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Shine Louise Houston’s newest porn adventure

Between the adult industry and the queer community, Shine Louise Houston is household name. She has been creating erotic queer cinema for almost a decade with Pink & White Productions, and is known as the mastermind behind The Crash Pad, a long running porn series about a secretive San Francisco apartment where queer folks go to have spectacular sex. Her other films, including SNAPSHOT, have all won numerous accolades, as well as a quite a bit of attention. Along the way, Houston has always kept focus on what matters to her: representing queer communities and queer communities of color.

Houston’s latest project, Chemistry Eases the Pain, is a “not-so-typical queer love story” currently seeking crowdfunding. The film will be an erotic dark comedy with a woman of color as its main character – Frankie, a young, staunchly lesbian college student thinks she’s “going straight”… Which will she choose: Love or her pride? Houston’s reputation for thoughtful storytelling and moody cinematography will surely play a major role, all with mega hot sex woven into the story line.

Independently producing the film will allow for more creative control, more time to edit, and more profit. This is the second time Houston has taken to crowdfunding a project, her project SNAPSHOT being the first and very successful at that. The campaign for Chemistry Eases the Pain has a goal of $23,000, which will cover the cost of paying cast and crew. Some perks for donating include: DVDs, postcards, luxurious glass dildos, getting your name in the closing credits of the film, She Bop gift cards, and even a cameo in the film!

The campaign ends on February 28th. If you can’t donate, consider sharing the campaign on social media, just tag @ShineLouise and @PinkWhite! Supporting queer media, people of color, and independent queer porn is so important – with only a couple days left of the campaign, spread the word far and wide!


Shine Louise Houston’s latest queer venture


Many in the adult industry are familiar with Shine Louise Houston’s work. She’s the founder of Pink & White Productions, which has been in operation for 10 years. She’s the mastermind behind The Crash Pad, a porn series about a secretive San Francisco apartment where queer folks go to have spectacular sex. Her other films, Superfreak, The Wild Search, and Champion, have all won numerous accolades. Along the way, Houston has always kept focus on what matters to her: representing queer communities and queer communities of color.

Houston’s latest project is SNAPSHOT, a not-so-typical queer love story for which she’s currently seeking crowdfunding. The film will be an erotic suspense thriller with two women of color as its main characters: Charlie meets Danny while pursuing a murderer she accidentally photographed. Houston’s penchant for thoughtful storytelling and moody cinematic style will surely be on display, all with hot, explicit sex woven into the storyline.

will be Houston’s fifth feature film, and the first that her production company will have complete control over. Independently producing the film will allow for more creative control, more time to edit, and more profit. Aside from these benefits, the importance of queer porn in general cannot be overstated. The crowdfunding campaign explains:

Though we consider Pink & White to be an entertainment company, we regularly receive feedback from viewers who tell us that our films help them to better understand themselves and to appreciate their bodies — especially brown bodies — as being worthy of healthy and happy sexuality. Through intimate portrayals, the films become a mirror for queer people with diverse bodies and desires. It’s rare enough to see stories of gay, lesbian, or trans sexuality that include people of color, let alone ones which casts them center-stage. SNAPSHOT is our story, but is also in a unique position to validate our experiences, and inspire a new generation of filmmakers.

Jiz LeeThe campaign’s goal is $40,000, which will pay for cast and crew, taxes, insurance, and food during production. If they exceed the initial goal by at least $10,000, they will release a behind the scenes video of the filmmaking process, and give all backers access to the early online screening.

Perks include DVDs, postcards, luxurious glass dildos, a Skype session with Shine, a cameo in the movie — or, get your name written somewhere cool: on Houston’s clapperboard, on Jiz Lee’s belly (that’s what we went for!), or in the closing credits of the film.

The campaign ends on July 2nd. If you can’t donate, consider sharing the campaign on social media (tag @ShineLouise, @PinkWhite, and #SNAPSHOTtheFILM).


Help save In Other Words

In Other Words

We love In Other Words. This month, they turn 21 years old, and that’s 21 years of being an amazing feminist community space and resource. Their storefront serves as a book store, lending library, and venue for feminist events. Each January, we donate 10% of our sales on Tuesdays to them. But In Other Words is in dire straights right now, and we wish it wasn’t so.

In Other Words is facing capacity deficits and are seriously considering closing their doors. Each month, they need at least $5,000 just to make ends meet. As a non-profit, they are entirely volunteer-run and rely on donations. To stay open well into 2015, they need help. They’ve set up a crowdfunding campaign with the goal of $20,000.

As they write on the crowdfunding page, they don’t make a bunch of dough just because they were on Portlandia.

The question we get most often is, “but don’t you make zillions of dollars off of the TV show Portlandia?!” The short answer is: NOPE. Far from it. Unfortunately, the fact that the TV show Portlandia features a regular feminist bookstore parody does not provide us with any substantial revenue flow and Portlandia-related donations are far from enough to pay our bills.

You can help In Other Words at this juncture in three ways: contribute to the campaign, sign up for a volunteer position at the space by emailing, or apply to join their board of directors at

On November 8th, there will be a public community meeting about whether In Other Words has increased their volunteer base and received enough donations to stay in business. Please consider donating or volunteering to keep this vital organization running. The video below, “Feminism Matters Now More Than Ever,” is a good reminder of why we need In Other Words.



Dildology: material verification of sex toys!


Did you know that the sex toy industry is largely unregulated? It is much more of a wild west than most consumers realize. Companies can actually make their toys out of any mish-mash of material they want, then slap false claims on the packaging such as “100% silicone” and “phthalate-free” — with no recourse or accountability.

The only regulations are the ones put in place by ethical manufacturers and shops who vow to only use and carry body-safe materials. We’re very discerning about our selection, as we believe consumers should not be subjected to toxic materials (nor should they have to search high and low for answers about what their sex toys are made out of!). This is why we are a partner at the Coalition Against Toxic Toys and a member of the Progressive Pleasure Club, a network of indie sex toy shops committed to safety and education. Together, we keep each other informed and accountable.

But unsafe toys continue to be manufactured, and packaging continues to lie, and there is no governing body to put a stop to it.

Enter Dildology. Founded by a former sex shop manager, a rouge blogger, and a technologist, Dildology is a new non-profit organization which independently verifies the material content of sex toys. After a toy has been tested in a lab, the results are posted on the public Dildology Wiki. Ultimately, Dildology will add transparency and oversight to the sex toy industry while also educating the public about the science behind sex toys. We’re very excited about this!

With a big end goal of $20,000, though, Dildology is in dire need of donations. They have over $1,000 so far, but considering that testing a single toy can cost $200-450, more funding is definitely needed (thus far they have sent the Jimmyjane Hello Touch to a lab and confirmed that it is indeed 100% silicone). Dildology is also hoping to get enough votes on Offbeatr to start crowdfunding on there.

We’re really glad that this organization has been created. The industry has needed something like it for a long time now. If you agree, donate here and read more posts about the importance of Dildology. You can also follow Dildology on Facebook and Twitter.


Kickstart Tobi Hill-Meyer’s next project

Tobi Hill-Meyer, winner of the Emerging Filmmaker Award at the 2010 Feminist Porn Awards and director of Doing It Ourselves: The Trans Women Porn Project, now has an even bigger project in her sights: an epic two-volume follow-up movie called Doing it Again: In Depth.

Doing it Again: In Depth will be partially funded by a Kickstarter campaign that ends on Wednesday morning. The campaign has already hit its initial goal, as well as two extra goals that will pay for original music and subtitles, but Hill-Meyer is hoping to raise more in order to make the result even better.

Doing it Again: In Depth will be an erotic documentary from Handbasket Productions that includes interviews with trans women and their partners, plus explicit sex scenes. The importance of a movie like this is clear. As Hill-Meyer explains,

Stereotypes and prejudices around trans women’s sexuality influence public policy, access to healthcare, workplace discrimination, sexual harassment, “trans-panic” defenses in murder trials, and so much more . . . The goal of this project is to create depictions of real humanity and allow trans women to take control over how their sexuality is portrayed.

Tempting rewards for Kickstarter backers include signed DVDs, handwritten thank you notes, behind the scenes access, exclusive footage, and even a tea date with Tobi herself! Plus, if you pledge $25 or more, you can get a free ticket to Seattle burlesque show Debauchery!

The Kickstarter campagin ends this Wednesday, August 8th at 9 a.m. EDT, so don’t delay if you want to contribute!

Handbasket Productions is also looking for folks to participate in the film, especially straight trans women, trans women with male partners, trans women of color, people of color of any gender and trans status, and people over 40. If possible, it’s best to apply as a pair. Handbasket Productions is based in Seattle, so Portlanders probably have a greater chance of being cast. Apply today if you are interested! We can’t wait to see the final product.


Help fund a documentary about Buck Angel

We’re huge fans of transgender activist, educator, and porn performer Buck Angel. We welcomed Buck into our community in March of last year for a DVD signing, and we had a blast! We also proudly carry quite a few of his revolutionary movies: V for Vagina, Buckback Mountain, The Buck Stops Here, and Even More Bang for Your Buck.

For the past 6 years, a documentary film crew has followed Buck and documented his extraordinary life and work. The footage is wrapped up, but the crew needs to hire a talented editor in order to hopefully submit the film to festivals in the fall — so they created a Kickstarter campaign in hopes of gathering donations. They have already reached their original goal of $6,000 in donations, but would ideally love to have $9,000.

This exciting documentary, entitled Mr. Angel, explores important issues of gender identity, body image, sexuality, health, and survival. Here’s a portion of the description of the project, and you can view a trailer and more info on the campaign page (trailer begins at about 1:50).

‘Mr. Angel’ chronicles the extraordinary life of transgender advocate, educator and porn pioneer, Buck Angel. His in-your-face style of activism has audiences challenged and outraged by his insistence that he is simply “a man who happens to have a vagina.” Buck has spent a lifetime facing relentless opposition and yet lives his truth with no apology. This feature-length documentary explores the source of his unwavering message of self acceptance and his drive to publicly confront the male/female binary head on. This is a story of amazing perseverance, empowerment, and an unlikely hero.

For the past 6 years, we’ve followed Buck struggling to create a new genre in the adult industry and working as an advocate and educator who is passionate about health, body image, and basic human rights. We’ve also documented his relationship with his wife, Elayne, and their life together with their seven dogs in the Yucatan. From home, the film follows the couple on trips to Berlin’s Porn Festival, to Philly to conduct body image workshops, to Yale University for a safe sex presentation, and to the Porn Oscars in Las Vegas.

There are all kinds of goodies available as rewards for different donation levels; pledge $30 or more and you’ll receive a digital download of the film when it’s finished! The final day for donations is July 10.

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