The “O” of Eros: Evolving Your Orgasms with Dr. Amy Cooper– Friday, March 12th – 7:30p – $15

Have you ever thought there could be more to your experience of orgasm? What if your orgasms could be more intense, longer lasting, or somehow more meaningful? This workshop, presented by Dr. Amy Cooper, is for men and women alike who are looking to evolve their orgasms and discover new territory in their erotic landscape. Come with an open mind to learn how to bring more erotic pleasure into your life.

Amy Cooper, PhD, is the author of ‘The Everything Orgasm Book:  The All-You-Need Guide To The Most Satisfying Sex You’ll Ever Have.’  Dr. Cooper earned her doctorate in Human Sexuality from the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality.  She has also trained in the Hakomi method of body-centered counseling at the Hakomi Institute of California.  The combination of Clinical Sexology and the Hakomi method enable Dr. Cooper to effectively and compassionately address a range of sexuality and relationship issues.