Revolutionary Relationship Skills

Thursday, January 24th — 7:30 p.m. — $20

Julianne will take you through the essential skills to create relationships that are full of healthy communication, healthy boundaries, and healthy conflict. We will identify personal relationship values, talk about how to establish boundaries and ask for what you want and need, and discuss how to engage in conflict that facilitates deeper intimacy and closeness — rather than creating rifts in your relationships. Revolution is possible through learning to love better!

Julianne Carroll, M.A., is a relationship and sexuality coach, sexuality educator, writer, and filmmaker in the San Francisco Bay Area. Julianne received her M.A. in Sexuality Studies from San Francisco State University, where she also worked as a research assistant at the Center for Research on Gender and Sexuality. She is a San Francisco Sex Information Certified Sex Educator. Julianne has spent the last decade studying relationships, sex and sexuality, and specializes in working with the queer community, young adults, and people in non-traditional relationships.

This class has already taken place. Thanks for attending!