Our pledge to do better

Empowerment, education, and community are three of She Bop’s main values. We have stood by those values for ten years, but until recently, had neglected to look at the ways we have failed our community. We could have done better. We should do better. We pledge to do better.

We did not question early enough why, throughout our decade+ of being in business, so few People of Color have applied to work with us.

We did not do enough to ensure that our business is an inclusive and supportive place for Employees of Color.

We did not put the time and energy into centering anti-racism in our business.

We did not decline to carry some products that only came in “white” skin tones.

We did not do enough to ask companies to make more diverse products.

We did not proportionately invite BIPOC sex educators to teach for us.

We acknowledge that we haven’t done enough. We are committed to working together as a company and as a team to investigate our own biases and the ways we have benefited from a white supremacist culture.

We are donating to organizations that directly benefit Black lives and livelihood.

We are taking time to attend town halls and other Black-led webinars on racism.

We are researching to schedule regular anti-racism trainings for our entire team.

We are sharing resources with each other and holding each other accountable.

We plan to re-evaluate our business practices and rewrite our values to ensure we are doing everything possible to embody diversity, equity and inclusion in how we do business. We know we are late to the fight, but we are listening, learning, and ready to do our part in dismantling systems of oppression.