Keeping the Fire Alive: Satisfying and Sustainable Sex

Alyssa SiegelThursday, June 4th — 7:30 p.m. — $15

The number one reason that couples seek sex therapy is because sex has slowed or stopped altogether and it makes them question the viability of their primary long-term relationship. And while changing patterns in sexual dynamics can take time, it is far from hopeless! Most couples are in fact able to find great satisfaction again in their sexual relationships with the right tools.

By taking our own sexual inventories, exploring our interests and preferences, assessing areas of strength and areas for growth, and learning new ways to communicate our needs with our partners, we can create a new narrative in our sexual story. In this class we will explore why sex changes over time in partnerships, why it matters, what you can do about it, and how to keep fun, interesting, fulfilling and sustainable over time.

Alyssa Siegel is a licensed professional counselor in Portland, OR. In her private practice she works with individuals and couples specializing in sex and sexuality, relationships, and personal identity development. She is a contributing author for the book Your Brain on Sex: How Smarter Sex Can Change Your Life, and a columnist for Psychology Tomorrow Magazine, an online periodical that explores cutting edge ideas and practices in psychology, sexuality, and art. Alyssa received her Master’s Degree in counseling and is a member of the National Coalition of Sexual Freedom and the Society for the Scientific Study of Human Sexuality. Alyssa is a kink, poly, and queer friendly provider. For more information about Alyssa see her website.

This class has already taken place. Thanks for attending!