Sharing Stories About First-Time Sex: Open Communication with the Young People in our Lives

Amber Keyser and The V-Word

Thursday, May 19th — 7:30 p.m. — FREE!

Join author Amber J. Keyser, editor of The V-Word: True Stories of First-Time Sex, and several of the women whose stories are featured in the book, for a frank conversation about first-times. They will read selections from The V-Word, talk about why they wrote the book, and discuss why it’s important to talk to the young people in our lives about our own experiences.

For young people, the decision to have sex for the first time is often fraught with emotions ranging from excitement and desire to anxiety, guilt, and uncertainty. The V-Word contains honest and poignant essays by 17 women about losing their virginity. Equal parts funny, hot, cringe-worthy, and empowering, the collection reveals the diversity and reality of first-time sexual experiences — some exhilarating and some disappointing — through essays by trans, queer, and straight women. The book includes a discussion of media portrayals of teen sex and resources for both teens and parents. Read more about editor Amber J Keyser on her website.

This event has already taken place. Thanks for attending!