Hot, Healthy Humiliation

Sunday, August 26th — 7:30 pm — $15

Liz PowellAre you worried that there’s something wrong with you because you want someone to call you stupid, dirty, or a slut? Find out how to have hotter, deeper scenes and feel better about it afterward! So many people struggle to make sense of how they can be so woke and yet still want such dirty things. Whether degradation for you is about being a filthy bitch, a dumb sissy, or a worthless piece of fuck meat, you can still be a feminist, anti-racist, queer activist, or other Social Justice Warrior at the same time.

Join Dr. Liz Powell to explore the way to feel great about desires that seem troubling on the surface. At the end of this two-hour class, you will:

  • Understand that what gets you going in a scene doesn’t have to change how you think about yourself.
  • Learn how to provide good aftercare for both roles so that you can emerge from your play happy and enriched.
  • Understand that it’s totally normal (and even best) to be into social justice if you’re into degradation play, so that your play will be founded in healthy beliefs and practices, not in damaging ones.

People who don’t find a way to feel good about their desires can spend years feeling guilty and ashamed. Don’t let that be you. Let go of your fears and shame now and start having the scenes you want!

Dr. Liz believes that great sex can change the world. She’s a sex educator, coach and licensed psychologist (CA 27871) specializing in queer, kinky, and non-monogamous relationships. Dr. Liz has helped couples and singles become more confident in who they are and communicate more effectively with their partners. You can learn more about Dr. Liz and her work at

This class has already taken place. Thanks for attending!