Switch up your masturbation routine!

May is Masturbation Month, and of course, we encourage everyone to celebrate — as often as possible! Last year, we recounted all the ways masturbation is beneficial to your emotional and physical health. This year, we thought we’d give you some ideas for trying something new during your usual masturbation routine.

  • Try a different position — Most people get used to masturbating in a favorite position. Break out of the mold and try a new one, such as lying on your side, sitting up, on your back, on your knees, or on your stomach. You’ll find that the usual sensations will feel different just from making this change.
  • Find a new locale — If the bed is your usual masturbation domain, try masturbating somewhere else — such as the couch, at your desk, or in the bath or shower (if you bring a toy, make sure it’s waterproof!). You could even set up your own little masturbation nest on the floor with pillows and blankets.
  • Use your toy(s) in a new way — If you have an anal toy or dildo with an unusual shape, try flipping it around. If you own a dildo made of a soft material, hold a vibrator against its base for added buzz. If you have an insertable vibrator, perhaps it could be used clitorally?
    Any vibrator can also be used on a penis! Or make your masturbation sleeve into a hands-free device by tucking it between your mattress and box spring. And many toys out there — dildos, waterproof vibes, anal toys, and masturbation sleeves — can be warmed or chilled before use by placing them in a bowl of water in your desired temperature.
  • Lube it up — Lube makes everything glide more easily, so it can enhance masturbation quite a bit. Stroke 29 and Boy Butter H20 are specially formulated for stimulating a penis, while Yes and Sliquid Sea are wonderful for vulvas. Stimulating gels, like Stimulating O Gel or ON Clitoral Arousal Balm, can be especially fun. (Just don’t use silicone-based lube with a silicone toy!)
  • Watch or read porn — If you’re not a regular erotica reader or porn watcher, consider giving one of them a whirl. My Erotic Adventure is a fun and interactive intro to the world of written erotica, and Erika Lust’s Barcelona Sex Project DVD is chock-full of alluring folks eager to share their masturbation techniques with you.
  • Fantasize — If porn doesn’t do it for you or you already read/watch it regularly, try fantasizing instead. This can be an excellent way to explore erotic scenarios that you may or may not act out in real life. Try thinking about a hot past sexual experience, a sexy movie scene, or just let your mind wander into the realm of your deepest, most hidden desires.
  • Engage your senses — Make it into a truly epic experience by delighting as many of your senses as possible. Listen to music. Light a candle or dim the lights. You could even eat something delicious, making your masturbation session a literal feast for the senses!
  • Make some noise! — There’s no need to keep quiet during masturbation unless you have to. If you’re able to vocalize your pleasure, let loose! It can be very freeing to be able to experience that release.

Is your mind racing with ideas yet? Good! Now go on… celebrate Masturbation Month!