• Penis to Prostate: A Guide to Internal & External Pleasure

    In this class, Stella Harris will discuss communication techniques and ways to create intimacy that don't require an erection along with ways to relax, slow down, and enjoy a range of sensations without being goal-oriented or rushing to a finish line. Whether exploring on your own body or with a partner, this class…

  • Introduction to Rope Bondage

    Stella Harris

    Learn basic safety and bondage-focused negotiation along with the single column tie and double column tie. You’ll also walk away with ways to use rope to build intimacy and connection while you're tying, and tricks to help you build confidence as a beginner.

  • Roughhousing For Adults

    Stella Harris

    From hair pulling to being pinned down, from spanking to negotiated face slapping — there are dozens of ways to add intensity to your sex. But getting rough means a bit more planning and communication than you might be used to. This class will show you a variety of rough sex techniques you…

  • Communication in the Bedroom: Asking for What You Want

    Stella Harris

    Knowing what you want isn't as easy as it sounds, and asking for it can be even trickier. In this class Stella Harris will talk about styles of communication, ways to put yourself and your partner at ease, and specific examples of tools and phrases to try.

  • Masturbation as Self-Love & Self-Care

    What would it look like if we treated ourselves like our most cherished partner? Stella Harris will discuss touch techniques and the ways our bodies can experience pleasure. We will consider making pleasure a ritual, learn genital massage techniques, and embrace masturbation as a healthy, loving practice.

  • Mapping the Vulva: Anatomy, Communication, Touch, & Pleasure

    With vulvas being a place of mystery (and worse, a source of shame), our ability to receive pleasure from this area of the body can be extremely diminished. This class from Stella Harris will dispel misinformation and teach you all about the vulva — from anatomy to styles of touch.

  • Kink 101

    Stella Harris

    Kink and BDSM are all the rage these days — maybe you've seen something that caught your attention but you don't know where to start in real life. With a little bit of information and know-how from Stella Harris, you can start introducing kink into your own play right now!

  • Communication in the Bedroom: Asking For What You Want

    Stella Harris

    Knowing what you want isn't as easy as it sounds, and asking for it can be even trickier. Honesty puts us in a vulnerable place, opening us up to rejection or shame. People of all genders and sexualities have a lot of cultural baggage to work through, from messages implying that wanting sex…

  • Events

    Give ‘Em a Hand: Fisting, Fingering, & Sensual Touch

    Stella Harris & Gretchen Leigh

    Friday, May 8th — 5:30 p.m. PST — $15-25 This class will be held online via Zoom — you’ll receive an email with access information two days prior to the event, or shortly after sign-up if you register within 48 hours of class. Registration deadline: 12 p.m. PST on the day of class. Hands can…