• Fulfilling Foreplay!

    Marla Renee Stewart

    Are you a little confused when it comes to foreplay? Out of creative ideas on how to extend your sexual experiences? This workshop from Marla Renee Stewart takes you from flirting and seduction to acknowledging all the erogenous zones and how to master them with touch. This class will teach you how to…

  • Sex Ed QUICKIE: Building Your Love List

    Marla Renee Stewart

    Whether you are having trouble in your relationships, you're ready to take on another partner, or your ideal person hasn't come to you yet, this QUICKIE from Marla Renee Stewart is designed to help you figure out what's most important in developing a lasting long-term relationship. Get ready to work emotionally and logically…

  • Art of Dirty Talk

    Marla Renee Stewart

    Are you a little shy when it comes to expressing yourself in the bedroom? Or maybe you’re good in bed, but you want to bring your sexual life to new level? Whatever it is, this workshop from Marla Renee Stewart will help you to speak up in bed, as well as get you…

  • Spank Me, Slap Me, Choke Me!

    Marla Renee Stewart

    Ever wondered how to make a spanking look damn sexy!? Well, in this workshop, not only will you learn how to spank, slap, and choke properly to keep them coming back for more, but you will learn some amazing insider kink secrets that people don't tell you. This workshop from Marla Renee Stewart…

  • Build Your Sexual Confidence!

    Marla Renee Stewart

    Do you feel like you are stuck in a rut? Have you had sexual issues with your past partners or current and potential partners? Are you open to learning new sexual ways of being? Whether you are in a relationship or not, Marla Renee Stewart will teach you various techniques to improve your…

  • Seduce Your Lover!: Advanced Flirting Techniques

    This highly interactive workshop from Marla Renee Stewart will teach you how to know if someone's interested in you, how you can be a better communicator in everyday life and ultimately, how you can get what you want when you want it through the recognition of your own sexual power.