems of oppression that affect how we approach and move through our interpersonal lives, then dismantle the ways compulsory monogamy affects your connections.

$15 – $25

Blurring the Lines: Consensual Non-Consent

What is consensual non-consent play? It is a type of sexual play in which consenting adults engage in a scene where one of the people involved acts as if they are not enjoying it. Join Miss Mackenzee for this workshop about a taboo subject that can make people hesitant to dive into the deep end.

$15 – $25

Trans & Polyam Community Night at She Bop! (FREE in-person event)

Come celebrate Portland’s trans & gender rebel polyamorous communities at She Bop! This FREE, private event is open to anyone who is trans, nonbinary, or genderqueer and practices any form of consensual non-monogamy. We will have refreshing drinks, games, and gifts to take home!


Diving Deep into Muffing

Muffing is a sexual activity that involves fingerbanging the "pockets" above and behind the testicles and scrotum. The term "muffing" was coined by Mira Bellwether in her foundational zine Fucking Trans Women. Join Lucie Fielding for this intensive, hands-on exploration of muffing.

$15 – $25

Erotica Writing 101

In this two-hour virtual workshop, Rachel Kramer Bussel, author of How to Write Erotica and editor of over 70 anthologies, will take you through the ins and outs of modern erotic writing. Whether you're writing about personal passion for a partner or partners or you're looking to get published, this workshop will help you unlock your creative side and get your fantasies on paper.

$15 – $25

Wet & Wild: G-spot and Squirting Orgasms

Ancient societies called it Amrita, the nectar of the gods. Pop culture regularly debates whether it's urine. In this class, Stella Harris will cover internal and external anatomy with special emphasis on what is commonly known as the G-spot — but is becoming better understood as the clitourethrovaginal (CUV) complex.

$15 – $25

DeColonizing Eros: Reclaiming Sexuality and Relationship in Settler Colonial Culture

In this class with Victor Warring, you will get an understanding of how colonization impacts your body, sexuality and relationships. You will leave with concrete ideas and strategies for how to weave decolonization into your life to create more sustainable, empowered, and non-extractive eroticism. This class is designed for anyone interested in somatics, the body, and the impact of cultural systems on sexuality.

$15 – $25

Kink & BDSM for Beginners

Join certified sex educator Jamie Joy for an interactive class on kink and BDSM! Whether you're just starting to dabble or ready to live the lifestyle, this space is for you. Topics will include: vocabulary, finding your kinky persona, consent and negotiation, impact play, bondage and restraint, sensation play, and more!

$15 – $25

BJs with AJ: A Fellatio Workshop

HEADS UP! Are you a giver who wants to blow your lover’s mind with your incredible oral sex skills? Are you a receiver who wants to learn how to communicate your fantasies and help your partner have fun and be comfortable while going down? Then come one, come all! This is a blowjob class for everyone!

$15 – $25

Seduce Your Lover

This highly interactive workshop from Marla Renee Stewart will teach you how to know if someone's interested in you, how you can be a better communicator in everyday life and ultimately, how you can get what you want when you want it through the recognition of your own sexual power.

$15 – $25

How to Eat Pussy Like a Champ with Luna Matatas!

It's time to upgrade your cunnilingus skills! Do you want to learn techniques to give better oral sex to your partners? Are you curious about how to give more pleasure through squirting, fingering and multiple orgasms? Want to learn communication, sensuality and erotic creativity in going down on someone?

$15 – $25

Between the Cheeks: A Guide to Anal Exploration

Anal sex, when done right, can be an intensely pleasurable experience for many. However, it isn't as easy as just sticking something up your butt. Arming yourself with knowledge is a must! Join Dirty Lola as she guides you through everything you need to know before experimenting with anal sex and anal play.

$15 – $25

More than Patterns: Expansive Rope Play

Interested in rope, but haven't felt like the rope play you've seen "works" for you? Discover the diversity of rope practice in this interactive, beginner-level class, where you can find what inspires you! Join HitchinKitten, who will explore the many types of rope play and introduce skills to incorporate rope into whatever play you enjoy.

$15 – $25

Three (or More) Is Company: Navigating Threesomes, Group Sex, and Play Parties

Studies show that multi-partner sex is the number one fantasy among American adults. But how do you make it happen? If your communication and negotiation skills are on point, you can have safe and fun play with as many people as your heart desires. This class with Stella Harris will teach you how to facilitate happy and safe group experiences

$15 – $25

Voicing Your Desires (A Squirm Workshop with Kels & Tess)

In this workshop, Kels & Tess from Squirm will help you craft your unique and specific answers to the question, “What are you into?" Together, we cover topics such as types of touch, moods and styles, settings, kinks, fantasies vs desires, and toys and props.

$15 – $25

Savvy Strap-On Seduction

People strap it on for a variety of reasons: because it feels good, because playing with power dynamics is sexy, for double penetration, for variety in gender expression, and more. Andre Shakti is the queen of cock confidence, and whether you're a strap-on novice or a longtime aficionado, she's ready to up your erotic ante!

$15 – $25

Spring Fling Community Night at She Bop! (in-person event)

Come celebrate spring and your budding relationships. Whether it's y'all's first date, romantic fling, or 50 years together… this night is for you! During this Community Night at our North Portland location, we'll have sexy sips, fun games, and tons of raffle prizes.


Gender-Affirming Intimacy

Gender dysphoria is when someone has an emotional or physical feeling that is misaligned with their gender identity. This class is geared towards helping ourselves, partners, or other loved ones experience the opposite of dysphoria: gender euphoria! Lady V will explore how positive, gender-affirming physical, emotional, and mental intimacy can make people feel more aligned with their beautiful, authentic selves.

$15 – $25

Poly-Curious? Open Relationships 101

Curious about this "lovestyle" you're hearing a lot about called polyamory? Opening up any relationship takes skill, patience and perseverance. Mistakes will be made. But why make any more than you have to? Join sex and relationship educator Reid Mihalko for an interactive workshop full of tips and tricks and Q&A!

$15 – $25

Dating Today: Finding Joy in a Sea of Apps

Ready for a spring fling? A summer romance? Lasting love? Whether you're back to dating after a long break, or it has always seemed tricky, Stella Harris' class will give you practical knowledge and tools to enjoying looking for someone.

$15 – $25

Portals to Overwhelm: Exploring Psychological Edge Play

This class with Empress Wu and Lucie Fielding is designed to transcend and push the limits of the traditional workshop format and provide participants with a visceral experience. Together, let's explore edge play as a field of possibility, a yearning for mutual entanglement, and a precious gift of co-presence.

$15 – $25

The Art of Fingering

Discover the lost art of fingering and experience ~first-hand~ waves of pleasure in this class with Javay da BAE. You will learn different ways to stimulate the vulva and anus digitally, all the pleasure points your fingers can hit, ways to enhance digital pleasure, and the secrets to having your partner call you the Mozart of fingering!

$15 – $25

Demystifying Asexuality: In Life, The Bedroom, The Dungeon, and Beyond

So what is asexuality, exactly? You might have heard that term before, or have had a loved one tell you this is part of who they are. But you might not know what it means. And that's okay! In this class with Evie Lupine, we'll be exploring the full spectrum of asexuality, including important concepts like the Split Attraction Model, compulsory sexuality, and queerplatonic relationships.

$15 – $25

F*#% My Filthy Mouth: Your Guide to Sexting & Dirty Talk

Here’s a workshop all about talking dirty! Are you craving the sounds of your sexiest fantasies? Are the words on the tip of your tongue? Do you want to charm your lover with your dirty talk prowess or seduce with a sexy selfie? Get ready to explore the edges of desire, and learn how to spit out all the things you’ve been dying to say, hear, and share.

$15 – $25

All About Daddy Dynamics with Luna Matatas!

Daddy roleplay can be misunderstood, and some people who are into it can feel shame because they think it's wrong or they'll be judged. The reality is kinky play is usually about roleplay, erotic creativity, and sometimes costumes, power, sensuality, and connection. Join this class with Luna Matatas and you'll get tips for communication, care, creativity, building confidence, and more.

$15 – $25