HUMP! 2010 Contest Winners

These are two very different stories about how porn played a positive role in two different relationships. The first story, while hilarious, also shows how porn can allow people to push past their inhibitions and be more adventurous. Incorporating porn into couples play or solo play can increase intensity and pleasure. The second story emphasizes that porn is not just for guys, women love porn too, especially now that there is more porn produced by and for women, and not just the soft stuff.

At She Bop we love to help people experience more excitement and pleasure in their lives. Thanks everyone for your entries and taking part in our contest and congrats to the winners (who requested to stay anonymous) who will be attending HUMP! this weekend. Have fun!

Entry #1

Believe it or not. My girlfriend and I decided to watch a porn movie together, projected up on our wall, and attempted to mimic everything the Porn-stars did in the flick. We copied their dialogue, their facial expressions, and their mannerisms.

At first we found it to be a little embarrassing and we giggled in our attempt to be “Porn Stars”. But, with the large images being almost life-size and the volume of their voices as loud as ours, we soon found ourselves in a hot and heavy foreplay session. It was hard, real hard, to know where to focus our eyes. They moved from the screen on the wall, to the many mirrors we had set up, and to each other; soon the intensity grew like throbbing-swollen genitalia.

The lube and sex-toys came out, and we pretended to fill in the blanks from what we couldn’t see on screen. We tried things sexually we had only talked about doing. Since we hadn’t previewed the video each position brought more wetness, more moans, and sweat dripping like a thoroughbred horse.

Somehow, we made it to the climax of the movie, luckily my girlfriend was capable of multiple orgasms. But when I blasted her with the “money shot” to the face and breasts, we were both finally able to collapse in each other’s arms. The film got quiet, our breathing settled back to normal and we simultaneously heard noise outside our window. We looked at the screen on the wall and realized the size of the actors projected could be seen from across the street outside. We had attracted either passerby’s or our neighbors, or both, from the video and because of the loud moans from the movie and our gasps of intense pleasure.

For weeks we were feeling the extended stares from people in our neighborhood until finally one of them, a female, approached my girlfriend and told her what she had seen that night with HER boyfriend. AND, they video-taped parts of our nastiness. They let us make a copy of it and now we replay it while we have sex, but now we make sure to have the curtains closed and the noise turned down. We are now talking about possibly inviting our “new” friends over to share it with us. That will be another story.

Entry #2

To me, porn was always something that dirty old men watched while they jingled their Jangle, or something we all watched at a party where we were laughing too hard to notice the “ins & outs”. Growing up, sex was never talked about and I was always under the impression that it was something done behind closed doors and so private it was obscene. I have struggled to be comfortable with my sexuality, feeling guilty or ashamed if I did anything besides the boring ‘ol missionary and thus not really enjoying the process at all.

As I became more familiar with porn, it helped me open up to my awesome confident side and realize that sex is a major part of my life and totally natural. I am definitely kinky and have slowly learned to embrace the “normal-ness” of this (as has my husband!). I also bought my first ever vibrator at She Bop, and with porn,Hu have been learning new things about myself ever since. Porn has allowed me to see the “porn star” within myself and thank you to She Bop for being a comfortable place for women to buy porn!