Dildology: material verification of sex toys!

Did you know that the sex toy industry is largely unregulated? It is much more of a wild west than most consumers realize. Companies can actually make their toys out of any mish-mash of material they want, then slap false claims on the packaging such as “100% silicone” and “phthalate-free” — with no recourse or accountability.

The only regulations are the ones put in place by ethical manufacturers and shops who vow to only use and carry body-safe materials. We’re very discerning about our selection, as we believe consumers should not be subjected to toxic materials (nor should they have to search high and low for answers about what their sex toys are made out of!). This is why we are a partner at the Coalition Against Toxic Toys and a member of the Progressive Pleasure Club, a network of indie sex toy shops committed to safety and education. Together, we keep each other informed and accountable.

But unsafe toys continue to be manufactured, and packaging continues to lie, and there is no governing body to put a stop to it.

Enter Dildology. Founded by a former sex shop manager, a rouge blogger, and a technologist, Dildology is a new non-profit organization which independently verifies the material content of sex toys. After a toy has been tested in a lab, the results are posted on the public Dildology Wiki. Ultimately, Dildology will add transparency and oversight to the sex toy industry while also educating the public about the science behind sex toys. We’re very excited about this!

With a big end goal of $20,000, though, Dildology is in dire need of donations. They have over $1,000 so far, but considering that testing a single toy can cost $200-450, more funding is definitely needed (thus far they have sent the Jimmyjane Hello Touch to a lab and confirmed that it is indeed 100% silicone). Dildology is also hoping to get enough votes on Offbeatr to start crowdfunding on there.

We’re really glad that this organization has been created. The industry has needed something like it for a long time now. If you agree, donate here and read more posts about the importance of Dildology. You can also follow Dildology on Facebook and Twitter.