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Jiz Lee’s Sex Tips from the Porn Set

Jiz LeeThursday, October 8th — 7:30 pm — $20

Veteran porn star Jiz Lee shares the top sex tips from a decade of making love for the camera in this special She Bop appearance! This workshop brings the tools and tricks from adult films into the bedroom. Who needs a ‘fluffer’ when you’ll learn foreplay, new enticing positions to add to your repertoire, shortcuts to ease transitions between sexual activities, and sex hacks to impress your partner.

Plus, discover the nuances of “real sex” vs “porn sex” and learn important correlations between sexual health and nutrition. By the end of the night, you’ll have the tools to make your bedroom as sexy (and functional) as a professional film set.

Following the workshop, Jiz will sign copies of their new book, Coming Out Like a Porn Star.

Adult industry veteran Jiz Lee has performed in porn for over a decade, appearing in more than 200 projects spanning six countries and many genres. A versatile performer and key player in the queer porn movement, Jiz has been the recipient of several Feminist Porn Awards, including Heartthrob of the Year. Jiz has presented at universities, worked behind the scenes at Pink & White Productions (,, and been published in The Feminist Porn Book. Ever fascinated by the radical potential of sex, love, and art, Jiz blogs at

This class has already taken place. Thanks for attending!

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Thrills and mundanities on a queer porn set

 Nic Switch and Iona Grace with Shine Louise HoustonWhat goes on behind the scenes of a queer feminist porn shoot? According to Anna Pulley, writing for Alternet, performers ogle cat photos, knit scarves in the colors of the bisexual flag, and shoot the breeze about fisting censorship and breast milk pumping. The kitchen is well-stocked with coffee, fruit, and chips, and Feminist Porn Awards line the walls.

Scenes for queer porn site Crash Pad Series are shot in an unassuming neighborhood in San Francisco by filmmaker and director Shine Louise Houston, production assistant Jiz Lee, videographer Alexa Shae, and photographer Tristan Crane. The room is equipped with a “voyeur cam,” which allows members of the site to watch the scene in real time. The best scenes are compiled for DVD releases.

Anna Pulley visited the set to watch two scenes unfold: Nic Switch and Iona Grace, followed by Ray and Maggie Mayhem. As is always the case with Crash Pad scenes, performers first discussed their vision for the scene with Houston. Performers’ desires and limits are steadfastly respected and followed; the only true rules are no blood, no poop, and… no glitter. (It’s far too difficult to clean up!).

Then, the scene began. Pulley writes,

Since the room was small and crowded, I tried to flatten myself against the wall as much as possible, but even then I could’ve reached out and touched the performers, they were so close. I briefly considered the possibility of being in the line of fire should ejaculation occur, but mostly pushed that thought out of my mind and enjoyed my front-row seat. Luckily, I remained dry through both shoots…at least outwardly.

As a feminist, I’ve found there’s often a negotiation that occurs when watching most porn, especially if it involves any kind of heavy aggression or degradation. Because, let’s face it, our desires are hardly ever politically correct. When a woman in porn is tied up and being called a dirty whore, the last thing you want to be thinking is, “Does liking this make me a bad person?” With “Crash Pad,” there was no such negotiation. The performers genuinely seemed to be enjoying themselves. Nothing about the sex seemed contrived or for the benefit of an audience. Pleasure was the central tenet, and it worked. It was hot.

When all was said and done, several hours later, Pulley had witnessed a litany of sex acts, from strap-on play to Magic Wand buzzing to squirting — and a whole bunch of intense orgasms. Pulley commented on the large wet spot left on the bed afterward; her fascination was met with “oh, that’s nothing.”

After the scene, Houston interviewed the performers again to debrief. Grace explained why she does porn: it’s way more fun than being a cashier. Switch was more philosophical: she enjoys learning about herself and representing the queer community.

Pulley left the set with an armful of queer porn DVDs and a new outlook on feminist porn. She concluded, “it was certainly refreshing to witness Houston’s work, and to experience the kind of frank, pleasure-focused, authentic sex that rarely exists outside the mainstream.” Amen.


Get ready for Fisting Day 2013!

Fisting Day logoHard to believe, but we’re coming up on the third annual International Fisting Day! Ahhh, it seems like just yesterday we were hailing the creation of this glorious occasion. Fisting Day is growing up!

Created to celebrate, educate, and normalize fisting, Fisting Day has become a joyful celebration of a beloved sex act, and a great way to spark conversation about obscenity. (In the porn industry, fisting is still considered “obscene” and therefore depicting it can be a prosecutable offense).

Last year, we interviewed one of Fisting Day’s illustrious creators, Jiz Lee, and asked them all about fisting. Jiz discussed myths, tips for beginners, their personal tools of the trade, their fondest fisting memory (it took place on a roof top in San Francisco!), and what they think about the anti-fisting stance of the mainstream porn industry. Still very relevant!

This year, Fisting Day promises to be jam-packed with fisting goodness. There’s the Tumblr, which you can submit your fisting appreciation art to right here. Then, on Twitter, follow the hashtag #FistingDay. Fisting Day also now has its own website, complete with a page explaining the origins of the day and a page dedicated to fisting-inclusive porn scenes.

But most of all, there will be LIVE online events to watch! Things kick off at 6:30 p.m. PST with the “opening ceremony” (ha!) hosted by Courtney Trouble, then continue from 7-9 with a live fisting demo, Q&A, and party. The grand finale, from 9-11, will be an explicit fisting threesome starring Courtney Trouble, Emma Claire, and Joey Minx.

Need some tools of your own to celebrate Fisting Day? We carry a great how-to guide on vaginal fisting called A Hand in the Bush. You may want to work your way up to a large toy first, like RandyGloves are perfect for fisting, as they can make your hand feel slicker, and they don’t absorb lube the way skin can. Of course, you’ll still need lots and lots of lube!

We also stock a couple DVDs that bravely include fisting scenes: Live Sex Show and Hella Brown: Real Sex in the City. For, you know, inspiration. Happy Fisting Day!


Interview with Jiz Lee for Fisting Day 2012!

Tomorrow, October 21st, we will celebrate the second annual Fisting Day, created in 2011 by queer porn revolutionaries Jiz Lee and Courtney Trouble as a way to honor the act of fisting and debunk myths about it.

Courtney and Jiz are ramping up the festivities this year, making it an even more action-packed day. At 6 p.m. PST on, there will be a livestream sex ed presentation, Fisting 101 For All Genders, taught by Tobi Hill-Meyer. And for just one day on Indie Porn Revolution, there will be a free scene from the film Fucking Different XXX, featuring a real life couple in a romantic, yet explicit, love story.

Folks over 18 are invited to share their own fisting content (photos, videos, links), anonymously or not, on the Fisting Day Tumblr. You can also RSVP for Fisting Day on Facebook and follow the hashtag #fistingday.

As for us, we managed to snag an interview with fisting connoisseur Jiz Lee! Read on for Jiz’s tips for first time fisters, their tools of the trade, their fondest fisting experience, why they think fisting is still off-limits in most porn, and what they’ll be doing to celebrate Fisting Day.

What are some myths surrounding fisting that need to be dispelled?

Jiz Lee, photo from Karma Pervs

Off the cuff — ahem — some myths are that fisting hurts, and causes bleeding. Also that it needs to be done with poppers or other drugs that might numb the pain. There’s a myth that your vagina or ass will stretch and not be as tight as it was prior to fisting. And, there’s also the myth that it’s only done in homosexual sex — that is, we hear that it’s common in gay men’s porn and sex clubs, or that it’s primarily a lesbian taboo sex act.

While I agree that it might be more common for sexual partners who experiment with sex other than that of penis/vagina, the truth is that sexual partners of all genders and orientations can enjoy fisting.

Do you have any special tips for someone easing into fisting for the first time?

The biggest tip, I think, is not to force it. Don’t try too hard. Forcing can hurt. If you have fears around pain, forcing it will only confirm that discomfort. If you’re not ready, not wanting it, that’s OKAY. It’s okay if you cannot get past the thumb. You can always try again. And, it’s just as okay if it doesn’t happen on the first try, as it is on the twentieth attempt. The point is to enjoy it, right? So let pleasure be the guide. (Incidentally, I have similar advice on G-spot ejaculation. Patience and pleasure are essential.)

Naturally, good-fitting latex or non-latex gloves are helpful, as is good lubricant. Coat a bit of lube on your fingers and hand before putting the glove on; this will not only make the glove a bit easier to slip on, but will also put a layer of fluid between your skin and the glove, which can conduct heat and sensation so you’ll feel a little bit closer to your lover.

For lubricant tips, water-based gel is a nice lube as it can line the anus or vagina with a thick layer of lube to protect your delicate insides. Silicone is also a popular choice, as it is really slick, and will stay slick for a long time. You can even blend the two lubes together, making a “lube salad” of your favorite types and combining the best of their desired qualities.

What are your personal tools of the trade — your favorite toys, lube, and accessories to compliment fisting?

Jiz Lee with the Outlaw, photo by Nikola Tamindzi

For water-based I like a nice thick gel, and for a slippery silicone I like Pjur. For gloves, I usually keep black gloves around, in both latex and nitrile (non-latex) varieties.

I sometimes like clitoral stimulation in addition to deep internal pressure. At times, something as strong as the Hitachi Magic Wand is perfect. Other times, gentler vibrations like those from the (waterproof) Form 6 by Jimmyjane are nice. When I have “too much” sensitivity, I find that my vagina can clench a bit tight as I enjoy the vibration — therefore laying off the intensity by using my fingers or a “softer” vibrator is nice.

If you are experimenting with size and girth, dildos could be a fun way to start eroticizing width and pleasure. For example, the Randy dildo by Vixen Creations is a toy fit for a (size) queen. If Randy is too big, try the Maverick, or another silicone toy; the material squishes a bit when you squeeze it, that “give” makes it more giving for trying things out.

Liberator’s Fascinator Throe is a good fisting accessory for those prone to gushing with G-spot pressure. Fisting can put pressure on this area so it’s not uncommon to have ejaculation while fisting. (Or, when the fisting hand slides out and frees up that pressure area for an exciting release!)

I’d also like to take a moment to congratulate and so appreciate She Bop for carrying a DVD that includes a fisting scene, Live Sex Show. Most DVD distributors shy away from allowing fisting to be included in their movies because they’ve been warned that they might be faced with obscenity charges. While G-spot ejaculation has (thankfully) become more common place in porn, it is another item that was similarly avoided. I hope to see fisting make a strong appearance in movies and I hope this film can help to lead the way. We’ve seen a lot of “how to ejaculate” sex ed movie guides. Wouldn’t it be amazing to see some that involved vaginal and anal fisting of various genders?

What do you love about fisting? Tell us about your fondest fisting experience.

Stoya and Jiz Lee, photo by Rae Threat

I love that fisting can be something spontaneous as much as it can be something planned. It’s something I don’t always want, something I initially might not be in the mood for… but when it happens, it’s utterly gratifying. There’s something about the act that makes me feel as if my vagina has a mind of it’s own. It will know when it wants it, and when it doesn’t. It’s like my body becomes the ultimate consenting factor, making the rules and calling the shots. It’s the difference between “This is good, I’m liking this just the way it is and exactly what you’re doing. I’m in bliss” and the hole-hungry: “More fingers. More pressure. More! I’m feeling GREEDY!!!”

For me, the feeling of fisting is full and warm and with so much pressure I feel that my orgasm could be pushed UP through my body, rather than centralized in my pelvis. It’s like I can feel the wave to come start to come out my sternum, my heart palpitates; it comes with an incredibly intense orgasm for me. And when I’m the giver? I can come through my hand. I can get off on the building timing of the motion of my hand inside someone, the sensation of wet internal heat so hot that it steams in winter sex. The pruning of my fingers from lengthy sex with fluid-bond lovers, or when my digits quietly go numb from sex so good it distracts from funny arm angles, and when you withdraw, you have to shake out the pins and needles.

One fond fisting experience was actually an almost-fisting. I like to think that even getting close to fisting can count. Sex is so varied, why place a hierarchy and say one’s supposed to be better or more complete than another? It was a surprise almost-fisting, a hole being hungrier than I thought it was.

A number of years ago, I found myself on a roof top in San Francisco, leading my lover and her wife with feet crunching over gravel and tar as we hopped a fence for a night-time view of the city, and a place to get a little frisky without getting caught. I leaned over the ledge looking out onto Market street, as my lover’s wife started to explore my ass with her slick gloved fingers. (If there’s any reason to love gloves, it’s for easy and clean outdoor adventures.)

The view, the precarious but safe position bent over the city, the sexual attention on me, the excitement around the experience, I was enjoying all of it. My ass was feeling amazing! I was pushing out to be received. And with each point of pressure inside me and against me, I felt the waves of orgasm start to swell. Being many years ago, the memories of what happened next are lost in time. But I do recall as we bagged up our gloves to toss in the trash and go back out on the streets, my lover’s wife glowing with fascination. “I almost fisted your ass,” she exclaimed. It was amazing. “Your ass was pulling my fingers up into it, almost to my fist!” While it was a not quite a fisting, I’ll take the almost-fist experience as one of my fondest. Unexpected, and thrilling.

The Cambria List, which was created in 2001 by an attorney for the porn industry, is often cited as the reason fisting is not shown in porn, and yet many things on the Cambria List (such as blindfolds, spitting, facials, and wax dripping) are shown without issue these days in mainstream porn. Why do you think fisting remains off-limits?

In general, I think mainstream pornography has formed a certain pattern of what are acceptable sex acts, and what is expected of performers. For example, in stereotypical lesbian pornography (cis women), we can see examples of very light digital penetration; the idea is that it’s designed for softcore or lots of vulva-specific sex such as tribing (scissoring) and oral sex. Of course this is a generalization, as we can see some hardcore companies making girl/girl work that pushes the boundaries using bright, large toys.

There’s also the theory that to use one’s fist might be seen as threatening to the assumed heterosexual cis male viewer, who might see a fist as something larger than a penis. This idea doesn’t seem to permeate into gay pornography however, where fisting is more common place, and at least in the US, less prosecuted. I’ve yet to see fisting in a heterosexual sex scene. (If you know of an example, please share the name of the title with me!)

I hope that in leading by example, directors bringing fisting into sex in a way that is seen as normal will help to have an effect on the market at large, and I think we’ve seen this with female ejaculation. As women-directed movies and queer-run studios create more examples of diverse sex acts, I think other companies may follow suit. While people are turning to the internet for porn more and more, DVD distribution and laws around what can be mailed to certain geographical areas may shift or become abandoned. I think the internet will help us learn to become more sex-positive, and ultimately more truthful, about desire, education, and the display of sex-positive media.

How do you plan to celebrate Fisting Day?

Well, on Sunday, October 21st, I plan to be spending much of it sitting at an internet cafe (hopefully somewhere nice and sunny) while publishing and reposting lots of exciting fisting day blog posts and other online participation! I’m not sure I’ll be fisting on that day, but I figure I might give self-fisting a shot at some point that day! If it happens, it happens, if not, I’ll have fun trying!


Today is International Fisting Day!

Queer porn revolutionaries Jiz Lee and Courtney Trouble have declared today International Fisting Day — and who are we to argue? Fisting doesn’t get nearly enough attention; in fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find any porn DVD that includes fisting because distributors are afraid of being sent to jail on obscenity charges.

The censorship of fisting is what sparked Jiz and Courtney to create Fisting Day. They are hoping to dispel myths and stigma surrounding fisting, and shine a light on just how pleasurable and sensual fisting can be. As Courtney Trouble writes in her Fisting Day post,

fisting is all about a hand and a hole listening to each other very closely. It’s one of the most beautiful, intimate sex acts I’ve ever experienced. It’s sex positive and builds a deeper connection between sex partners. It encourages deeper communication. And most people who have been fisted will probably tell you, it’s one of the best ways to orgasm in the whole wide world.

Jiz Lee’s Fisting Day post contains an in-depth explanation of why fisting is not shown in most porn, as well as a description of what Jiz adores about fisting.

As someone who loves to receive a fist, what I enjoy about it is an unparalleled feeling of fullness. The most sensitive areas of the vagina are just within the first few inches inside the vagina, which is where I like to use my kegel and pelvic muscles to grip snugly around a lovers’ wrist, which can be compared to the girth of a medium-large dildo . . . Combining clitoral and vaginal stimulation, the network of nerves and contracting of muscles orchestrate some of the most amazingly intense orgasms I’ve had.

Here are just a few of the posts that have gone up today:

Even more blog posts are being quoted on the Fisting Day Tumblr.

If you’d like to celebrate Fisting Day, we carry a great how-to guide on vaginal fisting called A Hand in the Bush. You may want to work your way up to a large toy first, like RandyGloves are also perfect for fisting, as they can make your hand feel slicker, and they don’t absorb lube the way skin can. Of course, you’ll need lots and lots of lube!

And this is really cool: Courtney Trouble and James Darling will be hosting an online fisting workshop tonight at 8 p.m. Pacific. They will discuss fisting preperation and setup, communication, safer sex, and beginning and andvanced techniques for penetration and movement.

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