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How to pick out porn

Finding the porn DVD or video that can turn you on, give you new ideas, or help get you off is not always an easy task. After all, the world is full of many different types of porn — and it’s not all created equal.

In The Smart Girl’s Guide to Porn, author Violet Blue suggests “creating a picture of what you hope to find in your porn, just as you’d order a meal in a restaurant.” So, start by asking yourself (and your partner, if you’re watching together) what sounds appetizing, and go from there. Want to see women in charge? A real life amateur couple who remind you of you and your sweetie? Anal sex? Whatever moods you might be feeling, jot them down. Then make a second list of things you don’t want to see. Do you get turned off by facial ejaculation? Distracted by vintage fashion or hairstyles? Not a fan of movies that have plots or try to be funny? Take note. This will help you narrow down your choices.

You can also ask yourself what style of film you like in general. Do you prefer movies with big budgets, set designs, and special effects? Maybe you would want to check out a film like Pirates. If you’re into documentaries or educational films, try watching an instructional porn film. Do you usually pick movies from the LGBT section on Netflix? Try one of the films from the queer porn section on our website!

Just like at a restaurant, if you don’t exactly know what you’re in the mood for, you can at least start by ignoring the things you don’t like. If you don’t eat meat, you would likely ignore the section of menu labeled “surf and turf” and search for menu items suitable for a vegetarian. The same idea can be used for pornography. For example, if what you’re hoping to avoid are the things you have seen in mainstream adult movies over and over again, try a different genre! Consult Erika Lust’s guide book Good Porn and then pick out some women-directed or indie adult films for a better fit. 

If you’re still overwhelmed by choices, use your eyeballs. If you’re in a store or online ordering DVDs, pay attention to what’s on the cover. We’re visual creatures, especially when seeking porn, so pay attention to that first impression you get from the DVD box or picture on the computer screen. If you think the people on the cover are all hot babes or you are drawn to the filmmaker’s aesthetic, that can be a good sign! If you’re turned off by the images on the front, skip that film. It may be true that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but DVD covers and porn thumbnails aren’t books. It’s okay to base your porn selection on what is visually appealing to you.

Still undecided? You can always consult recommendations and reviews. Figure out which films have won awards or get positive reviews online. This is often how people choose which movie to go see in theaters, right? It may work for finding yourself some incredible porn too! Some of the DVDs we carry that have won industry awards are:

Whatever you end up deciding, go into watching with an open mind, a bottle of lube, and a fully charged sex toy! Even if every scene doesn’t do it for you, exploring pornography can expand your horizons, increase libido, and help you discover and share kinks safely. Whether you love a movie and want to watch it again and again, or you turn it off after the first two minutes, getting in touch with what turns you on and sparking conversations with partners about their desires and fantasies is always a win.


She Bop’s Picks: Valentine’s Day

Is it any surprise we’re big fans of Valentine’s Day? Of course, we believe in love and pleasure all year round, but it’s nice to have a day set aside for celebrating in style. Sometimes, though, it can be hard to find just the right gift to woo someone, or the perfect thing to splurge on for yourself. So, we’ve rounded up our top recommendations for sexy items to make this Valentine’s Day memorable (and pleasurable)!

Check out last year’s picks, and our picks from 201520142013, and 2012 for even more ideas.

We-Vibe Nova

We-Vibe Nova

We-Vibe calls Nova the “new dual stimulation superstar,” and we have to agree! While at first glance this toy looks like just any other rabbit style dual vibe, the difference is in its ultra flexible smaller arm. Instead of reaching up and pressing down on top of the clitoris, the Nova’s springy arm curves in toward the handle as the toy is inserted vaginally, allowing you to control the exact placement and pressure. This unique design flexes with your movement to always stay in contact with the clitoris, even during thrusting, for true simultaneous stimulation. Between the deep, rumbly vibrations of the wave-like outer arm and the G-spot-pleasing shape of the insertable portion, it’s no wonder this innovative toy has received so many positive reviews!

Waterproof, rechargeable, and with 10 preset vibration modes, the We-Vibe Nova offers everything sex toy connoisseurs have come to expect in a luxury toy, but it also goes one step further — it has an app! The free We-Connect app can be downloaded to your smartphone or tablet to get extra features (like touch screen control) and to create custom vibes. You can even connect and play with a partner from anywhere in the world!

OhMiBod Club Vibe 3.OH

OhMiBod Club Vibe 3.OH

Love the idea of a vibrator that can be controlled by a partner, but want something a little more discreet or portable? You’ll definitely want to check out the Club Vibe 3.OH! This vibrator is designed to be worn in a pair of panties, so it can be used at home for hands-free vibration or taken out in public for some risqué fun. Its built in microphone and ambient noise setting make it great for clubs or concerts, where it can vibrate to the beat of the music!

Lightweight and quiet, this slim little toy has three different modes, a rechargeable, wireless remote control, and comes with a one year warranty. Added bonus: the Club Vibe 3.OH comes with black lace panties and a travel/storage pouch.

Creative Kisses

Creative Kisses

If you’re wanting to be close to your partner in a way that is playful, but not gadget or tech-focused, why not try a sweet game filled with smooches? Creative Kisses includes 101 mini cards that are full of hot and silly ideas for locking lips with your lover. The cards are small enough to pack in a purse or suitcase, and include kissing tips and sexy suggestions written in English, Spanish, French, and German.

Pro tip: look through the deck to find something you’ve never tried but would love to do with your partner, OR have your lover choose a card at random and surprise you with whichever creative kiss is written on it!

Vondage Buckling Restraint

Vondage Buckling Restraint

Searching for an inexpensive and simple gift that still rates high on versatility? Stockroom’s Vondage Buckling Restraint is a nice option for both lovers of c-rings and of BDSM. Originally designed as a vegan alternative to adjustable leather cock rings, this restraint can also function as a wrist or ankle cuff for intro or light bondage. The silver D-ring serves as a point of attachment for a leash or other such device and the adjustability of the ring allows it to fit many different bodies and body parts.

At only $12, this handy little convertible product really gives you a lot of bang for your buck. You could even buy multiples to customize your play or to wear like bracelets as a subtle way to show off your kinky side in public!

XConfessions Volumes 6 and 7

XConfessions Volumes 6 and 7

Acclaimed porn director Erika Lust is at it again — this time with two brand new volumes of her highly-rated and magnificently filmed XConfessions series! XConfessions originally started as a project on Erika Lust’s website, where users anonymously shared their sex fantasies and stories and Lust handpicked her favorite confessions to turn into erotic short films. The idea was so popular that XConfessions has grown into seven DVD compilations.

XConfessions Vol. 6 showcases Lust’s bold creativity and shatters stereotypes, all in 99 steamy minutes. Some of our favorites scenes from this volume include stripteases, assless chaps, a sexy BDSM femdom story, and an unforgettable threesome. XConfessions Vol. 7 also includes many memorable scenes, and is Lust’s most cinematic collection to date. Vol. 7 even includes three short films from guest directors (Paulita Pappel, Olympe de G., and Adriana Eskenazi). You can check out the trailers for both volumes on their product pages, but good luck deciding between the two!

Janie’s Rose Lubricant & Moisturizer

Janie's Rose Lubricant & Moisturizer

A lovely product from Washington state, Janie’s Rose is one of our favorite oil-based lubricants. It also doubles as a vaginal moisturizer and works well as a massage oil!

Ideal for people experiencing dryness that may be brought on by aging, medication, hormone changes, and/or medical treatments, Janie’s Rose is a super moisturizing and nourishing blend of all-natural oils that warms up quickly and provides a long-lasting glide. It is odorless, tasteless, and great for people with sensitive skin. What’s more, Janie’s Rose is cruelty-free and vegan and the 2 oz. bottle is the perfect size for traveling! Just remember, since this product is oil-based, it is not compatible with latex condoms.

Unusual Occasion Love Bug and Heart Throb cards

 Unusual Occasion Love Bug and Heart Throb cards

Dinner reservations? Check. Sex toy and lube from She Bop? Check. Now all you need is the perfect card! Unusual Occasion greeting cards are a great choice for their nostalgic and whimsical visuals, plus they don’t contain any cliché messages or generic sayings. Instead, these cards flip open vertically and are blank on the inside with tableture handwriting lines. That means you have plenty of space to compose a poem, attach a photo, or write a love letter for your sweetie that truly comes from the heart. After all, that’s what Valentine’s Day is all about!

Vibratex Mystic Wand Rechargeable

Vibratex Mystic Wand Rechargeable

One of our most-loved vibrators of all time is the original battery-powered Vibratex Mystic Wand. So, when Team Bop heard there was going to be a rechargeable version, we were very excited. Fortunately, the new Mystic Wand Rechargeable not only met our expectations, but exceeded them by improving upon an already great toy! With three steady vibration intensities and three pulse patterns like its battery-operated predecessor, the new rechargeable version is now ergonomically curved for better reach and easier grip.

The Mystic Wand Rechargeable is made from smooth body-safe materials, with a silicone head and silky polyurethane-coated handle. However, the best feature of all may be that you can use it with or without the cord plugged in to the base! If you or your partner enjoy powerful classic vibrators like the Magic Wand or Doxy Massager but don’t want to hold such a large or heavy toy or be tethered to a cord, the Mystic Wand Rechargeable could make a wonderful addition to your toy bag!

Indoor Bound Slip Tie Cuffs

Indoor Bound Slip Tie Cuffs

Thinking of getting your honey something silky and beautiful to slip into this Valentine’s Day? Why not skip lingerie that might not be the right size or style, and go for something a little kinkier?!

The Indoor Bound Slip Tie Cuffs are sleek, soft, and colorful restraints that are handmade in Washington state with top quality nylon webbing, custom coated steel hardware, and full-strength carabiners. They are comfortable, strong, and very easy to use, making them perfect for those who are new to bondage or who may not want to use rope. Simply slip your hands through the loops, pull tight, and clip! You can even combine two sets together for a quick and elegant hog-tie!

Clone-a-Willy Hot Pink Pussy and Dildo

Nothing says “I love you and think your parts are the best” like the gift of a Clone-a-Willy or Clone-a-Pussy! These amusing kits from Portland company Empire Labs allow you to make exact replicas of your genitals from the comfort of your own home. Immortalize you or your lover’s vaginal lips in 100% platinum-cure, body safe silicone! Have a date night where you create a vibrating lifelike dildo that captures all the details of your favorite penis!

With nothing to send away and no 3D printing required, Clone-a-Willy and Clone-a-Pussy kits are the easiest, most entertaining way of making personalized cock and vulva castings. They come in multiple colors and even edible chocolate versions, but for Valentine’s Day, we especially love the hot pink Clone-a-Pussy and hot pink glow in the dark Clone-a-Willy.


New product round-up for July


The most exciting vibrator release of the month is the Fun Factory Tiger G5, an updated version of the company’s popular G4 toy. This textured, perfectly-curved wonder has a revamped button interface and more pliable shaft. What didn’t change? It’s still jam-packed with power!

Our other new toys this month come from Tantus. They just released the Uncut #1 and Uncut #2, some of the world’s first body-safe uncircumcised dildos. Cast in the company’s signature dual-density silicone, these toys feel incredibly life-like! We also grabbed Tantus’ Vibrating Progressive Pleasure Beads (finally, vibrating silicone anal beads!) and Vibrating Super Soft C Ring.


We have so much new media for you to enjoy! From local Microcosm Publishing, Hot Pants: Do It Yourself Gynecology and Herbal Remedies contains all sorts of useful info on at-home remedies for cramps, PMS, and infections, while Consensuality: Navigating Feminism, Gender, and Boundaries Towards Loving Relationships details feminist lessons in healthy partnerships. We also picked up Best Bondage Erotica 2015, a curated selection of kinky stories, and My Life on the Swingset, a collection of personal essays about non-monogamy, sex toys, and other escapades.

Many porn additions to our shelves this month, as the top feminist porn directors of modern times continue cranking out excellent work! There’s Doing it Again, Vol. 2the follow-up to Tobi Hill-Meyer’s trans-women-focused Doing It Ourselves, plus James Darling’s FTM Fucker, Volume 1 and Courtney Trouble’s Lesbian Curves 3 (you guessed it — the latest in their Lesbian Curves series). Renowned director Erika Lust even added another DVD to her popular series which brings anonymous fantasies to life: X Confessions Vol. 4.

Adding to our collection of locally-made bath products from Sea Grape, we now have their delicious-smelling massage candles. We also picked up Earthly Body’s Miracle Oil Tea Tree Shave Cream, which is infused with natural hemp seed oil.


New product round-up for January

LELO Mona Wave and Ina Wave

When it comes to new technological innovations, LELO is always coming up with something exciting. This month it’s the Mona Wave and Ina Wave, based on their popular Mona and Ina vibrators. These unique toys have shafts that physically move up and down, mimicking a “come hither” motion against the G-spot.

LELO also released an upgraded version of one of their classic vibrators: Siri 2. We’re thrilled that this toy is now waterproof and more powerful than before! It even has a sound-responsive setting, enabling the toy to vibrate to any music playing in its vicinity.

We have several other new toys — the Crave Vesper, OhMiBod Lovelife Cuddle, Bettie Page Buzzin’ Bullet, and Fun Factory ShareVibe — which are featured in our Valentine’s Day Picks. Visit that post for more information about each!

New DVDs from Erika Lust and Courtney Trouble

Prolific feminist porn maker Erika Lust just released the third installment of her DVD series X Confessions. With stories based on anonymous sex confessions submitted to her site, this compilation features group sex, roleplay, outdoor sex, ice play, strap-on sex, and more! We also picked up some delicious new queer porn from Courtney TroubleFucking MysticFuckstyles 2: Dirty Fucks, and Trans Lesbians.

Our latest books include Best Women’s Erotica 2015, Kissing: A Field GuideAs Kinky As You Wanna Be: Your Guide to Safe, Sane, and Smart BDSM, and the latest from the venerable senior sex expert Joan Price, The Ultimate Guide to Sex After Fifty. The new Original Plumbing is the Selfie Issue, featuring reader-submitted photos and ruminations on trans portrayals in popular culture!

Finally, just in time for Valentine’s Day, we snagged some of Filthy Farmgirl’s fabulous Filthy Valentine soap! The scent is cardamom rose, and it is lovely.


Good porn for women: it exists!

Cover of Erika Lust's film, HandcuffsJournalists, especially those not familiar with the adult industry, can sometimes make sweeping statements that aren’t exactly correct. For example, it is common for a mainstream journalist or blogger to off-handedly lament that there is no porn out there for women.

That’s what happened when Nikki Gloudeman wrote an article at Ravishly arguing that she couldn’t find any tasteful, well-acted porn for women. While she conceded that feminist porn does exist, she insisted that all of it was “decidedly low-budget and short on a truly compelling plotline.”

This isn’t true, and readers and porn filmmakers alike rushed in with evidence to the contrary. A month later, Gloudeman wrote a follow-up post. “I was wrong. Very wrong. Shamefully wrong,” she wrote. She was sent a box of DVDs from Jacky St. James, director of New Sensations’ Romance Series.

I immediately curled up on the couch to watch a rom-com sex romp called The Friend Zone. And, well . . . it was good. Like, really good. It had legitimate production values. The acting ranged from just fine to truly impressive. The script was funnier than most mainstream rom-coms in theaters today (Hollywood producers, take note). And . . . what’s this? Is that a sex scene involving people who actually seem to care about one another? Is that woman being respected as she’s being pleasured? Is that a condom I see?

The experience was, in a word, a revelation, satisfying in every desired way.

With this new world opened up, Gloudemen set out to interview several women doing great things within the adult industry. She talked to two producers of adult DVDs, Erika Lust and Jacky St. James, and two owners of erotic websites, Angie Rowntree of and Anna of

Rowntree began in the mid-’90s, when everyone told her there was no market for women’s porn, and she has been steadily proving them wrong ever since. Anna started with an erotic blog, which then morphed into writing stories and making films with the same sensual aesthetic. Lust studied political science and took film directing classes before shooting her first erotic short, which was so popular it changed the course of her life. Jacky St. James, an avid porn consumer, happened upon a script-writing contest for New Sensations’ Romance Series. The company loved her submission, and she soon quit her corporate job to write and direct full-time.

Ultimately, all four women were dissatisfied with some facet of the erotic material they consumed (as Erika Lust put it: “when I first watched porn the feminist in me felt cheated, the activist in me felt mad and the sexual me felt . . . aroused”), and that is part of what drives them to make something different.

Gloudemen asked each of them about their personal histories with porn, their goals and ideals with their work, what they think about the word “porn,” and where feminism fits in with what they do. The interview is full of amazing and thoughtful answers, but Rowntree’s response to the question “why is it important for women to have access to adult films that resonate with them?” is particularly insightful:

One of the criticisms I hear the most about the porn industry is that its products objectify women and present us in a very unflattering way—and that’s true of a lot of porn. To me, though, the answer isn’t to protest the porn industry, try to get porn censored, or even to spend a lot of time and energy trying to convince people that porn is bad. To me, the answer is to make better porn. The answer is to make porn that does present women in a good light, that does depict true intimacy and that does emphasize mutual pleasure, instead of reducing the women it depicts to being mere objects of men’s pleasure.

All four women urged readers to always keep looking if they can’t find porn that appeals to them. Go beyond tube sites and rudimentary Google searches. Peruse the nominees and winners of the Feminist Porn Awards. Visit sex shops and ask questions. It’s out there, and it’s really well-done — you just have to dig a little bit deeper.

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She Bop’s Picks: Valentine’s Day

The annual day of love is right around the corner — and you know we have the goods to help you celebrate in style! Sometimes, though, it can be hard to find just the right gift to woo someone with, or the perfect thing to splurge on for yourself. So we’ve rounded up our top recommendations for sexy items to make this Valentine’s Day memorable (and pleasurable!).

Check out last year’s picks, and our picks from 2012 and our 2011 for even more ideas.

BS Atelier dildo

BS Atelier dildos

Spanish dildo-makers BS Atelier make some of the most fun and colorful silicone dildos we’ve ever seen. Which one best fits the personality of your gift recipient (or yourself) — Rainbow, Vaca, Custom Lines, or perhaps one of the new ones with hearts on them that we’ll be getting in time for Valentine’s Day? Harness compatible and topped with curved and pronounced heads, these dildos can be excellent G-spot stimulators or prostate stimulators — whatever you want them to be!

Liberator Jaz Motion

Liberator Jaz Motion

Once you try the Jaz Motion, you’ll never go back to using pillows to prop yourself up during sex. This half-circle-shaped positioning pillow is made of furniture-grade polyurethane foam, which enables it to strike the perfect balance between comfort and support. Used with the flat side down, it can open up and enhance a variety of positions; used with the curved side down, it will gently rock back and forth with your motions. The Jaz Motion’s microsuede cover is removable and machine washable, and it even features a moisture-proof liner.

Wonderland C-Ring: The Heavenly Heart

Wonderland C-Ring: The Heavenly Heart

Cock rings can help a penis stay erect, add vibration for a partner, and even enhance orgasm. One of our latest cock rings is this adorable one from the Wonderland series. Not only is it made of silky 100% silicone, but the included bullet vibe has 10 (count ’em! 10!) functions.

An array of small things

Unusual Occasion cards, candy hearts, massage candles, feather tickler

Here’s an idea! What about combining several smaller gifts into a night of fun?

First, start with a card from Unusual Occasion — we love their straightforward format of a single word plus an illustration (such as “sex kitten” and “sweetie pie”). Then, pick out something for the sweet tooth: X-Rated Valentine Hearts or Risque Valentine Hearts come with phrases you won’t find on typical candy hearts. Follow that up with a Feather Tickler, then top the night off with the a massage, using the melted oil from a candle in the Seasonal Massage Candle Trio, which contains special edition romantic scents.

We-Vibe 4

We-Vibe 4

Now in its fourth generation, the remote-controlled We-Vibe remains a top choice for wearable couples’ vibrators. Meant to be worn vaginally during penetrative play, the We-Vibe 4 also makes an excellent discreet underwear vibe. Either way, it hugs the vulva, sending vibrations to the clitoris and the G-spot — and anything else that joins the penetration party. New in this edition of the toy? A re-imagined tighter and smaller shape, more power, and a more adjustable remote control equipped with 6 vibration modes.

njoy Pure Plug

njoy Pure Plugs

Whether you already enjoy anal play or are simply interested in trying it out, we love these solid stainless steel butt plugs made by njoy. Stainless steel is both weighty and very receptive to temperature, and the Pure Plug comes in three sizes to suit every taste. Each has a tapered neck and a looped base that sits between the cheeks for comfortable wear. Want something more prostate-focused? Try the Pfun. Want something bigger? Check out the Pure Plug 2.0.

Fun Factory Stronic Drei

Fun Factory Stronic Drei

Need a toy for someone who loves new gadgets? The Stronic Drei is part of Fun Factory’s Pulsator line, arguably one of the most innovative sex toy lines to be released in recent years. Rather than vibrating like other toys, Pulsators thrust, in a motion that is both incredibly unique and highly stimulating for those who like the sensation of movement. The rechargeable Stronic Drei is the latest shape in the line, featuring a ribbed shaft and curved tip for added sensation.

An erotic DVD

X Confessions and Come Find Me

It’s hard to pick just one DVD, since tastes vary so much from person to person. But we can tell you what’s new an exciting in the world of hot videos!

After taking anonymous sex fantasy submissions on her site X Confessions, erotic filmmaker Erika Lust turned them into explicit short films. X Confessions, which just came out, showcases the first 10 short films, with tantalizing titles such as “Hold Me So Tight it Hurts,” “I Pegged My Boyfriend,” and “A Blowjob is Always a Great Last Minute Gift Idea,” and themes including group sex, roleplay, erotic games, and bondage.

There have also been some great releases in the queer porn world recently, such as Come Find Me (which features a “bike-powered scavenger hunt”) and Trans Grrrls.

Hammerhead Wand Attachment

Hammerhead Wand Attachment

Finally! An attachment that harnesses the power of a wand-style vibrator and concentrates it on the penis! This stretchy TPR sleeve will fit over the head of any large wand vibrator, such as the Magic Wand or Bodywand Original, transmitting intense vibration as well as texture to the penis that slides into it. Bonus: the transparent material gives you a peek at the action!

Fun Factory Sonic

Fun Factory Sonic

Need a hefty double-ended dildo? Look no further than the Fun Factory Sonic. Made of silky 100% silicone and super easy to clean, it is incredibly flexible, long enough to reach all the good spots, and best of all — meant to be shared. Now the question is, who gets the smaller end and who wants the bigger more bulbous end?


New product round-up for January


Wondering what’s new in the shop this month? For starters, we got the Bliss Tips Wand Attachment, which can turn your wand vibe into a double pronged stimulator, and the remote-controlled LELO Hula Beads — which can turn a night on the town into a playful, interactive bit of foreplay. These beads create a unique internal sensation by rotating and vibrating, while the remote control lets a partner in on the action.

In the shop you can also find a special Red edition variety pack of Sir Richard’s condoms — 5% of their proceeds will go to the Global Fund to fight AIDS (and, as always, they donate a condom to a developing country for each one you purchase). We also have the silicone Charm 2 dildo, which is perfect for those looking for length without added girth.

Check out the Hammerhead Wand Attachment, which can transform a wand-style vibrator into a vibrating penis sleeve, and two new styles of cock ring: the PrimO Tux Cock Ring and Wonderland C-Rings.

PrimO Tux Cock RingDirty NapkinsDirty Dishes
We’re so excited that Spanish filmmaker Erika Lust has released her latest movie, X Confessions. This one is based on her website, X Confessions, where folks are encouraged to submit their anonymous sex stories and fantasies. The DVD is a compilation of 10 stories turned into erotic films.

Last but not least: are you throwing a bachelorette or sex-themed party anytime soon? We’re pretty sure you need Dirty Dishes and Dirty Napkins.


Erika Lust turns anonymous fantasies into reality

We are longtime fans of erotic film director Erika Lust, and her latest endeavor, XConfessions, is just the cherry on top of why we love her. Originally launched three years ago as a place for users to share their anonymous sex fantasies and stories, XConfessions is getting even steamier. Now, Erika Lust is handpicking her favorite confessions and turning them into hot short films!

XConfessions has over 20,000 registered members and 250 confessions, of which 8 have already been filmed. In “Hold Me So Tight it Hurts,” a woman experiments with rope bondage. In “Let’s Make a Porno,” Lust helped a real-life couple achieve their dream of being filmed. “I Believe in Happy Endings” follows a masseuse who uses her whole body to massage her clients (this scene is also featured in Lust’s Life Love Lust).

Scenes that have yet to be posted include “Sadistic Trainer,” in which a confessor fantasizes about torturing their gym trainer, and “I Pegged My Boyfriend,” which is pretty self-explanatory. Erika Lust brings her usual stylish eye to all of these films, with brilliant casting, set design, music, and camera angles.

Register and confess anonymously today, and you can even watch some short clips for free.

We’ll leave you with a link to the trailer for “I Fucking Love IKEA,” a confession from a woman who really really loves watching her boyfriend build things.


A closer look at Erika Lust’s films

Five Hot Stories for Her, Life Love Lust, Cabaret Desire, XConfessions

We love the work of erotic filmmaker Erika Lust. Her movies are sensual, beautifully shot, and expertly directed. But a lot of customers aren’t quite sure which Erika Lust film they should purchase. The truth is, they’re all great, but there are definitely a few differences between them — primarily when it comes to length, scene pairings, and vignette plotlines.

So here’s a more in-depth look at four of Lust’s movies featuring partnered scenes: Five Hot Stories for HerLife Love LustCabaret Desire, and X Confessions. We’ve taken screenshots of each scene as well, so there is nudity. (If you’re looking for solo masturbation scenes, check out Lust’s wonderful Barcelona Sex Project.)

Jump to:

Five Hot Stories for Her

Five Hot Stories for Her was Erika Lust’s debut film. It’s 1 hour, 52 minutes long and can be played dubbed in English, Spanish, German, and French. The actual language used in the film flucuates between English and Spanish. As you’d expect from the title, the film consists of five unrelated vignettes, each with a different storyline.

"Something About Nadia"In the first scene, “Something About Nadia,” multiple female voiceovers talk about how they were drawn to a tattooed, dark-haired, mysterious woman named Nadia. One particular woman masturbates on a chair while fantasizing about Nadia — then manages to snag a date with her. The women have dinner in an apartment, make out on top of the kitchen island, then move to a luxurious bedroom to have sex.

""Scene two is called “,” which translates to “Fuck you, Carlos.” It’s a revenge-driven vignette that begins with Carlos cheating on his wife. But most of the scene consists of his wife’s response, which is to have a party while Carlos is out of town and go to bed with two new men. There’s a bit of a twist at the end that makes the revenge even more sweet.

"Married with Children"The third scene, “Married with Children,” features a couple whose home life seems a bit void of passion. But they don’t want to lose the spark, so they plan a BDSM-laden rendezvous in a hotel room. The husband wears a mask and dominates his wife with paddles, a collar, a leash, and a ball gag. It’s not a rough scene, but it is more kinky than the others on the disc.

"The Good Girl"Scene four is called “The Good Girl,” and was Erika Lust’s first foray into filmmaking. It’s a great spin on the pizza boy porn trope. It begins with the main character, Alex, listening to her friend ramble on about her recent sexual exploits. Deciding to break out of her usual shell, Alex seduces the pizza delivery guy. They have joyful, adventurous sex in many different positions.

"Breakup Sex"The final scene is a short one entitled “Breakup Sex.” It’s a pretty simple scene in which two gay men, clearly on the verge of breaking up, fight with each other so intensely that it leads to making out, which leads to sex on the couch in what appears to be their shared apartment. This scene is in black and white.

Life Love Lust

Lust’s film Life Love Lust is significantly shorter than Five Hot Stories for Her, with a runtime of 34 minutes. It does, however, include several extras, such as two short fetish films called “Handcuffs” and “Love Me Like You Hate Me.” There are also trailers, a making of for “Handcuffs,” and a short video profile of Erika Lust.

Unlike Five Hot Stories for Her, Life Love Lust doesn’t have much dialogue at all, and when it does, it’s in Spanish without dubbing or subtitles. Like Five Hot Stories for HerLife Love Lust features distinct and unrelated vignettes. Three, in this case.

"Life"The first scene, “Life,” features a couple working in a restaurant together… and what they do after hours as a private birthday celebration between the two of them. Let’s just say it involves hot and heavy sex on a couch. The artistic camera shots through the drink glasses on the bar are especially great in this scene.

"Love"Scene two, “Love,” is aptly named — it centers on a love affair between a younger man and older woman. There’s an array of cute and romantic footage of them enjoying themselves together — having drinks, kissing in a tub, having a pillow fight — which segues into them having sex on white sheets in a sunny room. The lighting in this scene is absolutely fantastic!

"Lust"In the last scene, “Lust,” a woman visits a female erotic masseuse and relaxes into a massage in a darkened room filled with candles. This scene is very very sensual — most of it is spent with the masseuse rubbing her naked body across her client’s oiled skin — and there isn’t much of what most would consider “sex.” But it’s clear that both women are really enjoying themselves.

Cabaret Desire

Cabaret Desire is a bit different from the other films in that it has an overarching plotline. Don’t let that fool you, though — each scene is still told as a story, so they all include different performers and scenarios. At 1 hour and 14 minutes, Cabaret Desire also comes with the short films “Handcuffs” and “Room 33,” as well as a making of segment, and finally, a feature about The Poetry Brothel (a project that inspired and participated in the film).

Cabaret Desire is in English, but includes subtitles in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch, and Swedish.

This film focuses on a bohemian erotic reading gathering, where attendees can pay for privately-told stories. As such, each scene begins with someone paying for a story, and the storyteller beginning to speak. The voiceover continues into the scene until the sex kicks in.

"The Two Alexes"The first scene, aptly-named “The Two Alexes,” focuses on a blonde woman who meets two people at a bar — both named Alex — and launches a love affair with each of them. She loves that they share the same name but not the same gender. Her sex scenes with each Alex are juxtaposed almost interchangeably (the apartment backdrop doesn’t change), creating an intriguing visual trick.

"My Mother"“My Mother” is the second scene in Cabaret Desire, a story told by a man whose mother was an art thief. The storyteller explains that his mother sometimes spoke of her “best work” but never elaborated. His mother is shown in a black, full-body suit sneaking into a house to have her way with the male inhabitant. She removes his restraints in time, but never reveals her identity. The meaning of her “best work” is explained at the end.

"In Wonderland"The third scene, “In Wonderland,” is about a woman celebrating her 30th birthday. Her friends have lined up an elaborate birthday gift for her — sex with a handsome guy in a heavenly, whimsical setting. Again, Erika Lust’s penchant for setting the scene pays off — there are even grapes and champagne on a table nearby!

"Wet Sheets"“Wet Sheets,” the final scene in Cabaret Desire, follows a man and a woman separately as they travel to meet up for drinks after a year apart. Intercut with the present day storyline are shots of their whirlwind three-day love affair that took place one year ago, which both remember fondly. It’s a really nostalgic, sweet, and sexy memory.

X Confessions

Released in 2014, X Confessions is Erika Lust’s most recent movie. With a running time of 1 hour and 50 minutes, X Confessions contains 10 different scenes, each one based on an anonymous sex confession submitted to Erika’s website. None of the scenes are interconnected, and there’s no overarching storyline. Scenes vary in length, between 3 minutes at the shortest to 15 at the longest. Like Life Love Lust, the scenes in X Confessions are in Spanish, but there is very little dialogue. Extra features are pretty sparse — just a trailer and a bit of information about Erika.

The first scene is called “Let’s Make a Porno,” and follows a real-life couple as Erika helps them make their fantasy into a reality. It shows the couple arriving on set, talking to Erika a bit, then filming the scene. Throughout the scene, the point of view switches from showing the crew as they film to showing the finished product, complete with music. After the couple have sex, they pose for some still photos.

The second scene, “Hold Me So Tight It Hurts,” features some beautiful rope bondage. This is a solo masturbation scene, with a woman alone save for the hands that tie her up at the beginning. The framing of her body is lovely and the music is especially fitting in this scene — it builds and builds anticipation all the way to her climax.

“I Ama Verry Badx Secvretary” is next. In it, a man seduces a woman who is typing at a desk. She tries to keep typing, but quickly cannot resist. Erika Lust’s eye for unique angles really shines here, with a particularly artistic shot through the computer desk as the woman goes down on the man. Then they have sex, with her dress hiked up over her hips the entire time.

Scene number four is called “My First Time Eating Oysters… and Pussy.” It features two women in a black room, kissing and having sex. The scene is interspersed with close-up shots of women eating oysters and pouring champagne. The music is soft and sensual with a hint of anticipation as the women bring each other to orgasm — and one of them squirts.

The fifth scene is entitled “Sit Down, Shut-Up, and Watch.” It begins with a woman blindfolding a man and whispering in his ear, then leading him into a room where he is then made to watch her have sex with another man. At the end, she sits atop a luxurious couch and masturbates in front of both men.

“I Pegged My Boyfriend” is exactly what it sounds like: a pegging scene! A man goes down on a woman while blindfolded, then she penetrates him. The woman wears beautiful BS Atelier products from Spain — both a harness and a dildo. The man, meanwhile, continues wearing his nice business suit — from the waist up, at least.

Scene seven is called “Sadistic Trainer.” At the gym, a relentless trainer is barking at a group of people. The trainees are not happy with this treatment and quickly plot their revenge, tying up the trainer with jump ropes and forcing him to watch as they have an orgy in front of him. This scene features many performers who have been in Erika Lust’s movies before.

And now for a fun interlude! “A Blowjob is Always a Great Last-Minute Gift Idea!” is a quick, 3-minute long blip of a man reading a book in a park… while fellating a candy penis. Why not?

“Obsessed” is the second to last scene in X Confessions. Based on a confession in which a man admits that he is still not over his old love, it features a couple having sex while a projector splashes moving images on the wall. The music is dramatic and nostalgic, with dark and mysterious lighting.

The final scene is called “I Fucking Love IKEA.” A man is outside building something out of an IKEA catalog while a woman lounges on a chair nearby. Quickly, their thoughts drift to sex, and their reading materials morph accordingly, becoming amusingly pornographic. They have sex on top of a table, some boxes, and pillows. The natural lighting is beautiful in this scene — complete with lens flare.


There are some things that all of Erika Lust’s films have in common: they’re all gorgeously shot and edited, with excellent music; they are fairly explicit but not raunchy, and her set design and scenarios are both realistic and aesthetically appealing. Lust’s artistic eye is apparent throughout her films, although the production values are a bit higher in the films following her debut, Five Hot Stories For Her.

Since the films are all comparable in terms of asethetic, we suggest choosing the film with scenarios and performers that appeal to you. Or, if you can’t decide, pick up more than one!


Industry Spotlight: Erika Lust

Erika Lust is an erotic screenplay writer, film director, producer, and all-around entrepreneur. She loves the beach, Absolut vodka, and her favorite porn movie is Behind the Green Door. Born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1977, she earned her Bachelor’s degree in political science at Lund University, with a specialization in feminism and human rights.

During her time at college, Lust produced a few short films and studied the writings of Linda Williams. She was fascinated by Williams’ way of analyzing and critiquing porn. Although Lust had seen her share of porn over the years, it had never impressed her.

The first time I ever saw a porno film, I had the same reaction that I reckon most women have and it was most definitely not love at first sight. Obviously I was aroused by some of the images but there was so much in it that bothered me. I didn’t identify with any of it: nothing of my lifestyle, my values or even my sexuality was represented in any way. There was no sign of the women enjoying themselves, and it was as if they were there simply to please the men. The sexual situations just seemed ridiculous and were all based on sexist male fantasies . . .

And anyway, for my generation, that grew up watching MTV, the audiovisual quality of adult film is totally unacceptable: tacky sets, horrible styling and make-up, non-music, crap acting and even worse dubbing, amateur photography… in general a product left wanting on many levels.

For years, Lust had been on the hunt for porn that would appeal to her — porn that was modern, urban, and realistic, with high production values. But everything she saw, even the porn that was marketed as “for women,” was disappointing. She eventually came to the conclusion that if she wanted to see her style of porn, she was going to have to produce it herself.

In 2000, after graduating from Lund, Lust moved to Barcelona and started doing odd jobs at production houses — making coffee and picking up actors at the airport. She also took some film directing classes. In 2004, after honing her vision for adult entertainment, she founded Lust Films, an independent adult film production company and erotic book publisher.

Lust’s first porn project was a scene that poked fun at the pizza delivery boy trope, entitled “The Good Girl.” Her first feature film, Five Hot Stories For Her, included a scene in which the male gaze was swapped out for the female gaze. Next came Barcelona Sex Project, a documentary-style portrayal of various Barcelona residents and their intimate moments of self-pleasure. And Lust’s latest films, Life Love Lust and Cabaret Desire, are her most stylish and hot pieces to date.

In Erika Lust’s films, everything is meticulously chosen and crafted, from the casting to the clothes, music, script, and photography. Her work is both atmospheric and explicit, and she casts actors who look modern and natural. Lust is inspired by Sofia Coppola, and it shows — her films, much like The Virgin Suicides and Lost in Translation — are lush and dreamy, with aesthetic beauty and emotional resonance. All of her films have won a host of awards, such as Movie of the Year at the Feminist Porn Awards and Best Narrative Feature at CineKink.

Lust has also taken her sex-positive, feminist perspective and compiled a porn manifesto called Good Porn: A Woman’s Guide. Lust contends that in order for women to be in charge of how porn represents them, they must take the reins within adult entertainment. She believes in the value of porn as a discourse, as a way of looking at and discussing sex.

I see porn as a tool for excitement, education and pleasure. It’s not only an entertainment product, but also a powerful way to influence future generations’ vision of human sexuality. That’s why I think women have to take part in the political discourse of porn: if we don’t participate, porn will not be an expression of human sexuality, but an expression of male sexuality.

Read all about (and see screenshots from) three of Erika Lust’s films in our blog post here.

Erika Lust can be found on her blogFacebookTwitter, and Vimeo.


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