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She Bop’s Picks: Holiday Gifts

It’s the season of giving, and let’s be honest — we could all use some assistance narrowing down the perfect gifts for our loved ones. And call it a holiday miracle, but with both store-fronts now open six days a week this December, you can find all our Holiday Picks and more both online and in store! 

So what are you waiting for? Give the gift of pleasure this season! And be sure to check our previous holiday gift guides for some extra gift giving inspiration! 

We-Vibe Touch X

Whether you’re trying to find a partner their first vibrator or hundredth, the Touch X is the perfect discreet, hand-held gift. We-Vibe’s revamped Touch now has 8 intensity levels and 7 patterns, making this staff favorite more versatile than ever!  With such a wide range of settings and both flat and pointed surfaces to choose from, the Touch can match a variety of preferences. The broad, thin shape not only makes it a more ergonomic choice, but makes this toy a great option to use with a partner as well.

Floral Print Blindfold

Let’s be honest, holidays can be stressful! It’s important to take breaks to wind down, breathe, and let go — and what better way to let go of control than with the Floral Print Blindfold? Blindfolds can be a great way to experiment with power dynamics, play with the senses, and also just…relax. This faux fur lined blindfold is padded and silky smooth for comfort. If your loved one tends to take care of everyone over the holidays and prioritize others’ comfort, maybe it’s time to give them the gift of letting go of responsibility and letting someone else take the lead.

Getting It: A Guide to Hot, Healthy Hookups and Shame-Free Sex

It’s the chilly season, and for many, that may mean hunkering down with a partner or two to stay warm. And with vaccination and booster shot rates going up, many of us are ready to get back out there in the dating field! That being said, it could be a good idea to brush up on hook-up culture and etiquette. Allison Moon’s Getting it: A Guide to Hot, Healthy Hookups and Shame-Free Sex is a great gift for anyone looking to get back out there. With tips and tricks on practicing clear communication and consent, enacting first moves, and navigating non-monogamy, this guide is the perfect refresher to have on hand this winter.

Temptasia Fox Drip Candle

Not only is this adorable fox candle a great centerpiece among the holly and pinecone decorations, but it also can be used to explore new sensations with a loved one! This premium soy oil-based candle burns at a lower temperature than others, making it safe to drip onto skin. Once dripped onto the body, it cools rapidly, making it easy for cleanup. Not only that, but the coconut wax is also designed to soothe and moisturize the skin! What better way to warm up these chilly months than with some toe curling temperature play?

Sliquid Soak Green Tea Bubble Bath

Is there a better season to put your feet up, light a few candles, and treat yourself to a warm bath? We don’t think so! Give the gift of self-care with Sliquid Soak’s Green Tea Bubble Bath formula. This foaming, soothing bath soak is infused with essential oils to give a moisturizing and aromatic experience. With no harsh chemicals, it’s also safe and gentle on the most sensitive areas of the body. Whether it’s for yourself, a family member, or a partner, it’s a great gift to follow-up such a fast-moving and exhausting season.

BMS PalmPower Extreme Wand

Colder weather can tense up the muscles, so having a wand handy can be especially useful this time of year. Do you know someone who’s been eyeing one, but maybe they’re worried about the size and shape being hard on their hand? Luckily, the BMS PalmPower Extreme Wand was made with pleasure and comfort in mind. Smaller than the original Magic Wand, and ergonomically curved for ease of use, the PalmPower is a great vibrator to gift someone who may have any hand discomfort, but crave the power of a Magic Wand. The curved design also makes it much easier to use on one’s own back and neck, which can especially come in handy to ease any post-holiday stress. 

Indian Jade Chakrub

Crystal dildos are known for their numerous healing properties and energetic benefits. A gift of one isn’t only a gift of pleasure, but a gift of health and wellbeing.  Our new arrival, the Indian Jade Chakrub, is specifically one of the luckiest crystals out there. It is known for enhancing creativity and releasing old habits. It can also assist with dissolving stress and calming any chaotic thoughts — which is something we think nearly everyone can benefit from around the holidays. Not only that, but its beautiful green shade makes it a work of art fitting to the season.

Silicone Packing Penis

Gender expression can be especially tricky to navigate during holiday family gatherings, and it’s important to support and affirm your loved ones during these times. Luckily, Calexotics offers silicone packers that are now more affordable than ever! For half the price of other silicone packers, the Silicone Packing Penis is a great first packer to gift a loved one. Its non-porous, body safe material makes it super easy to care for and more long-lasting than other porous options out there. So give the gift of gender affirmation with a gift that’ll see many holidays through!

Seagrape Motion Potion Oil-Based Lube

No matter how you spend your holidays, you deserve comfort this season! Whether for pleasure or daily moisturizing, an oil-based lubricant is always valuable to have on hand. And not just any oil-based lubricant, but one infused with cocoa? Sign me up. Seagrape’s Motion Potion Oil-Based Lube is not only a great daily moisturizer, but it is packed full of natural, aphrodisiac plant allies, which help increase circulation to the genitals. This vegan lubricant is also great for sensitive skin, and is totally safe to use internally. With so many ways to use it, it’s a stocking stuffer anyone can benefit from — just be sure not to pair it with any latex products!

Fun Factory NŌS

The Fun Factory NŌS is not only a gift for a partner, but a gift for the both of you.  This vibrating cock ring is designed with pressure points to hug the penis comfortably and effectively, all while having two powerful, flexible motors on top to tease and hug the clit of a partner. If you prefer more control, the NŌS can also be worn on the fingers and directed where you want like a finger vibe. With 4 intensity levels, as well as a “Flirt” setting, this gift can be used in a multitude of fun ways for you both this season!