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What We Bop: Glass

If you’ve been to She Bop, you’ve seen the lovely glass sex toys on our shelves and in our cases. They’re always shining and reflecting the light, naturally drawing the eye to them. But glass dildos and butt plugs are more than just beautifully-shaped hunks of glass — they are incredibly stimulating pleasure objects.

These eye-catching toys are handcrafted in an intricate glassblowing process. It sometimes begins with a pool of hot, molten glass, which is gathered out by hand, on a steel rod; it can also begin with pre-made tubes of glass that are heated over a torch. The glass is then twisted and manipulated into its final shape, colored, and carefully cooled.

Despite their handcrafted beauty, glass sex toys still live under the stigma that they are delicate, easily broken, and even dangerous. Not true! High-quality glass toys are long-lasting, sturdy, and of course, they feel great. Need more convincing? Here are our top reasons for loving glass sex toys.

They feel fantastic. Glass is unlike any other sex toy material out there. Its smooth, solid, and flawless surface allows for effortless penetration. Especially with lube, glass toys just glide — it’s the most frictionless sensation you’ll likely ever feel. The firmness and heft of glass can also create the pressure required for mind-blowing G-spot or prostate stimulation. And the weight of glass provides extra stimulation, too.

They’re gorgeous! Let’s be honest: it’s easier to drop cash on a toy that’s not just physically stimulating, but visually stimulating. Since glass can be manipulated so well, glass toys come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Most glass toys look more like sculptures or art pieces than sex toys. It’s as if they’re drawing you in, beckoning you to use them.

They can last a lifetime. Contrary to popular belief, quality glass sex toys are quite strong and durable. Many high-end glass toys are made of Pyrex, which is a brand name for borosilicate glass. You’ve likely felt this kind of glass before, in the form of bakeware, test tubes, and measuring cups. Borosilicate is tempered, so it can withstand a physical shock — like being dropped — without shattering. This type of glass is known for its resistance to breakage.

Of course, there are precautions you can take when using a glass toy to ensure that it will last a lifetime. When playing, stick to soft places such as a bed or carpeted surface. Be careful while washing your toy, as glass can get very slippery. Store your glass toy in a padded bag (our locally-madeĀ Appetite bags are perfect!) to guard against bumps inside a drawer. Make a habit of regularly examining your toy for cracks, chips, and breaks, and never use a cracked or chipped toy.

They’re completely body-safe and very easy to clean. Besides being phthalate-free (like all the toys we carry!), glass is non-porous, so it will never absorb smells or stains. It’s also a cinch to clean. A handwash with warm water and antibacterial soap is just fine, or it can be sterilized with a 10% bleach, 90% water solution. Some types of glass toys can be boiled or sent through the dishwasher for sterilization, but others cannot (notably, the Standard Glass Dildo and Simply Blown pieces, which are made of soda lime glass rather than Pyrex, and therefore sensitive to extreme changes in temperature).

They adapt quickly to temperature changes. Glass insulates and holds temperatures amazingly well, so temperature play with glass toys can be a thrilling sensory experience. For your safety, don’t boil, freeze, or microwave your toy before use. Simply submerge it in a bowl of warm or cool water for about 5 minutes prior to use. Always test the toy’s temperature on your wrist before using it.

They are a friend to all lubes! With glass, there’s no need to worry about whether the lube you want to use is safe with the toy. Silicone-based, water-based, oil-based, hybrid — every type of lube is compatible with glass. And because glass is non-porous, it will not absorb a single drop of lube. A little goes a long way.

There you have it! A plethora of reasons why glass sex toys are an amazing, worthwhile investment. We hope we have busted some myths about glass and piqued your interest. If you have any questions, let us know!