Back to school giveaway winners

Well, it’s mid-September now, and our back to school giveaway has come to a close. Thank you all for sharing your fun back-to-school memories in the comments section! We loved reading them.

Our winners were chosen by random draw. The winner of the clit kit is Elle M., whose back-to-school memory was this heart-warming story:

I took the bus in to campus, and on the second day, I got off the bus and almost walked into an old friend I had fallen out of touch with. We’re closer now than we were back in the day, and but for the timing on my morning commute, we might never have rekindled our friendship. Thanks, 8 AM college class!

And the winner of the G-spot kit is Cort, who shared with us this familiar memory:

My fav back to school memory is always that nervous feeling in the lunch room when you enter, the panic when you can’t find your friends & the smile when you hear your name being called by your group & the 25 min you have to catch up on the past 3 months!

Congrats to both of you and thanks to everyone for participating!