Swedish guest house offers more than beds

Now this is my kind of hotel: a guest house in Sweden offers sex toys and the services of an orgasm coach to guests. The owners of the Venusgarden guest house are Ylva Franzén, author of Orgasmera Mera (Orgasming More), and her husband, Åke Fridell. The hotel features three themed bedrooms: Kamasutra, Venus, and Tao.

When was the last time you saw something like this in the website description of a hotel room? This one’s for the Venus Room (pictured):

On the exclusive mirrored table there is every imaginable massage oil, lubricant, tickly feather, love game, sex toy and incense to enhance the atmosphere, a tray with aphrodisiacs including a magic pill which will work wonders for him and of course the bible of the house: Orgasming More. You can try the love swing in the ceiling and pick whatever you want to take home with you from the erotic kit.

Another room features an “ingeniously placed mirror where every move can be watched if you like,” and urges guests to “pick your choice of the love toy for the night to take home with you as a memory of the night passed in love.” Or perhaps more than a single night, as another description reads, “relax and make love for three days like the Indian gods.” Well, okay then!