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She Bop’s Picks: Valentine’s Day

Is it any surprise we’re big fans of Valentine’s Day? Of course, we believe in love and pleasure all year round, but it’s nice to have a day set aside for celebrating in style. Sometimes, though, it can be hard to find just the right gift to woo someone, or the perfect thing to splurge on for yourself. So, we’ve rounded up our top recommendations for sexy items to make this Valentine’s Day memorable (and pleasurable)!

Check out last year’s picks, and our picks from 201520142013, and 2012 for even more ideas.

We-Vibe Nova

We-Vibe Nova

We-Vibe calls Nova the “new dual stimulation superstar,” and we have to agree! While at first glance this toy looks like just any other rabbit style dual vibe, the difference is in its ultra flexible smaller arm. Instead of reaching up and pressing down on top of the clitoris, the Nova’s springy arm curves in toward the handle as the toy is inserted vaginally, allowing you to control the exact placement and pressure. This unique design flexes with your movement to always stay in contact with the clitoris, even during thrusting, for true simultaneous stimulation. Between the deep, rumbly vibrations of the wave-like outer arm and the G-spot-pleasing shape of the insertable portion, it’s no wonder this innovative toy has received so many positive reviews!

Waterproof, rechargeable, and with 10 preset vibration modes, the We-Vibe Nova offers everything sex toy connoisseurs have come to expect in a luxury toy, but it also goes one step further — it has an app! The free We-Connect app can be downloaded to your smartphone or tablet to get extra features (like touch screen control) and to create custom vibes. You can even connect and play with a partner from anywhere in the world!

OhMiBod Club Vibe 3.OH

OhMiBod Club Vibe 3.OH

Love the idea of a vibrator that can be controlled by a partner, but want something a little more discreet or portable? You’ll definitely want to check out the Club Vibe 3.OH! This vibrator is designed to be worn in a pair of panties, so it can be used at home for hands-free vibration or taken out in public for some risqué fun. Its built in microphone and ambient noise setting make it great for clubs or concerts, where it can vibrate to the beat of the music!

Lightweight and quiet, this slim little toy has three different modes, a rechargeable, wireless remote control, and comes with a one year warranty. Added bonus: the Club Vibe 3.OH comes with black lace panties and a travel/storage pouch.

Creative Kisses

Creative Kisses

If you’re wanting to be close to your partner in a way that is playful, but not gadget or tech-focused, why not try a sweet game filled with smooches? Creative Kisses includes 101 mini cards that are full of hot and silly ideas for locking lips with your lover. The cards are small enough to pack in a purse or suitcase, and include kissing tips and sexy suggestions written in English, Spanish, French, and German.

Pro tip: look through the deck to find something you’ve never tried but would love to do with your partner, OR have your lover choose a card at random and surprise you with whichever creative kiss is written on it!

Vondage Buckling Restraint

Vondage Buckling Restraint

Searching for an inexpensive and simple gift that still rates high on versatility? Stockroom’s Vondage Buckling Restraint is a nice option for both lovers of c-rings and of BDSM. Originally designed as a vegan alternative to adjustable leather cock rings, this restraint can also function as a wrist or ankle cuff for intro or light bondage. The silver D-ring serves as a point of attachment for a leash or other such device and the adjustability of the ring allows it to fit many different bodies and body parts.

At only $12, this handy little convertible product really gives you a lot of bang for your buck. You could even buy multiples to customize your play or to wear like bracelets as a subtle way to show off your kinky side in public!

XConfessions Volumes 6 and 7

XConfessions Volumes 6 and 7

Acclaimed porn director Erika Lust is at it again — this time with two brand new volumes of her highly-rated and magnificently filmed XConfessions series! XConfessions originally started as a project on Erika Lust’s website, where users anonymously shared their sex fantasies and stories and Lust handpicked her favorite confessions to turn into erotic short films. The idea was so popular that XConfessions has grown into seven DVD compilations.

XConfessions Vol. 6 showcases Lust’s bold creativity and shatters stereotypes, all in 99 steamy minutes. Some of our favorites scenes from this volume include stripteases, assless chaps, a sexy BDSM femdom story, and an unforgettable threesome. XConfessions Vol. 7 also includes many memorable scenes, and is Lust’s most cinematic collection to date. Vol. 7 even includes three short films from guest directors (Paulita Pappel, Olympe de G., and Adriana Eskenazi). You can check out the trailers for both volumes on their product pages, but good luck deciding between the two!

Janie’s Rose Lubricant & Moisturizer

Janie's Rose Lubricant & Moisturizer

A lovely product from Washington state, Janie’s Rose is one of our favorite oil-based lubricants. It also doubles as a vaginal moisturizer and works well as a massage oil!

Ideal for people experiencing dryness that may be brought on by aging, medication, hormone changes, and/or medical treatments, Janie’s Rose is a super moisturizing and nourishing blend of all-natural oils that warms up quickly and provides a long-lasting glide. It is odorless, tasteless, and great for people with sensitive skin. What’s more, Janie’s Rose is cruelty-free and vegan and the 2 oz. bottle is the perfect size for traveling! Just remember, since this product is oil-based, it is not compatible with latex condoms.

Unusual Occasion Love Bug and Heart Throb cards

 Unusual Occasion Love Bug and Heart Throb cards

Dinner reservations? Check. Sex toy and lube from She Bop? Check. Now all you need is the perfect card! Unusual Occasion greeting cards are a great choice for their nostalgic and whimsical visuals, plus they don’t contain any cliché messages or generic sayings. Instead, these cards flip open vertically and are blank on the inside with tableture handwriting lines. That means you have plenty of space to compose a poem, attach a photo, or write a love letter for your sweetie that truly comes from the heart. After all, that’s what Valentine’s Day is all about!

Vibratex Mystic Wand Rechargeable

Vibratex Mystic Wand Rechargeable

One of our most-loved vibrators of all time is the original battery-powered Vibratex Mystic Wand. So, when Team Bop heard there was going to be a rechargeable version, we were very excited. Fortunately, the new Mystic Wand Rechargeable not only met our expectations, but exceeded them by improving upon an already great toy! With three steady vibration intensities and three pulse patterns like its battery-operated predecessor, the new rechargeable version is now ergonomically curved for better reach and easier grip.

The Mystic Wand Rechargeable is made from smooth body-safe materials, with a silicone head and silky polyurethane-coated handle. However, the best feature of all may be that you can use it with or without the cord plugged in to the base! If you or your partner enjoy powerful classic vibrators like the Magic Wand or Doxy Massager but don’t want to hold such a large or heavy toy or be tethered to a cord, the Mystic Wand Rechargeable could make a wonderful addition to your toy bag!

Indoor Bound Slip Tie Cuffs

Indoor Bound Slip Tie Cuffs

Thinking of getting your honey something silky and beautiful to slip into this Valentine’s Day? Why not skip lingerie that might not be the right size or style, and go for something a little kinkier?!

The Indoor Bound Slip Tie Cuffs are sleek, soft, and colorful restraints that are handmade in Washington state with top quality nylon webbing, custom coated steel hardware, and full-strength carabiners. They are comfortable, strong, and very easy to use, making them perfect for those who are new to bondage or who may not want to use rope. Simply slip your hands through the loops, pull tight, and clip! You can even combine two sets together for a quick and elegant hog-tie!

Clone-a-Willy Hot Pink Pussy and Dildo

Nothing says “I love you and think your parts are the best” like the gift of a Clone-a-Willy or Clone-a-Pussy! These amusing kits from Portland company Empire Labs allow you to make exact replicas of your genitals from the comfort of your own home. Immortalize you or your lover’s vaginal lips in 100% platinum-cure, body safe silicone! Have a date night where you create a vibrating lifelike dildo that captures all the details of your favorite penis!

With nothing to send away and no 3D printing required, Clone-a-Willy and Clone-a-Pussy kits are the easiest, most entertaining way of making personalized cock and vulva castings. They come in multiple colors and even edible chocolate versions, but for Valentine’s Day, we especially love the hot pink Clone-a-Pussy and hot pink glow in the dark Clone-a-Willy.


How to choose a rabbit or dual vibe

When rabbit vibes first hit the scene, they all followed a familiar formula: long shaft, rotating beads, and, per their name, an animal-shaped clitoral stimulator. Now, though, increasingly creative manufacturers have taken the general idea of the rabbit and revolutionized it, creating new shapes and new sensations. The result is a greater selection of dual vibes than ever before!

Dual vibes are unique because their job is to succeed at two types of stimulation — vaginal penetration and clitoral stimulation — at once. Because dual toys feature two different parts that work in tandem, there’s even more to consider when picking one out. Let us guide you!

Size is, well, a biggie

KayaEveryone has different priorities when perusing sex toys, but the size and shape of a dual vibe could be the first characteristic you use to narrow the field. Since dual vibes require you to insert the shaft almost completely to take advantage of the clitoral stimulator, the length of the insertable part  of the toy is super important. If your cervix is easily irritated or your vaginal canal is short, you’ll want to look at shorter shafted toys (under 4″ insertable or so). Our rabbits with the shortest insertable lengths are the Fun Factory Miss Bi (3″ insertable) and the Butterfly Bliss (2.75″ insertable).

Fun Factory AmorinoGirth, of course, is equally important. You don’t want to select a toy that is too big for you, or conversely, one that doesn’t fill you up enough! Find something that already feels great to you vaginally — like a toy, a penis, or a set of fingers — and measure it to get an idea of the diameter you prefer.

Some dual vibes put extra emphasis on G-spot stimulation with their curved and pronounced heads. If G-spotting bliss is what you’re after, take a look at the LELO Ina, Fun Factory Miss Bi, and LELO Ina Wave.

Finally, the clitoral stimulator can take many forms, from the classic rabbit ears to more abstract shapes. Do you like the tickle of the rabbit ears? The Vibratex Rabbit Habit is perfect for that. If you prefer more direct stimulation, or even pressure, on your clit, the LELO Ina, Picobong Kaya, Fun Factory Miss BiLELO Ina Wave, and OhMiBod Freestyle W provide that instead. More broad, overall vulva stimulation can be found with the Fun Factory Amorino.

Go by feel

Fun Factory Lady BiAlmost all of our dual vibes are made of silicone, but there is a lot of variation in texture and hardness. Toys like the PicoBong Kaya have a velvety smooth surface but are very firm to the touch, whereas toys like the Fun Factory Lady Bi have more give to them. Harder vibes are ideal for targeted G-spot stimulation, but softer vibes have a more plush feel.

The only non-silicone dual vibe we carry is the Vibratex Rabbit Habit, which is made of a body-safe elastomer.

Ask yourself what kind of stimulation you like

Power level is usually an important factor in any vibrator purchase, and it’s doubly important in the realm of dual vibes. There are both battery-powered and rechargeable dual toys. Some are equipped with a single motor, while others have two that can be controlled separately. Some have an array of vibration patterns to choose from. The LELO Ina 2 and Fun Factory Lady Bi/Miss Bi are our most powerful rabbits, and they also feature dual motors and vibration patterns.

Bodywand Rabbit AttachmentIf you’re a real power fiend, though, here’s an interesting idea: what if you were to purchase a wand-style toy with an attachment? We carry several attachments for the Hitachi/Bodywand, and one for the Vibratex Mystic Wand, all of which provide internal and external stimulation simultaneously… and mega power to boot! The Bodywand Rabbit Attachment is the closest to the classic dual shape.

LELO Ina WaveIf you’re intrigued by the classic rabbit’s set of beads in the shaft that rotate to stimulate the vaginal opening and walls, the Vibratex Rabbit Habit — which is the most similar to the rabbit made famous by Sex in the City — should satisfy. Similarly, the Vibratex Violet has a bulbous head that rotates in either direction, and the shaft of the LELO Ina Wave mimics a “come hither” up-and-down motion.

Or, for something completely different, check out the Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion. The shaft thrusts back and forth rather than vibrating, while the clitoral part vibrates.

A different style of dual vibe is the C-shaped type, the most popular being the We-Vibe 4 Plus. This vibe is ideal for folks who like hands free stimulation and more shallow penetration. The LELO Ida serves a similar purpose.

While we’re on the subject of uniqueness, the Freestyle W is the only dual vibe that vibrates along to your favorite songs, and the Fun Factory Amorino is the only one with a removable silicone band that transmits vibrations all over the vulva.

Miscellaneous factors

If taking your toy in the bath is high on your list of requirements, the LELO Ina 2LELO Ina Wave, Fun Factory Miss Bi, Fun Factory Amorino, Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion, and Fun Factory Lady Bi are all submersible. You’re definitely not limited there!

If noise is of utmost concern, the quietest dual vibes we carry are the Fun Factory Lady Bi/Miss BiLELO Ina 2, and We-Vibe 4 Plus.

Two can be better than one

While it’s certainly tempting to try to find a single toy that does everything you want all at once, there’s a whole wide world of dildos and mini vibes out there that can be combined for just as wonderful simultaneous stimulation. In fact, there are even a couple small vibrators that resemble the ears of a rabbit, and a rabbit-shaped sleeve that can fit on a variety of toys.

Wielding two toys is especially useful if you want G-spot stimulation — which often requires thrusting — coupled with consistent clitoral buzz. Plus, dildos come in all kinds of glorious materials (glass, metal, wood) that offer an entirely different sensation from silicone.

When searching for an insertable and a clit vibe to use together, make sure neither toy will get in the way of the other during use. Avoid any clitoral toy that looks too bulky, and any insertable that could block access to your clit — we don’t want a conflict there! Ergonomic toys are especially important for this purpose, since you’ll have both hands full.

Speaking of keeping your hands full, it might be worth a trip to the shop to feel these vibes in person. Some textures and functions are better felt than described! Our staff can also help you make a decision, either in person or via email. But hopefully this walkthrough has given you some guidance on what kind of dual vibe could really rock your world.

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