Eva D'Luscious

Seductive Peeling with Eva D’Luscious

Sunday, April 28th — 7:30 p.m. — $25

Eva D'LusciousBring out the “tease” in your strip to entice your partner with seductive peeling. Learn the 3 Ps of striptease from high priestess of tease and ShowGirl Temple creatrix Eva D’Luscious in a welcoming and safe space. Eva’s 3 Ps apply to all strippable items, so we’ll learn and practice how to work with various pieces, and discuss general principals for creating an exciting experience for your audience, be they one or many.

Items you may wish to bring for practice: robe/coat, skirt, corset, gloves, bra, shoes high enough to make you feel sexy and low enough to be safe.

No nudity required; wear under pieces that will not come off. We’ll layer the sexy stuff on top. A water bottle and a playful attitude are a must!

Eva D’Luscious is a Portland-based MC, burlesque performer, producer and instructor known for putting her students at ease and instigating a love of all things sparkly. A self-avowed dance, holistic living and fitness nerd on a mission to unite and uplift through joyful movement, she has supported many people in revealing their sparkly selves and welcomes beginners and experienced dancers to her classes.

This class has already taken place. Thanks for attending!