Sex After Menopause – Sunday, April 18th – 7p – FREE

Join Dr. JJ Pursell, ND, LAc and owner of The Herb Shoppe, for this informative lecture focusing on the different aspects of menopause and how they affect the sexual experience.   Discussion of sex drive, vaginal irritation, and orgasm difficulty will be the main themes as well as, treatments to these common complaints.   There is life after menopause (in the sexual context) and many women are able to have some of the best sexual experiences of their lives.   If you have questions, concerns or are interested in what you can do to improve your sexual encounters – this lecture is for you.

Dr. Pursell specializes in women’s health as well as, complementary cancer care, digestive disorders and skin health.   Dr. Pursell believes in the importance of a healthy sex life as a major contributor to a balanced lifestyle.

Please call She Bop to reserve your spot – 503.473.8018