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She Bop’s Picks: Valentine’s Day

The annual day of love is right around the corner — and you know we have the goods to help you celebrate in style! Sometimes, though, it can be hard to find just the right gift to woo someone with, or the perfect thing to splurge on for yourself. So we’ve rounded up our top recommendations for sexy items to make this Valentine’s Day memorable (and pleasurable!).

Check out last year’s picks, and our picks from 201420132012, and 2011 for even more ideas.

Naughty Candy Heart Butt Plug


Ever heard the expression “say it with a butt plug”? Us either, but now you can with the Naughty Candy Heart Butt Plug! Available in three pastel shades reminiscent of classic candy hearts, this plug has a comfortable, tapered shape and a heart-shaped base with a message molded right into the silicone. Messages range from romantic to kinky — the pink plug reads Be Mine, the yellow one implores Spank Me, and the purple version gets straight to the point: Do Me Now.

Womanizer Pro W500


It vibrates, but it’s not a vibrator; it suctions, but it’s not a clit pump… the Womanizer is truly its own category of toy! Stimulation comes from the tip, which is designed to lightly suck on the clitoris. The Womanizer made an immediate impression when it hit the scene last year, and this new upgraded version features re-positioned buttons, several higher modes, and two interchangeable tips in different sizes. In its festive, red rose design, the Womanizer Pro W500 is an extravagant Valentine’s gift for the discerning clitoris in your life.

Seagrape Edible Massage Candle


Massage candles make great gifts because they are essentially two products in one: a delicious-smelling candle and a luscious massage oil. With these Edible Massage Candles from local company Seagrape, you can add one more thing to that list: a lickable treat! Made with nourishing soy wax, shea butter, coconut oil, vitamin E, and various essential oils, this candle melts into a warm massage oil as it burns. Pour the oil directly onto the skin for a massage, then kiss or lick it off. This candle comes in two mouth-watering flavors: raspberry and chocolate.

Twisted Monk Starter Kit


Want to try rope bondage for V-Day? This kit from Seattle-based Twisted Monk has everything you need: one 30-foot piece of rope, two lengths of 10-foot rope, a pair of safety shears, a getting started DVD, and a quick reference safety card. The sturdy hemp rope is vegan and ethically-sourced, appreciated among aficionados for its rugged texture, natural scent, and ability to both hold knots and be swiftly untied.

Hot Octopuss Pulse II Duo


There’s no doubt the Hot Octopuss Pulse II Duo is one of the most innovative toys for penises in years. Designed to encircle the penis and deliver powerful vibrations to the shaft and frenulum, it works its magic at any stage of arousal, from flaccid to erect. We love how the Pulse II Duo’s cupped shape encourages experimentation — try it hands-free and in a static position, or add lube and add movement. Enjoy it solo, or have a partner climb atop and control the vibration with the included remote!

Laid D.1 and D.2 stone dildos


Elegant and ergonomic, these gorgeous hand-sculpted dildos from Norweigan company Laid are as impressive to see as they are to use. Made of polished stone, they are firm, smooth, double-ended, and perfectly weighted for exquisite sensations. Choose D.2 (made of Absolute Black Granite) for intense G-spot play, or go with D.1 (made of Black Norwegian Moonstone) for a gentle and sensual experience. Ideal for anyone who appreciates uncommon and natural materials.

Bodywand Mini Massager (Fashion Edition)


The original Bodywand Mini is a popular choice for folks wanting a small but powerful vibrator, and now it comes in fancy special edition patterns and color combinations! Measuring a mere 4″ long, the Bodywand Mini is compact and travel-friendly, with a range of vibration intensities adjusted via the control dial on its base. The soft, flexible head provides cushioning and pinpoint stimulation. Also, in case you forgot, rhinestones.

Bedroom Bucks + Les Petits Bon Bon Rose Petal Explosion


Need a little something to ignite sparks in the bedroom? Consider this bundle of Bedroom Bucks, each fancifully printed with a finance-themed sex act such as a “morning merger” and “complete lick-quidation.” Then, set the scene with Les Petits Bon Bon Rose Petal Explosion, a package of scented faux rose petals. Sprinkle them over the bed, bath tub, make a trail down the hall and toward the bedroom… go wild, they’re reusable!

Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion


German manufacturer Fun Factory started a revolution with their “pulsator” line — sex toys that mimic a back-and-forth thrusting motion. Now, in the Bi Stronic Fusion, they’ve combined the pulsating movement with traditional vibration! Sit back and let the Bi Stronic Fusion do all the work, as the shaft thrusts and the vibrating clitoral arm flutters against the clitoris and labia. Each portion of the toy is controlled separately, with 64 possible combinations of movement and vibration.

Cunt Coloring Book + Vulva Earrings


Celebrate the fabulous vulva with these two exceptional gifts! The Cunt Coloring Book has been in circulation since 1973, packed with over three dozen unique vulvas (drawn from life models) for you to color in. The beautiful vulva earrings are handmade by a local glass artist. Intricate and one-of-a-kind, they are made of Italian glass, with Swarovski Crystals and sterling silver wires.

Bnear Classic


What’s better than one vibrating bullet? Two, of course! The Bnear Classic is an inexpensive battery-operated toy that offers two times the stimulation. The silky bullets feel marvelous against the body, and the control pack offers five vibration modes to explore. Who will position the bullets, and who will man the control pack? So many possibilities for creative collaboration!


Win a Womanizer!

Big congrats to Quinn, Chris, and Christiane, the winners of this giveaway!
We hope all of you love your cool new toys.

The sex toy industry has never seen anything quite like the Womanizer. This odd-looking little toy provides innovative stimulation: gentle suction in addition to vibration. In the short time it’s been on the market, it has received rave reviews across the internet and with our staff.

We thought this would be the perfect toy to give away to our awesome customers! In fact, we have three Womanizers for a total of three different winners.

Suction for everyone — just in time for Valentine’s Day!

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She Bop’s Picks: Holiday Gifts

If you’re pondering what to get your significant other this holiday season, we have you covered! Here are our top picks this year for sexy holiday gift-giving and stocking-stuffing. Visit us in person or peruse our online store to snatch these up.

Don’t forget to check out our picks from 2014201320122011, and 2010 for even more ideas!



Give the gift of luxurious prostate (or G-spot!) stimulation with the LELO Loki. Modeled after LELO’s uber-popular Mona 2 vibrator, Loki retains the same great range of vibration intensities and patterns, but with a newly-added flared base that renders it suitable for anal play. Its robust, curved shaft directs its deep vibrations right where you want them to go. Rechargeable, ergonomic, and fully water submersible, Loki is truly a prostate massager for modern times.



Inspired by water droplets, the Rain mini vibe fits right in with Oregon weather! This small, portable toy has a push button base that cycles through its 3 speeds and 4 patterns. Its rounded tip provides focused clitoral stimulation, while its bespeckled, lightly-textured surface adds some extra zing. Powered by a single AA battery, Rain is a great inexpensive gift — and it’s small enough to be a stocking stuffer, too.

Sexy Travel Set

Sexy Travel Set

Set the stage for a relaxing and romantic evening with this high-quality set of body products from local Portland company Seagrape! Intoxicating scents, delicious natural flavors, and sophisticated packaging all come together in the Sexy Travel Set. The travel-ready bag contains a bottle of lavender-orange massage oil, bath salts, and a lavender-orange massage candle. It also comes with edible cocoa-flavored honey dust, and a small feather for applying the honey dust to the skin (before licking it off, of course!).

Nude Impressions #1

Nude Impressions #1

This dildo boasts an impressive combination of features not often seen in a single toy: a pure silicone body, USB rechargeability, and a harness-compatible suction cup base! Nude Impressions #1 performs admirably whether it’s attached to a smooth surface or strapped to someone’s body. Measuring 6″ insertable and 1.6″ in diameter, its flat head is ideal for G-spot or prostate stimulation. Add in the toy’s 5 vibration speeds and 5 patterns and you have yourself one versatile dildo!

She Bop Sampler Gift Pack

She Bop Sampler Gift Pack

Everyone loves sampler packs! We created this special She Bop sampler just for you. It includes a three-speed Power Bullet vibe, back-up batteries, a She Bop button and sticker, three lube samples (Uberlube, Sliquid H2O, and Sutil), and one condom (Trustex Non-Lubricated). At $19, it’s an inexpensive way to try some new things and see what you like!



For years, sex toys have attempted to mimic oral sex, but the Womanizer is the closest they’ve come yet. This unique rechargeable toy surrounds the clitoris, offering five levels of vibration in addition to “PleasureAir” suction via its silicone tip. Despite its strange name, this new kid on the block is already garnering rave reviews; even seasoned sex toy users haven’t felt anything quite like it. The Womanizer comes in a sturdy storage case and is backed by a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The Fetish Coloring Book

The Fetish Coloring Book

Immensely detailed and delightfully kinky, this coloring book is an inexpensive and fun stocking stuffer! It’s filled with over 50 images depicting fetishes ranging from the tame (sex toys, flogging, group sex) to the more unusual (balloons, puppy play, trampling). In addition to drawings, The Fetish Coloring Book is peppered with cock- and pussy-themed mazes, connect the dots games, and other puzzles!

Spareparts Tomboii Boxer Briefs harness

Tomboii Boxer Briefs harness

They’ve done it again! Spareparts’ first underwear-style harness, the Tomboi, was a gamechanger — and this boxer-briefs version is a great new twist! The Tomboii has two O-rings and three mini vibe pockets on the inside to suit a wide range of anatomies. Its O-rings are sturdy yet flexible, allowing for toys of many sizes to pass through. Because it’s made from lightweight, comfortable nylon and spandex, this harness is even machine washable!

Crave Vesper

Crave Vesper necklace

A lot of people like to receive beautiful jewelry as a gift, but this is no ordinary necklace — the Vesper is also a fully functional vibrator. Made with sparkling stainless steel, this vibe from Crave can compliment someone’s look and give them an orgasm at the end of the night. Awesomely, it has three speeds, one pulsation pattern, and it’s USB rechargeable.

Revitalize Massage Kit

Revitalize Massage Kit

Options are always good when it comes to gifting a sex toy, and the Revitalize Massage Kit has many! This pocket rocket kit comes with three differently-shaped silicone attachments, each providing a particular type of clitoral stimulation. The toy’s rumbly, single-speed motor is also a plus!


Amory Jane tries the Womanizer

WomanizerThe Womanizer is a very strange sex toy. With its regrettable name and gaudy design, we weren’t sure what to think of it. It promises a unique functionality — gentle suction directly on the clitoris — but would it deliver? We sent a tester home with one of our staff to get the scoop.

I am pleasantly surprised by the Womanizer. I don’t really understand how it works as well as it does or how I could like it so much. I mean, just look at the thing. It looks like an ear thermometer. It is tacky as all get out. The name is terrible. The case is the Pepto-Bismol pink. The vibration is not strong, the suction is really mild (it reminds me of flowing air more than actual suction), and it sounds like a purring cat.

Yet, somehow, this air flow design works. In fact, the first time I used it, it worked a little too well. I turned it all the way up because when I tried it on my finger I could barely feel it, so I assumed it was going to be really light and need to be cranked up to do anything for me. Ha! That was an incorrect assumption. The Womanizer took me from zero to orgasm in under 45 seconds, and I barely even moved my hands or put in much effort.

Cool, but also… whoa.

In the Womanizer’s promo material, they describe it as having “pulsating pressure waves” and I think that is a pretty good description. It kind of reminds me of cunnilingus, when a partner gently applies suction to the clitoris and does so by very delicately holding the clit between their front teeth/with their lips. I’m talking about a super gentle and rhythmic suction, not a direct clit blowjob type of suction.

It’s quite a nice feeling, though. Unique. I am not sure how well it would work for people who require more intense stimulation, but since it is so different, it’s hard to say. For context: I’m good with most of my vibrators on a medium setting. I am one of those people who needs a layer of fabric between me and my Magic Wand or else it’s too much. I can get off easily with pretty much any toy and most kinds of stimulation from a human, as long as they are in the same neighborhood as my clitoris.

Still, I think this toy could be really nice for some folks. Especially folks who like clit stimulation but don’t like or want a lot of pressure or movement or a rumbling electronic feel. It is easy to hold and doesn’t require a lot of movement, so I wonder if it could work well for some people with limited mobility. The buttons also make sense and are easy to figure out during use, instead of having to bring the toy up to your face and put on reading glasses to see what the hell you’re supposed to be clicking.

I tried the Womanizer in a variety of ways, and I personally found it worked best when I was solo and on my back or standing. It did work during penetration, which I didn’t expect, but it isn’t a cute small thing that can fit easily between partners. It required partners to be on their knees with their back upright or for me to be really upright when on top, in order to have room to hold the toy and keep it in the right place for the most secure seal. Getting that good “seal” seems to be the key, and without it the purring noise gets louder (and that was definitely distracting for one of my partners).

My experience with the Womanizer reminds me of falling in love with an unexpected person. “You don’t have the qualities I usually look for in a partner. I don’t really understand my fond feelings toward you. You don’t look like ‘my type’… but maybe I was being too limiting with ‘my type.’ All I know is that you make me feel good and the things I first thought were going to be unattractive are things that I now think are charming.”

Like that purring noise and giant craft store jewel they call a button.

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