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Sex Ed QUICKIE: The Art of Foreplay

Foreplay can be about creating extraordinary levels of turn-on, and lighting up every nerve in your partner's body. Too often, foreplay is something that’s rushed through, a necessary box to check before getting to the main event. In this class, you’ll learn to use your entire body as a pleasure center so that you’re begging for more.

$10 – $15

How to F*ck (as) a Trans Woman

Gender transitioning is no easy feat. There are social, familial, community, medical, financial, and psychological factors to consider. But there is one factor not frequently discussed: the sexual component. It is indeed possible to have an amazing sex life as a trans woman, but it requires essentially learning how to have sex all over again. Well, Davina Divine is here to help!

$15 – $25

Black Community Night at She Bop! (FREE in-person event)

Come celebrate sex positivity with Black community at She Bop! This is a FREE, private event by Black people, for Black people! She Bop's CJ and Ayanna will be your hosts while you browse, mingle, ask questions, and enter to win some toys and local gifts in our raffle. We will have refreshing drinks, games, freebies to take home, and more!


Sensational Exploration with Amory Jane

Wanting to spice things up or try something new? Looking for ways to learn more about your sensual self or figure out what a partner likes? This workshop may be for you! Amory Jane will talk all about sensation play, then demo ways to enhance arousal and awaken your sexual imagination.

$15 – $25

Kink Tests: What Are You Into?

We've all seen people with their BDSM test results on their profiles, and some of us have taken tests ourselves. Whether you're just starting in the lifestyle and trying to find your role or have been in for a while, this workshop with Miss Mackenzee is a fun way to explore yourself and your interests. You may just discover something about yourself that you didn't know!

$15 – $25

Anyone Can Be a Pornstar: Living Out Your XXX Fantasy

Do you wish you could be a pornstar just for a night? Do you find porn exciting, erotic, and arousing? Have you toyed with the idea of making your own porn at home but don't know where to begin? This workshop with pleasure professional Javay da BAE will focus on how to craft the sexy, XXX date night of your dreams.

$15 – $25

Exploring the Best Sex Ever in 2023

Want to have the best sex of your life in 2023? To experience increased satisfaction, mind-blowing orgasms, intimate connections with partners, and new ways of enjoying pleasure? Create a path to a new and sensuous year in this class with Jessie Fresh. We will discuss how to have more satisfying sex by learning simple techniques to initiate with comfort and confidence.

$15 – $25

All About Daddy Roleplay with Luna Matatas!

Daddy roleplay is a popular fantasy, whether the counter fantasy is of a 'daughter,' 'neighbour,' 'puppy,' bottom or many other hot roleplay ideas. Whether you're a daddy or an admirer of daddies, join this class with Luna Matatas and you'll get tips for communication, care, creativity, building confidence, and taking your daddy fantasies into real life. Daddies and daddy admirers of all genders welcome.

$15 – $25

Introduction to Rope Bondage

Do you want to learn the building blocks of rope bondage? And can you really do that through a computer screen? Welcome to this hybrid class, combining some of the most popular content in Stella Harris' bondage arsenal. In this class, you will learn basic safety and bondage-focused negotiation along with the single column tie and double column tie.

$15 – $25

Talking About Herpes: Disclosing Your STI Status

In our culture, STIs are deep within the closet of things we just don't discuss. But like other topics society is hush hush about, open communication around STIs is not only vital to healthy relationships — it's vital to our sexual health, and it is not shameful. In this class with Courtney Brame, we'll explore the interconnectedness of sexual health and mental health and discuss the best time to disclose your herpes status to a potential sexual partner.

$15 – $25