Authentic Kink with Princess Kali

Wednesday, August 21st — 7:30 p.m. — $25

Kinksters often have to depend on erotica and porn to learn what kink looks and feels like, but unfortunately that can create a lot of myths, misunderstandings and accidental mistakes. BDSM is so focused on activity, but just because you’re going through the motions doesn’t mean you’ll have a happy, healthy experience. It can take years (and plenty of bad scenes) to help you learn exactly what you enjoy and why. But it doesn’t have to if you spend time reflecting on your needs and limits ahead of time.

In this class Princess Kali will use storytelling and engaging discussion to teach you how to have the most authentic and fulfilling kink experience possible. Over the last 17 years in the kink scene, Kali has developed a straightforward method for discovering your most authentic kinky self.

You’ll learn:

  • How to dig deeper into your own desires to help you understand articulate them more clearly
  • The difference between style and role and how to use both to your advantage
  • A brand new approach to negotiation that’s proven to create more successful scenes
  • How to break free from any unconscious stereotypes or myths holding you back from fully exploring kink
  • And more!

Limited space available — sign up online!

We’re offering 2 free class spots to folks with financial need; please fill out this form if you are interested. Two people will be chosen randomly and contacted at least 2 weeks prior to class to confirm.