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What We Bop: Stainless Steel

Pure Wand, Vesper, Pure Plugs, Crave Bullet, Chrome Ring Set

While most of the toys we carry at She Bop are made from silicone and ABS plastic, there are a number of other body-safe materials we have in the shop that pique the interest of our customers. One of those eye-catching materials is stainless steel — an ultra shiny, non-porous, and beautiful metal that has many benefits. In fact, stainless steel has a bit of a cult following among sex toy connoisseurs, in large part because of these advantages.

We previously highlighted silicone and glass and why each one excels as a sex toy material, and now it’s time to discuss steel. Here are our top reasons for loving stainless steel sex toys!

They’re artistic. Stainless steel sex toys are carefully crafted instruments of pleasure that also look like they could be valuable pieces of art. They are striking, creatively designed, and can be polished to a mirror shine that dazzles in the light. They also make impressive gifts — like these ultra-cool looking Stainless Steel Claws or the njoy toys, which come in their own satin-lined black boxes.

They’re compatible with all lubricants. Silicone-based, water-based, oil-based, hybrid — every type of lube is compatible with stainless steel! Stainless steel is non-porous and will not absorb lubricant, which makes for an effortless glide and means a just a few drops of lube will go a long way.

Temperature play! Much like glass, stainless steel holds temperatures very well, so there is the option of heating up and cooling down your favorite toys. To change the temperature of a steel toy, submerge it in a bowl of warm or cool water for about five minutes prior to use. You may also wrap your stainless steel toys in a hot towel to warm them to your liking. Just remember these safety tips: always test the toy’s temperature on your wrist before inserting, do not freeze, and never put your steel toys in the microwave or oven.

Perfect for G-spot and prostate stimulation. There is really nothing else quite like the weight and incredibly smooth glide of stainless steel. Steel toys offer frictionless penetration and movement, especially when lube is added, which means they are great for applying firm and consistent pressure to the G-spot and prostate. This feature explains why toys like the njoy Pure Wand have a reputation for body-melting orgasms, and even enabling people to squirt.

They’re heavy — and for some people that’s great! Stainless steel tends to be one of the heaviest sex toy materials around, which means it might not be the best fit for someone with wrist pain, arthritis, or weakness in their hands. But for those who prefer heavier toys, the heft of stainless steel can provide extra stimulation, and many fans of the material say that they like the feeling of fullness it provides.

For example, stainless steel butt plugs may stay in place better than butt plugs of other materials, even if someone is wearing one while walking around or during orgasm (and the feeling of muscles contracting around a warm, weighted steel plug may take orgasms to new heights).

Additionally, stainless steel dildos can work well for vaginal massage and for kegel exercises. Toys like the njoy Fun Wand may be inserted vaginally to help tone the PC muscles. Kegel exercises may be done by squeezing and releasing around each bulb of the Fun Wand, starting with the larger end of the toy and working up to the more challenging smaller end.  

They’re hygienic and easy to clean. There’s a reason stainless steel is used so often in hospitals and kitchens — it’s completely non-porous and can resist corrosion and rust with minimal care. This means that it is a breeze to clean! Simply wash steel toys with hand soap and warm water and dry with a clean cloth or towel. Do not use anything abrasive on steel and do not wash in the dishwasher (detergent and excessive humidity may corrode the metal). When drying and/or polishing, wipe in the directions of the polish lines for extra shine. Microfiber cloth tends to work especially well for drying and polishing.

They’ll be yours for life. If you love your stainless steel toys and follow the simple rules to clean and care for them, they will last a very long time. They are phthalate-free (like all the toys we carry) and will not fade or break down. Just store your steel toy in a padded bag (such as our locally-made Appetite bags) to protect it from bumps and scratches, and take care while washing, as it can get very slippery. Losing your grip may not harm the toy much itself, but the weight of the steel could put cracks in your sink or floor tiles if dropped!

While some may find the weight and polished look of stainless steel a bit surgical or intimidating, others love it exactly for those reasons, and all of the reasons above. While no sex toy material in the world is perfect for everyone, stainless steel can be an excellent investment if you are looking for a beautiful toy that is smooth, heavy, and lasts a lifetime.

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Go green with eco-friendly sex toys

Portlanders pride themselves on being leaders in the environmental movement to “go green” — this is the city where you drink out of Kleen Kanteens, shop with canvas bags and bike to work — at the very least. Though many Portlanders have come to know us as their locally-owned, female-friendly sex toy boutique, we couldn’t possibly call Portland home without being body- and Earth-friendly, too. A ten-mile bike commute to work can tell you that saving the planet can be hard work, but, let us assure you, there are much more enjoyable ways to get down with cause!

The average person (nevermind the average, sex-toy loving person) throws out 8 batteries per year, filling up landfills with hazardous waste that leaches into our soil and water. Not sexy. Battery-free rechargeable vibes bring sexy back with futuristic functions and sleek designs. Our favorite planet-loving toy designers like LELO, Jimmyjane, Je Joue, Fun Factory and We-Vibe all create sophisticated vibrators that are made from body-safe, forever-durable (and therefore even greener) silicone and are 100% rechargeable, proving that you can truly have it all — a green product that doesn’t compromise aesthetics, and a pretty sex toy that’s not afraid to get down and dirty for the planet. With an impressive multitude of shapes and sizes, these eco-friendly companies make a toy to suit almost every body.

Greenify your G-spot with the LELO‘s ever-popular Gigi, or keep your eco-efforts undercover with the discreet lipstick-disguised Mia that conveniently charges in the USB port of your computer. Sex and the City‘s Samantha made the rabbit vibrator world-famous, but now you can make your floppy-eared fun world-friendly with the Soraya, which is fully rechargeable.

Fun Factory powers up their line with a smart magnetic charger, making for seamless and completely submersible toys such as the dual-stimulating Calla and Pearly or the petite Semilino. With this German company, vagina owners aren’t the only ones getting a charge — Duke is the only vibrating prostate-stimulating anal plug that’s magnetically rechargeable, while the Cobra Libre, a rechargeable, silicone, vibrating sleeve designed to stimulate the head of the penis, has been zooming off the shelves.

When it comes to eco-friendly penetrative toys, it’s all about material. While stainless steel pieces by Njoy, silicone and aluminum toys from Tantus, and silicone items from Vixen Creations are a great place to start as they’ll never need to be thrown out or replaced, NobEssence’s wooden toys may be the greenest of the bunch. Organic, waterproof, hypoallergenic and smoothly shellacked, these earthy rings, dildos, beads and plugs are made from sustainably-farmed wood.

Non-porous and easy-to-clean glass toys — like the unique pieces from Simply Blown, Luxotiq and Standard Glass — are aesthetically gorgeous and 100% recyclable. Ultra-slick with a good lube and very durable (no matter how excited you get), people who enjoy more pressure on their points such as the G-spot and prostate will love glass’s weightiness.

For those who literally like to fight for the planet, arm yourselves with locally-made floggers and even thigh harnesses by In Her Tube, a company that makes all of their gear from recycled rubber bike tires and tubes. Or, turn to ASLAN Leather‘s harnesses, cuffs and collars made from a unique material they call “vegan leather” that’ll easily withstand a healthy, eco-conscious struggle.

The majority of our lubes are free of body-unfriendly ingredients like glycerin and parabens, and over half of our lube selection is also organic. Lubes by Yes, Hathor, Blossom, Sliquid Organics and Good Clean Love (a lube that scores extra points for being made in Eugene, Oregon) are all organic, primarily vegan and contain pronounceable, hydrating ingredients like Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and natural botanicals.

Although it is, unfortunately, a nearly impossible challenge to completely locally source the high-quality, body-safe  sex products found in any great sex toy boutique, we do our best to stock our shelves with locally-made products. Hand-printed toys bags, hemp bondage rope, porcelain dildos, and many more wonderful products are made here in Portland. The shorter distance these toys need to travel, the smaller their carbon footprint.

Prefer to shop online? We can have your order shipped to you, or help us reduce our mark by choosing the “in-store pick-up” option when you check out. Take it even further by biking over to grab your goodies. We’ll have your order packed up and ready to go in one of our signature hand-stamped, 100% recycled bags when you get here — or bring your own bag! Can’t make the trek to Portland? Don’t worry — we reuse the packing material from our incoming shipments to package our outgoing website orders!

Rechargeable vibrators, organic lubes and sexy reincarnations of alternative materials like wood, glass, steel and bike tubing? Going green’s never felt this good!

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