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Sex Positive Parenting: How Do I Talk to My Kids about Sex?

Thursday, September 12th — 7:30 p.m. — $15

Ms. V

Talking about the birds and bees with your child can feel daunting. Join Ms. V for some tips and resources on communicating sex positive and medically accurate information with your kids about all of the questions they might have regarding gender and sexuality. We’ll explore your own sources of shame and discomfort around sexuality that might impact your ability to connect with your child and how, when, and where to have these sensitive conversations.

Ms. V has worked as a sexuality educator for more than 15 years with Planned Parenthood, the Sexual Assault Resource Center, PSU’s Women’s Resource Center, PCC’s Queer Resource Center, and the Sexual Minority Youth Resource Center. She also worked as an educator for It’s My Pleasure, Portland’s first sex positive feminist adult store. She is passionate about comprehensive sexual health education, and believes that everyone should have access to accurate and queer/kink/polyamorous affirming information so they can make the best decisions for their bodies and their futures.

Limited space available — sign up online!

We’re offering 2 free class spots to folks with financial need; please fill out this form if you are interested. One person will be chosen randomly and contacted at least 2 weeks prior to class to confirm.

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Great Sex During Pregnancy, Postpartum, & Early Parenthood

Thursday, September 5th — 7:30 p.m. — $15

Are you a new parent puzzled by how and when to fit sex into your busy life? Expecting and wanting to know how to have great sex during pregnancy and/or postpartum? This workshop by educators Amory Jane and Jessie Fresh takes a fun, thoughtful, and realistic approach to staying physically intimate and emotionally connected through pregnancy, postpartum, and the first couple years of parenthood.

Amory Jane and Jessie Fresh will challenge traditional ideas about sex and kink for pregnant and postpartum bodies, go over positions that work well during all three trimesters, and share advice on how to have great sex through hormone changes, exhaustion, and new identities. We’ll also focus on postpartum healing, what to expect or prepare for after you or your partner have given birth, and how to communicate through so many major transitions. We’ll also answer any questions you may have, such as how to date each other again after becoming parents, where to have sex if you’re co-sleeping, and much much more!

AJ and Jessie hope to create an inclusive class for all kinds of people who may be going through major life, relationship, and body changes due to pregnancy hormones or becoming parents. This includes queer parents, people who are parents after adopting, sex after surrogacy or pregnancy loss, and “non-traditional” parents who may or may not be genetically related to offspring they are helping to raise.

Amory Jane is veteran sex educator and mother of a toddler, with a background in Couples & Family Therapy. Jessie Fresh is a licensed Erotic Coach who has over 13 years of experience in early childhood development, and who engineered a way to thrive in her sex life during postpartum. They are both passionate about supporting parents to have more love, connection, and joy in their lives.

Limited space available — sign up online!

We’re offering 2 free class spots to folks with financial need; please fill out this form if you are interested. One person will be chosen randomly and contacted at least 2 weeks prior to class to confirm.


New product round-up for April

New books for April 2014

April showers bring May… books? 50 Shades of Kink, Tristan Taormino’s latest guidebook, is here and it’s everything you’d expect from her: snappy, smart, and accessible. We also added Smut Peddler, a collection of 24 dirty comics featuring Portland’s own Erika Moen (of Oh Joy Sex Toy fame), and The Jealousy Workbook: Exercises and Insights for Managing Open Relationships.

For our Gender Studies section, we picked up the classic Gender Outlaw by Kate Bornstein, Nobody Passes: Rejecting the Rules of Gender and Conformity, and a book with the most adorable child we’ve ever seen on the cover, Gender Born, Gender Made: Raising Healthy Gender Non-Conforming Children.

We added two more of whirlwind porn performer Madison Young‘s creations to our shelves: Tail of a Bondage Model and Bondage Boob Tube. Both feature an array of hot bondage activities, such as rope suspensions, medical play, cupping, face smacking, female domination, spankings, and much more.

Vixen Creations GemstonesBecause your butt deserves the best, take a look at Vixen Creations’ Gemstones, 100% silicone anal beads in a variety of sizes for any experience level. They’re perfect for fans of traditional anal beads, with enough space between each bulb to produce a glorious popping sensation as you pull them out. And because they’re made of medical grade silicone, they can be boiled or tossed in the dishwasher for cleaning.

Tenga 3DWe also have two new items for penises that we’re pretty excited about. The Tenga 3D sleeve is a sleek, less expensive alternative to Tenga’s popular Flip Hole series. It’s soft and flexible, with a couple internal texture options, and a display case that also serves as a drying rack. The CB-6000 is a well-loved, sturdy polycarbonate chastity device that comes with a brass padlock and five different rings and spacers for optimum fit.

Last but not least, sometimes it’s good when things suck. Case in point: our new See-Thru Nipple Boosters, Max Twist Nipple Suckers, and Max Twist Clit & Nipple Triple Sucker Set. Each set offers pleasurable suction in a compact package. So get to sucking!


How to Have “The Talk”: Talking to Your Kids About Sex

Wednesday, July 24th — 7:30 pm. — $15

Virginia MartinImages and information about sex and sexuality are available at the click of a button or a simple Google search. Caregivers and parents often want to avoid talking to their children about sex, or make the grave mistake of assuming their tween or teen “isn’t interested in that stuff yet.” Exposure to graphic images and information, for better or worse, happen at a very young age and it is naïve and dangerous to ignore this fact.

This workshop will explore participant (dis)comfort levels in regards to topics about sexuality, cover what is age-appropriate information to share with your child at each stage in their development, and provide participants with some easy conversation starters. Participants will leave this workshop with more confidence on how to begin conversations with their children about sexuality and how to maintain an open line of communication so their kids always feel safe coming to them with questions.

Virginia Martin has worked as an educator, activist and advocate for women and sexual and gender minorities for 15 years. She has a special place in her heart for non-profits. She has worked for Planned Parenthood, The Sexual Assault Resource Center, The Sexual Minority Youth Resource Center, and Human Dignity Coalition. Additionally, Virginia worked for 8 years as the Education Coordinator for It’s My Pleasure, Portland’s first feminist, woman-owned sexuality shop. Virginia is currently finishing up her Master’s degree in Women’s Studies and Counselor Education. She received a BA in Women’s Studies & Human Sexuality from Portland State University.

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