STARS: Consent and Communication

Thursday, May 16th — 7:30 p.m. — $10

Evelin Dacker

In the age of #MeToo, consent has become a cultural imperative. While consent is essential for healthy sexuality, many of us have not been taught the skills to put it into consistent practice. Talking about sexual needs and desires is a challenge when we do not have a starting point. STARS is a communication model developed by Dr. Evelin Dacker that provides a guideline for enthusiastic verbal consent. STARS stands for STI/Sexual Health Status, Turn-ons, Avoids, Relationship Intentions/Needs and Safer Sex Etiquette. The STARS model helps all of us communicate effectively about sexual desires, boundaries, health and intentions in a meaningful and natural way.

In this interactive workshop by Dr. Dacker, we will explore and learn about dating in today’s age, the meaning of consensual communication, practice STARS, and share ideas with one another in a safe, structured environment. For the story about the creation of STARS, check out this TEDx Talk. For more information on Evelin Dacker, visit

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