Polyam Dating 201

Thursday, November 7th — 7:30 pm — $25

Dr. Liz

Do you find yourself anxious and scared when your sweetie is on a date with someone else? Have you hurt a sweetie’s feelings with how you came back to them after a date you were on with someone else? Time to take your multiamorous dating skills to the next level!

So many people in non-monogamous relationships feel like dating can be rough. When a partner is off with someone else, they feel fear, anxiety, jealousy, and insecurity. They try everything they can think of to get past it, but are still struggling. On the other side, some folks come back from a date, high and happy, to find their energy is hard for their sweetie to receive. They inadvertently step on toes and create conflict when they just wanted to share their excitement or disappointment.

In Polyam Dating 201, we’ll cover the skills needed to move more smoothly through your dating life. We’ll look at how to take care of yourself while your partner is on a date with someone else and we’ll examine how you can decompress after a date to return to your sweetie in a way that brings you closer.

Don’t keep beating yourself up for struggling with plural dating, build the skills to help both you and your partners make dating easier on everyone involved!

Dr. Liz believes that great sex can change the world. She’s a sex educator, coach and licensed psychologist (OR 3068) specializing in queer, kinky, and non-monogamous relationships. Dr. Liz has helped couples and singles become more confident in who they are and communicate more effectively with their partners. You can learn more about Dr. Liz and her work on her website.

Limited space available — sign up online!

She Bop and #open recognize that polyamory-related events are sometimes inaccessible to underrepresented communities. That’s why our friends at #open, an inclusive and sex-positive community and dating app, are generously offering to cover the cost of attendance for up to 10 people with financial need! To apply for these scholarship spots, please email us at with the class title in the subject line and your full name. We will email you back within 4 days to let you know if you have received a scholarship spot. Please only apply for a spot if you are certain you will be able to attend.